Saga of love (Episode 4) (interesting don’t miss it pls..)

Swadeentha enters into the mansion follwing the man with the gun …..she enters and sees 2 men standing before the entrance of the hall guards ..she sees them stands behind the pillar…2 guards are talking with the man and he enters into the hall…while swadeentha throws a stone to the opposite side of her hearing the sound 1 of the guard comes to see..while she plays a tube in her mobile and another guard also comes to check ..using the time she enters into the hall…there is a stairs she goes up …while she heard a man s voice so strong ..she goes and hides behind a rack …from there at could the same man she was following … standing before a man (head) of 50 years and getting scolding..she moved little bit to see the heads face clearly…to her amusement she saw DEV RATAN G a dangerous goon…now only she understood the situation …that they are targeting adarsh…as adarsh for good of DEV RATAN and sented him to jail …for blasting a bomb in a private bus which killed about 50 +people. ..she did her first assingment in this matter hence she correctly identified him…now she comes into reality…Dev RATAN asks the man to go and watch adarsh and he says he has another plan to kill adarsh…swadeentha takes her cam to record it..and she does …dev ratan says that tonight adarsh will be travelling through the das bridge in which he will fix the bom and while adarsh car crosses it the bom blasts and adarsh story will be closed…suddenly another goon comes there and says namaste to dev ratan g …dev welcomes him and asks him to sit. ….swadeentha covers that too …the film says that he has prepared a power full bomb to blast the chief minister s function that I going to be held in another 2 weeks time …dev says that don’t worry this time we will succeed in our mission because adarsh story will be finished today ….the goon says that he leaves but dev asks him to stay…the goon says if I stay I want a special gift from u… dev says sure why not?….suddenly swadeentha s phone rings …asad calls her as she was no where seen …she jerks and takes the phone…but it was too late a assistant spots her and brings her to dev ratan…we smiled seeing her so u are that fearful that u are entering into my palace…swadeentha shows anger in her face ….he smiled and says that u asked for the gift right I was worried as I didn’t have anything but your luck you for butter chicken..the goon sees her badly…dev asked the servant to snach her phone and cam.. and lock her in a room…swadeentha s hands are tied and she was locked in a dark room..

Actually she was afraid of dark room than goon…so she started to fear..while then light ons and the goon enters with opening his shirt…she starts to shout pls don’t come near me…but no responce he came near her and locked her to the wall and came near her to kiss while then she pushes him..she run but he hold of hair and her hairs were loosen ..she started to cry…he dragged her dress it started tear..she gave tight slap to him and in anger he pyshed her down and came near her..while that swadeentha spotted ant powder can over there suddently she throwed the can and poweder fellon his eyes..she used this time and escaped from him and went out of the mansion but some goons spotted her and started to follow her…she ranned closing her with max speed she can..and stopped at and of the jungle …in 25 m she spotted a road and saw a car coming in it…with all her energy she ran fast and washed the car without able to stop her..her energy all gone and became unconscious.

OUR HERO ADARSH was working in his project while his car bumped into a girl …he came fast and saw a girl lying and she was bleeding and was unconsious..her hair was out..her clothes were torn..seeing this he immediately took his jacket and covered her …whole going near only he could identify the girl who he saw in college today…without thinking more he took her in his arms and asked his driver to take the car and reach the the car he layed her in his lap and started patting her to wake ….after few min I *swadeentha *gained concious and guess what I was in Laps of adarsh singha…I tried to tell him about the bom i could not but I finally put the cam s memory card into his pocket he saw that and touched his pocket…I again got unconsious. ..

Guys I think I did not bore u!sorry if I am!I tried my best to keep the story interesting. …and sorry for my mistakes…
And guys I am sorry to say this actually I am not getting any comments equal to the work I did…sorry I am saying this …this can hurt u..if there are no enough comments atleast 10 I would stop writing this…
Sorry I know u am doing too much..but I am pouring time in this hence I need it
..again sorry …?

Saga of love (Episode 4) (interesting don’t miss it pls..)


Saga of love (Episode 4) (interesting don’t miss it pls..)


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