(Magical word) swasan episode 3

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Swara : u monkey ….u look like that …
Sanky : and u look like jungli billi. …
Swara makes angry faces …
Whole family laughs ….
Swara turns opposite side …
Sanky gets memerised. …
Ap : these two never stop their fight …
Mishti : they r 23 and still fighting …ha ha ..
Dp : we would live of u join us for lunch ..
Shekhar : sure ….
Sanky : where is Bro ..
Swara : where is Di …
Both look at each other (they don’t know about raglak)
Dp : that’s what ..
Shekhar : Mishti u call ragini. .
At that time raglak comes …
Mishti : where we’re u both ..huh ??
Ragini : vo ….
Laksh : we went to keep luggage in car ..
Ragini gives relief …sign ..
Ap : Accha. ..OK ..
Dp : OK u children’s come in my car ..we will go in shekhar car ..
Shekhar : OK .laksh u drive OK ….other wise this brat will do something ..and u sanskar stay away from my daughter …
Sanskar makes pout face …
All laugh …

The swasan and raglak get in the car ..
Laksh sits in the driver seat …ragini was about to sit with laksh ….
Swara sits ….
Ragini makes a sad face …
Laksh : arrey swara u sit in back seat na ….
Swara : no laksh I don’t want to sit with that monkey
Sanskar from behind : same here Bro ..ragini Di u sit …
Raglak make sad face …
+while driving+
Laksh : so swara how is Paris …
Swara : u know what laksh Paris is OK …but I love India .. .
Laksh : hmm …good …so my sweet Bro what about u
Sanky with earphones (headset)
Sanky : me ..I love America ….in pub I meet variety of girls ..I flirt with them ….u know girls and drinks …
Laksh understands
Even ragini
Except swara (raglak know that sanky loves swara ….)
Swara : u never change monkey ..
Sanky : same to u jungli billi
Both makes faces ..
Laksh : hmm ….Bro u r typical …and now u both stop fighting
Ragini : so laksh how is ur job going ..
Laksh : super as always ragzz
Swasan : ragzz ??
Ragini cuts the word ..
Ragini : vo ..I said him ..
Swara : when did u say ..
Laksh : when we kept the luggage ..
Sanky : u both gone opposite side right …be coz our cars were parked opposite side ..
Ragini : when we came together ..so that time ..
Swara : but u would have got only 2min ..
Sanky : wrong 11/2 min ….
Swara : 2
Sanky : 1 1/2 min …
Raglak gets relief as they forgot about the matter because of the fight .
Ragini : first u both stop fighting …
Swasan stops and sits still ..
Laksh : home came ….
All get down …

Dp and shekhar starts to talk about business ..
Whereas women’s about household …

Precap : swasan pranks …raglak romance

(Magical word) swasan episode 3


(Magical word) swasan episode 3


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