A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 30

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Here u go….episode 30 is here.
Recap of episode 29:(Anita and cherry spoil each others plan of stopping twinj and yuhi’s honeymoon and Twinj leave for airport.)

Scene 1(airport)
Twinj and yuhi reach the airport.
They complete all the formalities and head towards the waiting area as there is half-hour for the plane to arrive.
All are sitting and waiting for boarding the flight.
Twinkle: Umm excuse me guys I’ll just go to the washroom and come.
She leaves….
On her way back she collides with a man…the tickets in the mans hand fall down and she picks them up…as she faces him to give him the tickets… She gets shocked.
Twinkle: Youuuu !!!!!
Man: Omg twinkle…youuuu !!!!
Twinkle: Arnavvvv !!!!….what a pleasant surprise…
(Arnav’s role is played by Braun sobti the arnav from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam doon)
Arnav: Yesss twinki its me…ur aru.
Twinkle: Ohhh god.. I have seen u after like 10 years or so…where were u ??
Arnav: Twinki yaar my dad had a transfer…u know na…then first we shifted to NY and then Malaysia.
Twinkle: Yea I remember u told u were shifting but u were supposed to shift after the entire term was over…but u didn’t return after diwali break.
Arnav: Sry twinki…BTW are u married.
Twinkle: (Blushes) yup…4 days back.
Arnav: Ohhhoo blushing… Luv marriage han.
Twinkle: No no arranged.
Arnav: U and arrange marriage… I’m sure the guy might be very good.. That’s y u agreed
Twinkle: Yup he is very good..
Arnav: U r sure its not luv marriage na…he smiles naughtily.
She hits him on his shoulder.
Twinkle: Shut up aru…he was my best friend in college…that’s it….OK I shud leave….v are going to Paris
Arnav: Ohhh wat a coincidence… Me too…flight no 6E671
Twinkle: Yea that’s our flight… Wow that’s great…so come with me I’ll introduce u to my husband.
They go to the waiting area.
Kunj and yuhi were waiting for twinkle.

Twinkle comes there with arnav…kunj and yuvi are surprised.
But mahi recognizes him.
Mahi: Arnav u here !!!
Arnav: Omg mahi Dii u too hear…and u r married too.
Twinkle: I’ll explain u everything… First meet him(pointing at kunj) he is my husband.
Arnav and kunj shake hands.
Arnav: Hey Kunj…Arnav… Arnav Singh raizada…nice meeting u.
Kunj: Kunj…kunj sarna….same here….pleasure meeting u.
Mahi: Ohk and meet him(holding yuvi’s arm)he is yuvi…my sweet hubby.
Arnav and yuvi shake hands too.
Yuvi: Nice meeting u arnav.
Arnav: Same here…umm…jiju…as mahi Dii is like my elder sister.
Twinkle holds arnavs arms and asks him to sit…she will explain him every thing.
Kunj feels jealous seeing twinkle so close to him.
Kunj thinks: Dekho kaise chipak rahi hai usko…jaise uska pati mai nahi vo hai(look how she is getting close to him as if he is his hubby and not me)
He gets annoyed.

Twinkle explain everything to arnav.
Arnav: Ohhhh so ur relation is a jhol/mess…and yuhi’s is romantic…. I get it.
Twinkle laughs.
Kunj : No no its not a jhol…we are romantic too.
Twinkle looks at him stunned.
Arnav: Chill dude…just kidding… And how can anyone resist being romantic wen his wife is like twinki.
Arnav gives a shoulder push to twinkle.
She laughs and gives him a shoulder push too.
Twinkle: Ohhh god aru…tum bilkul nahi badle(u have not changed at all)
Kunj turns red in jealousy.
Kunj thinks: Wah wah Babaji… Honeymoon humara hai…aur lag raha hai jaise couple mai aur twinkle nahi…ye stupid “ARU” aur uski twinki hain.
Kunj goes and sits besides twinkle.
Kunj: U told him everything about all of us…now won’t u tell us something about ur “ARU”…he smiles fakely.
Twinkle: Oh yes…sry I forgot…he was my batch mate in school…and my best friend too…But he shifted to NY coz of his dads transfer in 8th.
Arnav: And then we got separated… He laughs.
Twinkle keeps blabbering about arnav.
Kunj super jealous.

Arnav notices that kunj is jealous and smiles.
Arnav thinks: Ohhho Mr sarna is jealous… I’m sry kunj but twinkle told me everything…ull really love each other but urself don’t realize it….and I promise that I will make both of u realize how much ull luv each other…I guess twinkle didn’t tell u that I’m married to my love khushi….but good she didn’t tell u…know I can easily get u jealous.
The flight is announced.
Twinj ,yuhi and arnav board the flight.
Twinkle asks kunj too swap his seat with arnav as she has met him after years and wants to talk a lot with him.
Kunj gets very angry…but agrees for twinkle’s happiness.
Arnav’s seat is just behind twinj and besides yuhi.
Yuhi get seated on their seat.
And kunj sits on arnav’s seat all angry and jealous…. Arnav looks at him and smiles in his mind.
Yuvi: Tututututu…honeymoon pe apni hi biwi ne kisi aur k liye hubby ko side ker diya…how sad bro.
He laughs
Kunj: Ohhh plzzz….I am so happy I don’t have to bear her throughout the flight.
He angrily closes his eyes and acts to sleep.
The screen freezes on kunjs face…sleeping angrily.

PRECAP- Arnav plans to get twinj closer….kunj keeps on getting jealous.

Hope u guys like the epi….and sry for no twinj scenes…but I promise that the upcoming track will be really fun to read…plzzzz share ur views via ur comments…. Luv u all….stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 30


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 30


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