Dehleez 22nd March 2016 –

Dehleez 22nd March 2016 –

Dehleez 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta coming home. Mami congratulates her and says we are proud of her. Mamu says courage is important, you stood infront of so many people. Asad entertains them to cheer Swadheenta. He sings Kabhi kabhi….. They all dance. Swadheenta smiles and dances with him. Radhika calls Asad. He disconnects. Mamu pacifies Swadheenta. He asks what did Suhasini say, she was helping. Swadheenta says she did not help.

Manohar asks Suhasini to check the news. Suhasini says let decision come, then we will talk. He says you mean that girl will win. She says I m just saying let decision come, let it get over. He goes to sleep. She thinks Swadheenta checks whats exactly infront of her eyes.

Asad gives her tea and she asks him about Radhika. He asks who Radhika, you have tea. She asks shall I call Mamu. She signs him to sit and asks who is she. He says girl. She says smart. He thanks her. She asks since when is she going on. He says she is after me, you know I m so cute and charming, its not like you are thinking. She asks does Mamu know this. He says he knows Radhika studies with me, none knows that I m Professor’s son. She asks him to focus on studies. She murmurs and gets idea of original and duplicate docs. He asks what…. She sends him. She recalls Suhasini’s words and says why did she show me this page. She checks it.

She thinks to tally the docs with mutation papers. Its morning, Simmi likes the halwa. Jaya asks her how can you eat halwa, you are on diet. Simmi says yes, I m on diet, I m not hungry. Jaideep comes and Jaya gives him halwa. He asks her to keep in room. Jaya asks him to taste it. He turns away and says it will be same like always, perfect and boring. Simmi smiles. He leaves. Simmi sweets Jaya on her marriage relation. Jaya gets sad and teary eyes. She leaves. Simmi feels hungry and says where is my Santa Claus. Abhay says I m here and gives her poha. He says when Jaya made halwa and left, I went in kitchen and made poha. She says if mom knows this, she will be angry. He says nothing will happen, just have it. she hugs him. He takes her to bedroom to make her eat poha with love. Suhasini looks on.

Suhasini asks Jaya to make breakfast for Simmi, she will make others chef, what will she cook. Adarsh comes and greets Suhasini. He says I had much work at night. Manohar comes and Adarsh greets him. Manohar ignores Adarsh and asks Suhasini to come. She asks Adarsh what happened. Adarsh says nothing. She sees the news about Ahuja’s case in the newspaper. She serves him coffee and asks whats your opinion about Ahuja’s case. They discuss that farmer’s case is valid, if it was experienced lawyer, they would have used contacts and got documents, but this girl is new. She leaves. Adarsh smiles.

Suhasini and Manohar are on the way. She asks what is he thinking, what happened with Adarsh. He asks how do you know, Adarsh is stubborn, Mehta asked a small favor to get a tender passed, I told Adarsh and he said about his ethics, he apologized, you talk to him. She asks him not to force Adarsh, everyone is ethical in this age, did you forget your time. He smiles. She says you said you will change system…. He says I really forgot, and gets down the car.

Swadheenta reaches land records office, and Adarsh calls her. He tells her that he is patyam/mad, as she called him. She says sorry if you felt bad, I m busy in case work now. He offers help as in such cases, lawyers need bureaucrats. She asks really, and tells him something. He calls her smart and asks her to meet Shukla. She asks whats his post. He says he is clerk, but he will do your work. She thanks him calling him Adarsh. He asks her to call him patyam. She smiles. He asks her will she meet on coffee and she ends call. Adarsh gets conscious seeing the driver smiling after hearing his conversation….

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Dehleez 22nd March 2016 –


Dehleez 22nd March 2016 –

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