a weird love story (kkb) epi- 2

a weird love story (kkb) epi- 2

Hi again guys,I’m baby…ik I’ve received very less comments but ppl who commented wanted me to post and I somehow thik there would have been many silent readers who read and would have liked ,so this epi is for them…its basically for all….
So lets start with epi-2….
The episode starts with purab hitting arjit so hard that he would die if he continues his process for 2 more mins…so pragya dint wan his frnd to go to jail so started with ‘arey bandh kar ,MAR JAYEGAA..(HEY STOP IT YAA ,he would die)tumhe jail jaane ki shauk han kya(do u wanna go to jail)..
Purab; tu muje math rok,aaj toh me use chodne nahi wali hoon…don’t stop me,um not gonna leave him today(hitting him more hard)

Pra: puarab meine kaha na..pls purab stop it…I don wan u to go to jail,I wont be able to stay without u(in a friendly manner…
Purab stops it and gives pragya a friendly hug..she too hugs him tight..
Abhi was not able to bear it ,he was not in a position to think y he’s feeling so…
Just then arjit took a rod and was abt to hit pragya coz they were still in hugging position and could not see him ,then abhi caught the rod b4 it touches pragya and gave his dialogue” tumhe kya laga mein tuje us par haath utane doongaa?wat did u think, I’ll let u hit her?never
Pragya was not in a position of understanding wat he said coz she was a crazy fan of abhi’s songs and this was the first time she saw him without any of his fans crowding him and that too he was so close to her,so she was in the air,
Pra; abhi sir,aap …mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha hain ki mein appko itna kareeb se dekungaa,muje toh aapse interview karne ka chance mein nahi milaa ,I’m so excited..i;m not able to believe that I’m able to see abhi the rockstar in such a close view,I never even got a chance of interviewing u sir..im so excited…

Abhi felt different,many ppl told these sentences to him b4,but he never felt so happy,he was really happy that such an intelligent and beautiful girl was his fan….he tried his best not to jump there coz he was in the mood of jumping with joy…
Pu; jee sir,meri frnd aapki songs ki bahuth bade fan hain…aap pls uske saath ek selfie lijiye nah…uske liye bade bade stars li autographs ayr selfies lena uthni badi baath nahi hain par aapki saath selfie lena bahuth badee baath hain..she loves u and ur songs…
Abhi was on cloud 9 when he heard the words she loves him,so he started ith “haa zaroor ,mein bhi mre fans se bahooth pyaar kartha hoon..yeah sure,well even I do love my fans….
Purab felt his words quiet weird ,he felt as if abhi as trying to flirt with pragya nut there was nothing like that ,abhi respected pragya for her guts and her way of dragging information from celebs ,he had a really gud impression on her coz bulbul keeps talking abt her(guys as I told u in intro she works under him…
Pragya; yes sir,pls ek selfie

Abhi; ha ok
Pragya takes her phone and b4 she takes a selfie with him she calls purab too for a selfie…Abhi thought to himself-(use bhulane ki kya zarrorat hain,hum le lethe he na..wats the nedd of calling him,we would take a selfie without him na
Purab realized that abi dint want him to join but he joined coz he somehow thought he was flirting with her..so he joined wantedly…they took a selfie
Pragya was in between and abhi and puarb were sticking to her in the other sides…
After that abhi said he loved the pic and wanted it…so he wanted it(basically this was a bahane(excuse) for getting pra’s no.,and pragya took his no. and sent him the pic..abhi was truly delighted to get pra’s ph no.

Pragya; ha sir,we’ll meet u later sir,mujhe jaana hain(I have to go sir)…purab jaldi aayo(purab come fast)…muje office mein drop karle(drop me in the office)…
Abhi; uthni jaldi,I mean glad to meet u…tumhara office kaha hain,next to the channel office?
Pragya; haan,vahi hain…(yes,its there only)
Abhi; oh mein bhi vahi jaa raha hoon(yeah even im going there)….purab agar tumhe kaam hain tho mein drop karlethaa hoon( puarb if u have work,then that’s ok ill drop her)…
Purab was now sure that something was fishy,so he said”no abhi im free only ill drop her,u don have to take trouble ….pragya aayo
Pragya ; haan chalo,

pu; mein abhi aatha hoon,tum jaayo
Pragya goes and apurab says to abhi; don’t think of wat ur thinking,shes not gonna fall for u..
Abhi was quite shocked with wAt he said but managed to SAY THAT aisa nahi hain,bahuth famous hain na aur achi hain toh maine drop karne ka socha..
Purab leaves and in the car he says pragya to be careful while going anywhere…wat would have happened if I dint come at time…..
Pragya ; arey use chos na,muje jaldi jaana hain
That day gets over

@ that night
Abhi sees the interview o pragya and remembers the incident in the mrng
He sees the pic of pragya and admires her for sometime…kal mein use call karoonga…
Bulbul entrs the room and says : kiska photo dek rahe ho!mujje bhi tho dikayo
Abhi hides the phone and says mera pic ,and diverts the topic by asking her abt her day…they have fun together and on the other side pragya and puarb also have fun talking abt their day and all stupid talks
Episode ends like this..

Ik today’s episode was quite boring but ill make it more interesting in the upcoming episode…
Bye for today guys ,ill end this ff if u feel this boring..pls be free to comment and I’ll definiately end it if u don’t like it…

a weird love story (kkb) epi- 2


a weird love story (kkb) epi- 2

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