Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-15

Guys thnx for supporting me without u all 15epi is not easy and thnx for the support….

The episode starts with Shravan tells suman let us go then u should have a candle light dinner with me will u? She agrees. They comes to tent and tells workers let us back today but in night we all r going to candle light dinner.

They all agree. Shravan comes to tent and packs his things and gets ready and comes out and sees her standing outside and asks her why she is looking at me like this? She tells nothing he comes close suddenly disappeared it is a dream. He comes out and sees her getting into bus and he brings his back and comes inside and sees women sitting near suman.

Shravan asks her to change and sit. Pls she tells no. He then falls on her leg. She leaves and takes next seat. He sits near suman. She laughs and tells u fall on leg for me? She tells very funny!!!,

He tells I can even die for u.????????? she asks really!!!! She hugs him Allah warriyan plays… Workers watches it and tells driver to off the TV becoz here film is superb. Suman tells them to keep quiet.

Suman and shravan comes to candle light dinner all workers sit on next table. They both sit together. They share an eyelock pashmina plays…..

Shravan bends down his knees and proposes her. He asks her hand for dance. They dance closely and they gets intimate. Suman tries to leave but her sari gets stuck in his dress. He rolls it and comes close to her and kisses on her shoulder. She leaves from there hurriedly.

Shravan follows her and comes to farm house. He also comes there and asks what happened? She tells I feel nervous when u touch me. He tells really!! Suddenly rain starts

Precap:Shravan gets intimate with her in rain. They dance for pashmina song. He kisses her and tells her to be with him always so that I will win all problems and hurdles easy… She smiles

Guys hope u all enjoyed the epi pls leave a comment becoz it means a lot???

Credit to: Narendran

Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-15


Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-15


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