KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 45)

Thank you guys for your support thanks alot now lets go to the story
The episode starts with Abhi stood out the room and waiting for the doctor to come out again and give him the news that all is fine his wife is alive and so happens doctor came out after some time and Abhi and all again rushed to her there he asks to her
Abhi : how is she tell me she is fine right!!.
Shweta : What can I tell Abhi you go and see yourself…

Abhi was shocked hearing that and he was totally scared now as he was not having such potential to go and check in how she is he was totally scared and then Shweta smiles and opens the door Abhi was looking her clue less then he gets inside and sees that his child was there in a cradle near the bed of Pragya but he was still scared looking at her as his negative thoughts were overcoming on him but Shweta came from back and keeps hand on his shoulder Abhi comes into his senses
Shweta : Congratulations it’s a a boy.. see
Taking him towards the baby then Abhi didn’t looked at baby he looks on Pragya his all concentration was on her..

Shweta : she is alive just unconscious congratulations as your decision of saving mother was the one who saved both the lives Abhi just few moments more you will be able to talk to her….
Abhi was like how to react weather to describe happiness or thank god to give him his life back he was standing there then suddenly kneeled down and begins to cry silently hiding his face in his palms thanking to god that she was alive by that time Vijay was also there he goes in and takes him out and hugs him Abhi hugs him in return and it was clearly visible from his expressions his tears that how much he is relieved Dadi and Aliya looks at him and tears rolled down from their eyes looking him in that state and Vijay was congratulating him and he was not consoling as everyone knew that how much he has hidden his pain how much he was in pain and his all pain all efforts was resulted good now his wife was almost out of danger he was going to do what he had thought in earlier days that is he was going to re live his children’s childhood no one was there who can understand his happiness that’s why Vijay was not consoling him as if he will do so then Abhi will again hide all his feelings and then some day it will burst out in front of Pragya as she is the only one who understands his pain his happiness from just his expressions his silence after dadi she is the only one who can understand what is bothering him so Vijay let him remained in that state and Abhi got relaxed after sometime and decided to wait until Pragya gains consciousness as his heart will not get satisfaction un till he see her talking with him… then Dadi and Aliya enters and looks at the baby boy whose face Abhi haven’t seen yet just because he decided that he will look him with his better half only.. Dadi and Aliya were extremely happy they left to home saying that we have to make welcome preparations… and Abhi remained there….he was sitting near Pragya holding her hand and he was also slept by that time in sitting position….

Time spent about four hours Pragya started gaining consciousness and opens her eyes and notices that Abhi was there she keeps her hand on his head caring his hairs Abhi wakes up and looking at her becomes happy as he was like he has gain a new life he was that much happy Pragya tries to wake up to sit Abhi helps her and make her sit with keeping pillows in support and again sat near her and tears rolled down from his eyes and he said..
Abhi : game over final level crossed we won…. We won Pragya that bad game of death is over now
Pragya : what I have said that nothing will happen see I am with you..
Abhi cries : Yes and our baby is also with us..
He hugs her tightly then Pragya breaks the hug
Pragya :Where is the baby and how he looks I haven’t seen him yet..

Abhi smiles : He is with doctor right now and yes I also haven’t seen him yet..
Just then nurse enters with the baby as she took him to give some birth time vaccinations she hands over him to Pragya and then only both of them looked at their child he was looking like a small cute white cotton ball as he was just born so he didn’t opened his eyes yet Abhi was looking at him Pragya gives him in Abhi’s arm and Abhi holds him he was extremely happy and happiness was coming out in form of tears from her eyes BG music plays in background
hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho (May there be the Stars’ kindness on us,)
poora, adhoora har armaan ho (and all our incomplete wishes be fulfilled)
ek doosre se jo baandhe humein (May there be a little life in our arms,)
baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho (that would tie us to each other more strongly..)
aabaad ho chhoTa sa ghar (May there be a small home of ours,)
lag naa sake kisi ki nazar (which remains far from the evil eye..)

and while the song was playing Pragya was continuously looking at them with relaxed eyes that she can clearly look that happiness in his eyes

Abhi was looking at the baby’s face and Pragya was looking at his face which was looking like as a child has got his all favourite stuffs in one time…Then Abhi shows him to Pragya and she comes in her senses then he hands over the baby to Pragya she holds him and Abhi covers them in his arms they were extremely happy just then Shweta enters and says to them
Shweta : so the happy world is there now Abhi I want a big party for it as my fees understood
Abhi : Of course why not I will give a treat to you and why I will give my children will also give as they have got a brother today… we have to thank you in every means na..
Shweta : Don’t thank me Abhi because I have done nothing it was her assuredness that nothing will happen to her it was her trust so she lived and you know medical science also believes that till you will not think it mentally that you are ill or not able to do anything you can’t be ill so it’s just a fact anyways I was here just to tell that as the danger of life is no more so you have to continue with those medicines as to recover soon ok and this time full dose must be completed and as your wife and my sentimental friend is still very weak so you have to take care of her diet now give her healthy diet and yes don’t forget to give her pomegranate it will help in recovering blood loss and I will give you rest of diet chart..
Pragya : No please I won’t eat that I don’t like it no..
Abhi : Stop behaving like a kid.. you have to I will see how will you not eat it
Shweta : yes you have to eat it Abhi make sure she should eat it…
Abhi : for sure..

Pragya : That’s not fare just because I am not well you both are trapping me it is dadagiri I won’t eat it…
Abhi : Eh fuggy this is not dadagiri it is rockstar giri…
Pragya : Yes right rockstar giri when I will become well I will tell you that what is..
Abhi cuts in mid : Professorgiri right !!
Pragya irks and folds her hand and make pout in anger..Abhi and Shweta laughs…
Abhi : Shweta are you looking at her that’s why I was thinking why Abhigya use to make such faces as her mother does the same na… anyways jokes apart when I can take her to home as its being long time my small army didn’t have seen their commander..
Shweta laughs : haha you can take her to home day after tomorrow and by the way why you use to call them small army they are kids na..
Abhi : Areh you don’t know them if they will become stubborn na then they are like small army as they will do only that what there ma will say to them ( while talking they both came out of the room) but still they are my world elder one Pulkit younger one subuhi and the naughtier one our Abhigya and Prabhas… I have my all happiness in them and now this new one also haha
Shweta : well that’s great hope every child get a father like you who loves them that much…
Abhi : haha now I want excuse as I want to talk to them it’s being long time neither I have seen them nor they have seen their mother so I have to bring them home ..
Shweta : Ok ok you talk to them I am leaving

Shweta leaves and Abhi calls Aliya to take care of Pragya as he decided that he himself will go to pick-up children but at that time he sees that Purab and Bulbul were there along with all the children and since kids were looking him after a long interval of time its about three months that they haven’t seen their maa and papa and Abhi again becomes emotional as his children were infront of him he kneels down and widens his arms all of them run towards him and hugs him tightly and became emotional….
Abhigya hugging him tightly : Papa we missed you and maa a lot why you didn’t came to take us to home
Prabhas : Papa you know we were not able to sleep properly as maasi ma loved us a lot but still we were feeling alone without you and maa…
Subuhi : You was not there na and maa also so there was no one whom I can talk about my little teddy bears I told maasi maa but it didn’t gave satisfaction as we always use to tell about them to you
Pulkit : I was too missing you papa where is maa..
Abhi : We missed you too beta me also missed you a lot and now we are here na we will talk a lot for hours and hours and you know one thing one more person will talk with us..
Abhigya shockingly and clueless : One more
Pulkit : You mean…

Abhi stands and smiles : Yes you are guessing right the baby he has come and you know he is a baby boy..
Abhigya excited : really we also want to see that baby
Subuhi : I will also see him show us na papa..
Prabhas : Hurray new brother we want to see him and meet maa also…
Abhi : arey hold on baba you can’t see him right now but yes day after tomorrow you can as we will bring him to home na and till then I have to stay with maa here so you go with Vijay uncle go and fresh n up then I will meet you tomorrow ok and yes don’t trouble them just be good boys and girls ok..
All nods : ok papa we will wait for you and maa and our new baby..
Abhi : haha ok now go fast as Vijay uncle is getting late all are alone at home
All goes but Pulkit remains there and says to him
Pulkit : I know something was there and you hide that from us but now all is ok right you happiness is telling all about that..
Abhi holds his hands : I don’t know how beta but you are the one who understands what I am going through and yes there was something which is not there now it was a bad dream which got over nothing else hmm now you also go with them otherwise they will cry that papa use to talk with dada more than us
Pulkit nods and joins them smilingly All of them leaves with Vijay and Purab and Bulbul were smiling as they were looking such happiness on the face of father and children after a long time then Abhi goes to them and both of them congratulates him and goes to meet pragya she was holding the baby in her hands looking at his face just then she notices Bulbul Purab and Abhi the trio entering inside the room..
Pragya : Abhishek kids were here na I heard their voice where are they…
Bulbul : Dii meet them later but first let us see our new member’s face
Abhi : she is right as you will meet them now then they will not let you take rest and start there epic stories this time so better you meet them at home ok..

Purab and Bulbul takes the baby and says
Purab : Dii he is soo cute just like a big cotton ball
Bulbul : Exactly he is extremely cute I will call him GOLU as look his cheeks so cute dii I have decided whatever you have decided to name him I will just call him GOLU what do you think Purab
Purab : exactly I mean look at him yr Abhi was also not like that in his childhood I have seen in pictures…
Abhi : what do you mean by that I was not cute I was more cute than you understood look at your pic first always cries even in all childhood pictures he is crying..
Purab : Oh really you are saying that you haven’t cried ever in your childhood..
Abhi : exactly I was a rockstar from birth understood..
Purab : Ya right as in your childhood your music was your cry sound hahah
Abhi was irked hearing that and was about to say something but Pragya interrupts
Pragya : Ok you both want to fight so you can go out but this time let him sleep as I have just made him sleep…
Abhi and Purab in chorus : Oops sorry

Abhi : Come we will discuss about it outside from the room
They both leaves and Bulbul and Pragya looks at them and smilingly
2 days later
Pragya was discharged Abhi has completed all the formalities and they were leaving towards the home and after some time they both reached home with the new member of the family Dadi welcomed them and asked Pragya to take rest as she was not well yet Pragya asked about kids but they were in school at that time Abhi takes Pragya to room and takes the baby from her she lies on bed feeling relaxed after returning to home and Abhi asked her to take proper rest as at evening he will give her a surprise which he has planned with the kids…Pragya agrees and Abhi leaves…
After some time all kids were back at home they looks that Abhi was seated on couch and he was in half sleep so none of them made sound they gone and kept their bags in their room and came back Abhigya goes and sits near Abhi so did Prabhas Pulkit sits kneeling down infront of him and Subuhi goes and sits in his lap then he opens his eyes and surprised to see his children sitting like this surrounding him
Abhi : Arey what happen you all came so silently and why are you seated like this ??
Abhigya whispers : Papa I know today maa is back at home right and baby must be with her
Prabhas whispers : and they must be sleeping right so we are talking like this
Pulkit : they won’t get disturb like this na
Subuhi : Papa where is the baby we want to see him…

Abhi smiles at them : ok you want to see him
All nods yes
Abhi : But promise you will not make noise as maa needs more rest na
All nods in yes and he takes all of them to his room where Pragya was sleeping and the baby was lied near her he takes him in his arms then goes and sits on the couch in his room and Pulkit sits near him and Abhigya Prabhas climbs up the couch Subuhi stood near Abhi and then he shows them the face of baby
Abhigya : Papa he is so cute see him… his mouth it is soo small his lips are so small bhai Prabhas dada look naa
Prabhas : look at his nose how cute and small
Pulkit : he is extremely cute…
Subuhi touching his hands : his hands they are too small from me see my fingers are big from him..
Abhi laughs : haha he is small na that’s why when you all were like him you all were also same
Abhigya : look at his feet too small mine are big from him even..
Prabhas : but papa why he is not opening his eyes

Pragya who was looking them and smiling they didn’t came to know that she was awake and looking at them she spoke and all turns back and see that she was awake so all of them rushed to her
Pragya : Because he is just three days old and he will only open his eyes in darkness for few days after about a month he will open his eyes…
All the four rushed to her and hugs her
Abhigya : maa we missed you a lot
Pragya : Me too my swetoos
She kisses them on forehead and Abhi comes near her and hands over the baby to her then she asks him to close the lights and windows along with curtains as well to make the room dark and Abhi did so.. then Pragya shows them that he was opening his eyes little bit all of them got happy and starts to talk to him in overjoyness
Abhigya : maa he is opening his eyes see…
Subuhi : yes small small eyes just this much small ( telling making hands in gestures)
Prabhas : yes I know we will call him chhotu
Pulkit : Exactly maa what have you decided to name him anyways whatever you will decide keep it for other as his nick name is CHHOTU from our side as he is cute his name is also cute
Abhi : We haven’t decided as dadi will decide what to name him this time and as you people have decided that you will name him chhotu then we will surely name him CHHOTU Pragya for me also he is chhotu….

Pragya smiles and all looks at him and calls Chhotu and the baby opens his mouth to yawn and they all says see he is also agree upon that and Pragya laughs on their kiddish behaviour and screen freezes there on her laughing face

Precap : Pulkit leaves for his training, two years leap

Ok thanks alot guys for your support and thank to all the silent readers also who read this ff daily but didnt commented yet anyways i have a question for you people weather you want to see the growing up happiness of the new guest slowly or should i show the main moments only your answer will matter to me alot as i want to know your mind set so please answer accordingly and for further update stay tuned ?

KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 45)


KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 45)


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