Sacred Bonding (Episode 16)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 16)

Episode 16:

Recap: Jay revealing the reason behind missing of his family to Vidya n saying her that Suhana is alive but in coma.

Its evening n Jay returned from office. He saw Vidya studying n abt to talk something but stopped n lied on bed closing his eyes. Vidya saw him n went to him. She saw his face tired n started massaging his forehead with her hands. Jay felt her touch n opened his eyes.

Jay: Wat r u doing swt hrt?

Vidya: I think u r so tired so making u relax. Go n fresh up. I will bring coffee n something to eat. U will feel better.

Jay: I am ok. Continue ur works.

Vidya: R u angry on me?

Jay: No. Why?

Vidya: Then y r u talking like dat?

Jay: Should I b frank?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Vidya, u r so sweet today n I really like ur love n caring on me. But I didn’t want it. Bcoz I expect the same from u all the time. But u won’t b coz of ur mood swings. As its said expectations always hurt. I didn’t want to get hurted. So u pls stop doing anything for me. I didn’t want myself to addicted to ur love n care.

Jay left from there leaving her in room.

Jay: Shwetha, Give me a coffee yaar. I am really so tired

Shwetha: Ok sure. Anything else

Jay: If u have time prepare something to eat too. I am a bit hungry. Pls don’t think otherwise

Shwetha: Not at all. I can understand. just 10 mins

Jay: Thank u

Shwetha: No thanks between frnds.

She left to kitchen n hearing their conversation Vidya got hurted. But decided something n went to kitchen.

Vidya: Shwetha, I will do. U pls go

Shwetha: Its ok

Vidya: Pls Shwetha

Shwetha left n Vidya prepared everything n went to Jay. She kept coffee n snacks for him. He saw her seriously n left.

Jay: Shwetha, If u didn’t have time, y can’t u tell that to me? I think I am disturbing everyone in this house

Shwetha: What?? Jay, its nothing like dat. Vidya herself told that she wants to prepare coffee n food for u. So I left

Jay looked Vidya seriously n left to his room. Vidya came again to him.

Vidya: Coffee

Jay: I don’t want

Vidya: Y did u ask Shwetha for coffee? I am ur wife. U should ask only me.

Jay: I am sleeping. Bye

Vidya: Have it pls

Jay: No

Vidya: U r behaving like a kid

Jay: Learnt from u. Don’t disturb me. I am sleeping

Jay slept n Vidya kissed on his forehead. Jay opened his eyes. Vidya caught her ears in apologising manner

Vidya: I am sorry for talking like dat on that day. I promise I nvr do it again. I will always love n care for u. I nvr hurt u pls

Jay: I don’t want ur sorry

Vidya: pls Jay. I will do watever u say. But don’t behave like dis. pls

Jay: U will do anything I say??

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Really?

Vidya: Sure

Jay: Kiss me swt hrt

Vidya: No

Jay: U must do n then I will not behave like dis. This is ur punishment

Vidya: Ok close ur eyes

Jay: No

Vidya: Please

Jay pulled her close n she fallen on him. He kissed her on lips

Jay: Do u love me this much?

Vidya: Yes. I love u so much. On that day my mood is not good. So I behaved stupidly. But really I didn’t mean it. I promise I won’t do it again

Jay: Its ok. I love u so much. I didn’t like asking Shwetha anything. I feel free only to ask u. I am sure u won’t allow her to prepare coffee for me now. Thats y I asked her.

Vidya: I know dat n I am sure if I allow her to do u will b surely angry on me. Now go n fresh up.

Jay: Ok. My tiredness went off with ur love. U r so sweet.

Vidya: I am tired of convincing u. So now as u r ok I will have this coffee.

Vidya took a sip n Jay grabbed it from her hands. He sipped it

Jay: Its so tasty than ever now. I love this coffee prepared by my loving wife

Vidya: I will prepare another one for u. Give it

Jay: Why swt hrt

Vidya: Bcoz I tasted it

Jay: Thats y its taste increased. Now I want to kiss the lips which made this coffee this much tastier.

Saying this he pulled her closer n kissed her.

Jay: I love u

Vidya: I love u too

Vidya kissed him on lips slowly n Jay looked her with shock.

Jay: Omg. U changed a lot beautiful

Vidya: Don’t call me like dat

Jay: Why?

Vidya: I remember our old days of marriage where u used to tease me calling beautiful. I will b scared remembering those days

Jay: No. I nvr teased u calling beautiful. I mean it. Even then n now. U look so beautiful to my eyes. R u still scared of me even now?

Vidya: Hmm. Little bit

Jay: But U know that I love u so much. Then y r u scared?

Vidya: Bcoz of ur anger n love. As u love me so much u wil b easily angry on me.

Jay: As far as I remember, I didn’t even scold u anytime till now. Seeing ur tears my anger will go off completely. I didn’t want u to scare for me. So tell me wat makes u afraid of me

Vidya: Even if u raise ur voice a bit, I will b scared

Jay smiled n took her close n kissed on her forehead.

Jay: Ok. I won’t shout on u from now. Actually all the tensions are making me lose my temper so easily. But I will try not to shout on u even in anger n aft all remember I am ur frnd. Be as free as u will b with ur frnds.

Vidya: Its ok. I understand n actually I love ur anger too. Bcoz wen ur anger goes off, u will b so sweet n loving n tries to console me in many ways. I love ur trials to make me smile

Jay: Shall we go out for dinner today?

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Does it effects ur study?

Vidya: No. I really want to spend time with u. But u told u r so tired, is it ok for u?

Jay: Now I am ok. I will get fresh up n then u get ready n lets go

Jay got fresh up n Vidya is getting ready. She remembered something n opened the cupboard n took the gift given by Jay to her to convince her. She unwrapped it

Jay: Didn’t u open it till now

Vidya: Sorry actually….

Jay: Chill its ok. These days we are busy with many things n tensions.

Vidya: Really sorry. I will see it now itself.

Vidya opened it n its a beautiful chain with love symbol locket. She opened the locket n inside their wedding photo is there. She kissed the photo n is wearing it. Jay removed her hands from the chain n he made her to wear it n hugged her n kissed on right cheek.

Vidya: Thank u. Gift is as awesome as ur love.

Jay: Never lose it coz its my first gift to u.

Vidya: Sure I will b very careful n nvr lose it.By the way u didn’t tell anything abt Kiran. Did u talk with doctor?

Jay: Leave it Vidya

Vidya: But y?

Jay: Actually as per our plan, I met one of the doctors treating ur dad. As I knew he is sincere doctor, I requested him to help us. He himself told that ur dad doesn’t get any heart attack. He told to Kiran that ur dad requires blood immediately n its not available in blood bank presently. We thought Kiran will refuse to donate blood as it may not match. But he donated blood. Doctor sent it for DNA test n its matched with ur dad’s DNA. We failed to prove that he is not ur brother Kiran and one more thing is he is going to join in his duties as IAS officer Kiran from tomorrow.

Vidya: Ok. I already expected this. Let him join. It makes easy to prove he is not my brother.

Jay: What?

Vidya: Jay don’t worry. Give me 2 days time n will prove that he is not my brother. Till then b relaxed.

Jay: Hmm..Ok.Vidya, tomorrow there is a party at my frnd’s home. He invited us both. If u didn’t have any prblm with ur study schedule then I want u to come with me. But surely its upto u.

Vidya: Ok I will come. I will manage.

Jay: Its so boring that u r saying ok to everything.

Vidya: Wat?

Jay: Ya. U are not giving chance to fight n I love to fight with u n then convince u. I mean cute n sweet fights that Didn’t hurt any of us.

Vidya: Really? U told u r tired of fights

Jay: Ya I am tired of fights which hurts both of us n esp those which makes u cry. I want to see u always smiling n being happy no matter wat happens.

Vidya: Shall we go?

Jay: Ya sure

Both left n had dinner out n came home. They are in their room. Vidya n Jay lied on bed.

Jay: I want to ask u something

Vidya: Sure

Jay: I hide something from u. If u come to know abt it I don’t know how will u react. But pls promise me u won’t leave me.

Vidya: I promise I nvr leave u. May I know wats dat or do u need some more time to say?

Jay: I need some more time

Vidya: Ok. Tell me only wen u feel to share with me. Till then relax

Jay: Good night. I really love u so much.

Vidya: Good night. I know n luv u too.

Jay hugged Vidya n she too hugged him.

Vidya (inner voice): Wat is that he is hiding from me? Y is he so panic suddenly? Is he feeling insecured? But why?

Jay: Don’t think much. I will tell u soon

Vidya: Wat? I mean hw do u know that I am thinking abt u?

Jay caressed her hairs

Jay: I know abt u swt hrt

Vidya: Hmm

Jay: pls smile. Don’t b tensed. I will let u know everything. Now its late. Sleep now

Vidya: Ok.

She hold his hand tight n slept on his chest hugging him. Jay caressed her hairs n kissed on her forehead.

Jay(innner voice): I love u so much Vidya. I didn’t want to miss u. But aft knowing my past I don’t know how will u react. I am unsure that whether u accepts me or not. Now there is no other girl in my life except u but my past is quite different. Though I didn’t do wantedly, I know I done something wrong. I hope u will forgive me n nvr leaves me.

Vidya: I won’t leave u. Don’t worry.

Jay: Didn’t u sleep?

Vidya: No. U sleep first. Don’t think much

Jay: Ok

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing?

Jay: U can ask anything at anytime angel

Vidya: R u hiding from me abt ur past love?

Jay: Yes but not just love

Vidya: Then?

Jay: Now pls sleep Vidya. I didn’t want to say anything further.

Vidya: Ok

Both slept after sometime.

Precap: Vidya seeing Jay close to a girl in the party n came to know she is Jay’s ex girl frnd. That girl says to her frnd that Jay n she are in living together relationship for 2 yrs in US n Vidya hears this.

Frnds, I am sorry if its boring. I wrote it at nite before sleeping. I am a bit busy these days n I wrote this part as I don’t want u all to forget this story. I will try to write next part interestingly. Thank u n luv u all…tc.. Will update next part on saturday…

Sacred Bonding (Episode 16)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 16)

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