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She sat next to window place. She is thinking about the place and looking all around. Again she is looking through the window and the flight starts moving. She turned other side to scream but asr came and kissed on her lips.
Rabaa ve ………song plays
She came to her senses now.
Kushi: what the
Asr: how is the surprise. He told her to put belt.

While takeoff she hold asr hand tightly for a while. She is looking through the window happily with excitement. ASR admires the way she is acting.
After a while asr took kushi inside .
There is a big bedroom, dinning etc with all the facilities.
He gave her a gift and asks her to wear it.
She went to the dressing room for changing. Meanwhile he asked the air hostess to arrange the dinner.
Kushi came out with western outfit. ASR looking at her without blinking his eyes. Both r looking at each other.
Raba song plays………
He came near her.
Suddenly little jerk. They fell on the bed (this time asr over kushi).
They r not in the mood to get up and eat.
After some time they went to dinning for dinner.

They both r enjoying each and every minute. (as asr always busy)
Now reached London
Kushi is so excited
Reached hotel
Next day free day
Asr is preparing for the conference as well as explaining to kushi (as she is getting bored) about the deal
Night asr had a fever, cold cough (weather change)
Next day morning ASR asked kushi to attend meeting.
She refused to go but no choice.
She got ready and wore nice pink sari with all matching’s she looks cute
Asr is looking at her beauty.

Asr: If any problem u can call me and gave blue tooth.
She is much tensed (this is her first meeting)
She reached conference hall
Greeted Namaste
Everyone is looking her like a stranger(Indian traditional look kumkum bangles )
Meeting started
ASR is looking and listening from the room (arranged some cameras).
Now it is asr group turn to give presentation.
She pray to devimayaa in mind
She started the presentation
Everyone is looking at her without blinking their eyes.
Asr is shocked (he never ever expected)
ASR: in mind I never expected the way she gave the presentation and English speaking from her. After medication he is doing fine.
Everyone clapped for kushi.
No one knows that she is asr’s wife.
PRG: went near kushi and enquired about asr .

Kushi: he is in the room and he is not feeling well. About to say who she is
Some man interrupted PRG.
After a while PRG and kushi went to the room to see asr
Asr is waiting for kushi
Bell rings
Asr opens the door . (kushi about to say something). asr hugs kushi and kiss her on cheek and said thank you.
Asr: now he noticed PRG . Said sorry.
Now they r in the drawing room.
PRG :asked about kushi.
Asr: introduced kushi as his lovely wife.
Namaste bhayaa( brother).
They were talking kushi is talking in hindi only(not a word of English)
PRG is struggling to give answers in hindi.
(PRG is like NK)
PRG is observing arshi.
PRG invited them for dinner.

Kushi in red sari
Asr black suit
Both of them are looking at each other.
PRG waiting in the lobby
Asr opens the car door to kushi as always. But PRG is looking at them.
PRG is unmarried. Everything different for him.(he knows the different stories of marriage)
PRG took them to revolving roof garden restaurant (see whole London )
Kushi so excited like a child. everything is new to her.
Asr is talking to PRG and the mind is with kushi (the way she is acting)
PRG notices the asr admiring kushi.

Kushi sat next to asr.
Asr receives a call. He is talking to aman (manager of asr) (this matter will reveal later)
Asr on the phone u take care. Before I arrive u should finish all the work.
Kushi and PRG are talking. Then she shows the family photos
Nani, nk, mami, mamaji, akash, payal.anjali,arav and explaining to PRG . anjali is asr sister. PRG is little disturbed by seeing anjali photo. He asked about her husband. She said divorced.
Asr came.

They finished food.
Thank you for your encouragement and support.





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