Reporters aberrant 2

Work is what bothers me every morning. I know these r meant to b vacations but I can’t let the house be unclean. And shortly after is Christmas Eve and the house has to b perfect without a speck of dirt around. I know my Mr.Perfect but he never EVER does keep things in its proper place.
I guess I can lose those extra calories by simply doing this stuff: cleaning around here and there in the house. Not to b to boastful but if I wouldn’t have come in this house,it would have been a perfect ‘chidiya ka ghosla’. Next turn is of the musty old books in Kabir’s so-called Peace room. Indeed it stands for its name. A well-ventilated posh room,with it’s extravagant furnished goods(I know extravagant is much, but being Kkn’s shareholder’s wife u can expect what i meant). I found Kabir’s diary among those descriptive books of journalism. I knew Kabir had to go to Mumbai for reporting an article, but I couldn’t help looking around to c if any1 was der. I was much more curious about Mr.Perfect’s life,although I know his secrets(not all of them). The first page of diary read:

Beauty is about living ur life and being happy with urself inside and out,and not worrying about what people think of u..
Wooww!! Kabir is awesome,isn’t he? Well I continued reading his diary and I found out his cute lil pic of him eating his birthday cake. I have to admit that the young Kabir Sharma was much more cute(I know I am not supposed to say so but can’t help). I went on reading until I could c tears rolling down my cheeks.So that’s why Kabir never told about his childhood. Want to know what was der in it? Find out in the next episode of aberrant….

Preacap: I went on reading until someone kept a hand on my shoulder. I realised I had kept the front door ajar….

Reporters aberrant 2


Reporters aberrant 2


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