Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 8

Hi everyone so i am back thanx for all ur wishes..and friends i hv decided tht i will not reveal the pairs nw its actually triangle love story so if i reveal the pairs then it will not be interesting..i hope u all will understand….
Love Sarika Shah
Recap: The man is revealed as Aman Singha.
Aman: Yeh bacha humare yaha kya raha hain?
Everyone looks puzzled.
Riku: Kon bacha?
Aman: Tumhari Ragu aur kon
Ragini: Hlo Mr. Ragu mein sirf apne bhaiyu ke liye hun…
Aman: ok Ragini mathe….he hifis wit Swara….SanLak smiles…Riku also smiles slightly..but by seeing Ragini’s angry face his smile disappears.
Ragini: Bhaiyu i am going.
Riku: arrey wat happen?….ok come i’ll come wit u.

Riku and Ragini r abt to go.
Aman: haan Rithwik..jaao iske saath nahi toh bechari ghum ho jayenge….
Ragini: Bhaiyu koyi baath nah ii will go alone.
Riku: pakka….
Ragini: haan bhaiyu.
Riku: tk care …
Ragu leaves.
Aman Riku SanLak and Swara continue their chit chat.
Ragini enters her class…
After smtym
nd nw its lunch tym . She comes to collage canteen
She spots SanLak their she goes towards dem .

Ragini: Hi Laksh hi Sanskar. Where is bhaiyu?
Laksh: Hi Ragini..woh actually they all went wit his girlfriend.
Sanskar: Lucky she is not ma girlfriend.
Laksh:..ok ok calm down Sanky…
Ragini: I hope u guys don’t mind if i also joins u 2..ri8.
Sanky: Absolutly no..come on join us
They hv lunch together…..
Ragini: bye guys …
SanLak: Bye Ragini.
Ragini: bye…….(in mind: sach mein Aman ke bina aaj ka din bahut bore tha)
Someone taps her shoulder and she turns back. To her surprise it ws Aman.
Aman: Hi bachi ..tum phir se ghum ho gaya kya? (in mind: sry main tumhe company nahi de paya)
Ragini: Main kisi ki bachi nahi hun. (in mind: main tumhe bahut miss kiya Aman)
Riku: Ragu tumne khana khaya?
Ragini: yess bhaiyu. What abt u all?
Riku: yh we too hd fud….
They all goes to their respective class rooms
After smtym Ragini goes to Library.
Collage gets over..
Ragini is coming frm her class room she sees Aman coming in opposite dirction…
Aman: (in mind: the day is almost over still hw does she manages to look this much beautiful)
Ragini: (in mind: mujhe aisa kyun lagtha hain ki joh main tumhare liye feel kartha hun woh tum mere liye bhi feel karthe ho)
Both of them stand their looking into each others eyes
They were having a cute eye lock..which ws soon interrupted by Swara.
Swara: Aman kya hua . What r u looking?
Ragini and Aman come back to senses.
Aman: oh nothing i ws just…looking for her. (in mind: Kyu Swara maine tujhe apna best friend mana aura bb tum hi mere aur ragini ke beech mein hatti banke aayi..kyun Swara kyun)
Swara: Aman where r u lost?
Aman: nothing come lets go.
They both leave.
Aman: Ragini u also come with us.
Ragini goes with dem.
Ragini is walking beside Aman. They both feel smthing strange.
Soon others join them.
Riku: Ragu chale?

Ragini: haan Bhaiyu
Riku goes and gets the car.
Ragini: Bhaiyu car?
Riku: haan woh hum theeno bahar gaye na toh maine bike ghar mmein rakhar car le aayi.
Riku: Ragu abb chale?
Ragini: han bhaiyu…bye everyone
All: bye guys..
She too waves her hand and look at Aman. He too waves her back.
They reach back home

She sits on the sofa nd is daydreaming. Rathore comes home he sees her sitting with a small bandage on her legs. He runs to her.
Rathore: Princess .
Rgini come back to her senses.
Ragini: Hi papa.
Rathore: Princess what is this? Nd points to the bandage.
Ragini: Papa yeh ek chotti sic hot hain teekh ho jayenga.
Rathore: Kaha hain woh……Rithwik……Rithwik…jalthi neeche aa.
Riku: kya hua papa?
Rathore: yeh kya hain? Nd point towards Raginni’s bandage.
Riku rushes down…
Riku: Ragu tumhe yeh chot kab lagi. Tumne bathaya nahi.
Ragini: papa bhaiyu yeh chotti si chot hain yeh teekh ho jaayenga.
Rathore: Par princess yeh hua kaisa?
Ragini: Main library mein gaya thaw aha par papa.
Riku: main first aid box lekhar aatha hun.
He rushes and get first aid box. Rathore sits on the floor. He removes her bandage and cleans her wound.
She think abt her moments with Aman.
Precap: Ragini Aman Moments…..Flashback
….sry guys i knw 2day’s episode ws boring…..sry ….

Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 8


Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 8


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