Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 9)

Hiii frnzz I am back with my ff.Sorry dear friends I can’t update it daily coz of time,assignments, college and the most important thing is mood.Almost of u r writers and you know na how much important is our mood.Please frnzz please pardon me if I played with your religious emotions.This was my story line….. Please forgive me if I hurt you……

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Episode 9

Yes I managed to hide my sorrow……

I am walking along the road. My legs are not obeying me.They are not letting me to stand steady coz I am so much boozed.I couldn’t control myself. I thought many things at that seconds…I will meet her,I will talk to her. I will ask her about my children, I will apologize to her and express my truth and love, if she is not willing to come with me then I will kidnap her…some stupidities were gone through my mind.But but they were like air bubbles.My heart beated for only seeing her… Swara Bharadwaj!!!….it was not my Shona…..it was an another lady….I am also sighed that it was not my Shona but I will meet her once with someone. Then what will I do,I don’t know…. Till then a black Scorpio and a Benz arrived in front of me.Some people came to me.I recognized them.They are Mr Talwar’s goons.Both of us have a dispute about a problematic property in Delhi.At last I worn….”are you stunned Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari??”….I looked backward.Mr Talwar and his son Kabir are there…..

But I was not in my sense.They told me something something, I don’t know….but somethings like needles penetrated to my chest.I don’t know what was that. I touched on my chest.Blood was started to flowing like a river.I saw that before I faints Talwar is raising his rifle in front of me.An another bullet was also penetrated to my heart….”Shonaaaaa”….I shouts.I fell down to the ground,my eyes are filling with darkness…..

someone shouts his name with a female voice and panicks but the room was filled with semi darkened light….

I slowly opened my eyes. Shona is there…

She was wearing an orange leggings and a long white top.I looked at my surroundings.Blue bedsheets, wires, electrocardiograph,
drip,oxygen cylinder and moreover my chest, it is paining.She came to me and leaned to my head. Her curly hair is playing with the wind.We are alone in that ICU…..”Shona tum yaha…”…..she didn’t let me complete. Her eyes are wet.Her face is coming closer to my face.Tear droplets are fell onto my nose and cheeks, it gave birth of my tears.She touched my two cheeks and wiped my tears with her thumbs and nodded her head.I tried to touch her but I can’t, my hands was like Main switches…. wires, lights,beep sounds…..her fingers are running through my hairs, face,nose lips… Her presence it made me a good relief from AC’s cold.My almost body is stinging. Her lips are coming to mine.Yes we are kissing each other. It lasted for more than 5 minutes. At last our lips were apart.I didn’t, she is doing it to me.I can’t do anything na.She looked at me and smiled…”Shona you are moved on na???”…..I asked….. “Kiss ne kaha aisa”…..she wrangled to me….”How can I move on without you”….she cried.I touched her with my tiresome hand…..”Please don’t cry Shona”…..She held my hands.After sometime peace arrived between us.She lied beside me and begun to running her fingers through my face chest and neck. For some moments we didn’t talk to each other. We are enjoying that moments.Her eyes are looking very pretty.Finally I gave up the cold war between us……”Where is our children”……I asked…..”I know Shona this is my dream, you are coming alone in my dreams, you didn’t showed me my children once.Where are they??.”……Swara was touching my chest.She looked at me….” Hmm u will meet them soon, please wait.”…….”What is their name Shona”……She smiled at me….. “Wahi jo tumne bathaya tha”……

I sighed…. “We will come to you soon but tumhe khud hamhe doondna hoga.Iss ke liye tumhe yahan se uthna hi hoga,jaldi utho aur doondo hamhe??”……She attempted to got up but I held her hands…..”Please don’t go”….. I nodded my head…..”I told you na that I will come to you but you have to get rid of such issues, promise me”…..
“Tum pakka aungi na”…. I doubtfully asked….”Aaungi baba ab jaldi utho aur doondlo hamhe”….. I promised her,She lied close to me, we don’t know how much time….

I slowly opened my eyes with shouting Shona.Someone is tightly holding my temples….”Sanskar please calm down”….. It was a doctor, I saw his stethoscope.I looked around my family members are there,they are wiping there tears.I don’t know what are they speaking, I didn’t came out fully from the sedation.My body is trying to close my eyes.I went to a long sleep..

After some days I gained my health back but I didn’t went to MM. Mom and Dad are staying with me.I opposed them but they didn’t heard me.My life was in danger in that two weeks. They were going to shift me from ventilator.She saved me from that. In fact I didn’t want to be alive.

One day I was sitting in my study room. Uttara came to me with weeping. She is studying in Delhi..She came there to meet me…I asked about her sorrow.I m shocked to hear that truth…..”Please forgive me bhaiyya I did all these. I imitated Swara bhabhi’s voice for forward you in your life. I don’t know where is she. I don’t know she moved on or not.”…..I pardoned Uttara.I hugged my sister. “Very good”…. Someone is appreciating me.I looked around.Ohh he is there. Casanova of Casanovas…..Lord Krishna……” Beta Sanskar iss ka phayada tumhe jaldi mil jayaga,in fact all are for good…..”

I started to find my Shona.Raglak is with me in fact my whole family is with me.My CIDs Raglak named their mission as mission Swasan…..One day I went to an orphanage. I met an important person there.Sister Helena,Swaragini’s teacher and now the mother superior of her convent school where she studied.Swara came to Sr Helena before 4 years….He knows about Swara but she is not willing to tell me about her coz she promised her that she ll not tell anyone about Swara’s whereabouts in the name of God…. I begged her but she will not….I learned one thing from her that she is not moved on.Shona and my children are doing well. It was enough for me.I quarrelled with that Sister….”You jealous women will not understand my feelings,I will find my Shona??.You are trying to make all ladies like you”…..I walked from there.It was my fault but I solely told it from my anger and for my victory. I know definitely it is hurting her….

Me and my CID Raglak found a plan.We entered to her convent school at midnight…..Both of us are stunned to see how easily Rags jumped the wall and helped us to jump “No no Laksh,Sanskar come on it is the room of warden Joseph…. Come on this is the short cut.”,…Ragini advised us…..
Laksh: bhai iss ko toh sab kuch pata hai….k ma guide chalo??……we entered to the office room.

What happened Ragini…..I asked her…..”Nostalgia….”……?? she replied….u know Sanky how these sisters beated me with their canes.hmm those were days”…. She sighed.Yes time will vanish our pain and will leave with giving us some nostalgia.We found nothing yet.I lost my sense and entered to the Church and showed my anger to that crucified idol….”Kyun kar rahi ho mere sath aisa kya bigada hain main ne kisi ka,please give me back my family.Main uske saath jeena chahti hoon.Uske alava mera koi vajood nahi hain.”…… I sobbed with bending down my knees.Raglak tried to console me….Suddenly the bell ranged….Ragini told me that it is a good sign.We heard Someone’s footfall..They are two.Yes we saw them they are sister Helena and a father.We followed them.Please don’t misunderstand them,they are going to the place for confession.We Sanlak recognized that father,.He was Fr.Christopher
he complained about us to bp for flirting Girls?????.Bp punished us badly?? but the fact is that we flirted only our Swaragini….We keenly observed their speech.Yes it is wrong, overhearing a Divine confession it is wrong but I want to find my love…..”Hamhari maksat raste ko kam kar degi hai na Kanha ji,samjhaiyena apni dosth Jesus ji ko??”…..we are overhearing their conversation….
Sr : Father I can’t sleep
Laksh: toh sleeping pills kha lo na….
Rags: woh toh main hi kar deti mujhe in donom ko pehle se hi pasanth nahi hai..??….
Sanskar: sshhh Laksh Ragini keep quiet.
Sr: Fr I want confess you about our Swara.Today her husband came to meet me. He wants to know about her whereabouts…
Fr: so where is she….
Sr: I referred her to a school where I worked for 6 months..
Fr: OK which is that school….
At last that moment is also arrived… We are eagerly waiting for hearing that…. Fast fast my heart is beating more than ever… Sister sister please please it will break,my heart was operated recently….

Sr: father I want to tell you only about that….
Now good…….
That cursed moment,this devil Laksh dashed a flower vase.I felt that I have to kill him at that moment,use less fellow…. I stared at Jesus????,but he smiled at me…..”Calm down my child, Kanha ji told you right?? It is all for good”…..”hmm okay”….I replied…..”Now escape fast fast otherwise these whole people will catch three of us and install near me”
Sanskar: ☺️☺️☺️ you are caring for us right….

Jesus: ??? no no I died amidst of 2 thieves.I can afford them now I can’t tolerate 3 of u who are bigger thieves than them…..please jao beta….??…..

We don’t know how we managed to escape from there……

To be continued….

So guyzz I have a question you have any idea about where is Swara.????
This is my story line and I swear I am not desiring to hurt any religion. Please forgive me if I played with your emotions……please please????…..Frnzz please comment fast about your ideas…..let me check that how many of you will come closer to my upcoming plot……????

Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 9)


Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 9)


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