Swasan: Fix You (Episode 17)

Swara never wanted to be a doc so she doesn’t care about her studies ‘at the moment’ .
Later on we’ll see what happens.
~~Meet my mom ~~

Sanskar’s pov ~~

“Flight number E261 flying from Mumbai to Delhi will be taking off in an hour. Passengers travelling by this flight are requested to start boarding now. I repeat, flight number E261..”
The announcements were been made. It was time. Time to go home. Time to relax for a while and be with my family. Ofcourse, I was excited, but what multiplied this excitement was the thought of Swara being there too. I couldn’t wait for her to meet my family. On the other hand, Swara was just making excuses to stay back.
“Do I have to come this time? Nothing is fine with me right now. I don’t think this is the right time for all this.” She said, picking up her bag as we stood in the queue to board the plane.
“Trust me, it is. Everything is going to be fine.” I replied. We did the final security check and went ahead.
“How do you know? Okay let’s just assume your family is okay with it. But what about the others? Sooner or later, the whole world will come to know. Have you thought of what everyone is going to say?” She asked. By now, we were seated. I was making myself comfortable while Swara was just babbling.’How do I calm her down?’ I wondered.
“Swara, baby, you’ve to know that no matter what I’m going to love you forever. I don’t care what the world think or say. For me, your opinion matters the mosy. I’m not afraid to tell the world that you are the girl I love.” I said, taking her cold hand in mine.
She sighed and after what it seems like a long time, flashed a smile. Only I knew how relieved I was after seeing that smile.
“You know exactly how to make me feel good, don’t you?” She asked.
“What can I say? I’m a genius.” I replied leaning back on the seat. She laughed.
“Yes you’re a genius. My genius.” She said, planting a kiss on my cheeks. All the chattering and laughter lasted till we landed in Delhi. It was like we had completely forgotten all our worries for those few hours. It felt good.
After the plane landed in Delhi, we took our bags and headed out. Just as I had expected, there were flashlights and cameras all around. People were shouting and pushing each other.
f**king great…
I knew what all of this did to Swara. She stood beside me, clutching her bag tightly and looking around like the place was completely foreign to her. Before the crowd could get to any of us, I took a hold of her hand.
“Listen, they’re not gonna follow us home, okay? Just stay close and don’t answer to anything.” I ordered over the noise. She nodded.
I stood on my toes to spot someone familiar in the crowd. He stood in between the crowd, trying to make his way in. Somehow, after a lot of hustling he made his way to us.
“Where were you? It’s getting crazy here!” I said to him.
“Sorry sir. They won’t let me pass. We’ve to leave now, before they get in.” He said and looked over me to Swara.
“Oh this is Swara. Swara, this is Tanmay, the bodyguard.” I introduced them.
“Hello ma’am.” He said in his husky voice. Swara smiled weakly and looked back at the crowd who had almost got in.
“Sir we’ve to leave now.” Tanmay added.
I nodded as he walked in the front, follows by Swara and then me. These paparazzi were really annoying. I could hear all kinds of stupid and unwanted questions coming from the crowd. I just held onto Swara and hopped inside the car.
A huge sigh if relief as I shook my head trying to block out all the noise. I then looked at Swara, who was looking out of the window. I didn’t even realize that the paps had stopped following us and we were on the beautiful roads of Delhi.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Yes, I guess. Just a little nervous.” She replied. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.
“There’s nothing to be nervous about. You remember what I said back when the plane took off, right?” She nodded.
After about half an hour, we had finally reached home. My home.
Tanmay dropped us off at the door and went to the garage to park. I stood outside the house with Swara, waiting for somebody to open up. Swara was biting her nails out of extreme nervousness. This girl I tell you… …
Just as I was about to ask to stop the door opened. Swara lowered her hand automatically. My mom stood in front of us, with the biggest smile ever. No words were needed to express how much I missed her. She engulfed me in a hug. I was more than happy to have this feeling back. The feeling of coming home after months of hard work.
She gasped, eying me up and down.
“Kuch khata nahi hai tu! Look how pale you look!” She exclaimed. I rolled my eyes at her remark. If she could, she would stuff all aloo parathas in my mouth day and night.
“Maa, forget that. Meet Swara.” I said. Swara was already smiling nervously.
“Namaste aunty.” She greeted. Just with a look at her, my mom was flattered. I could easily make it out from her expression.
“Namaste beta. How are you? How was the journey?” She asked.
“Good.” Swara replied. Both of them were being too formal with one another.
“Maa, bahar hi khada karogi kya?” I asked. Mom snapped out her thoughts as Tanmay popped behind us with our bags.
We went inside and plopped down on the sofa. My mom, who was too exited to have Swara, started showing her around. Swara glanced at me a couple of times, as we just smiled at each other.

Finally it was happening. Swara and I..

Next update : ~~Babies ~~
A small update as I’ve some personal stress right now.

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 17)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 17)


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