Beast in the wardrobe intro

Hello friends i am nupur raheja. I am presenting a very unique love story which starts with lot of mystery and twists. Now i am going to introduce charachters of my unique story. I will ensure that everyone will get addicted to the unique plot. The main thing is pair is of course SWASAN….. Sorry swalak and ragsan fans….. I will focus more on swasan. So lets start.
Swara: cute and bubbly girl. She is very daring and dashing.
Ragini: sis of swara. Very matured and loves swara.
Veda: mom of swaragini.
Daivek:dad of swaragini
Lucky: bf of ragini and friend of swara
Sanskar: mystery man……
Ashiyana: frnd of swaragini and lucky(niti taylor)
Aryaman: bf of ashiyana.(parth samthaan)
Swadeenta: frnd of swaragini(tridha choudhary)
Adarsh: frnd of lucky(harshad arora)
Jigna:mom of lucky
Jigar: dad of lucky
Guyzzzz imp note……
Swara, ragini, lucky, ashiyana, aryaman, swadeentha, adarsh are very adventurous. Their group’s name is super seven.
They go to an adventure. Will they find mystery man sanskar? Will swara find her soulmate sanskar? Lets see………
Frndz…… This is a very unique story. It is totally a fiction. There are many characters. They will be introduced between the story. I need ur comments to continue. Even if it is a negative one plz feel free to drop ur comment. A teacher actor or writer feels good coz of the response. So silent readers plz comment.
Lots of love nupur.

Beast in the wardrobe intro


Beast in the wardrobe intro


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