A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 29

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 29

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Recap of epi 28- (Twinj and yuhi are gonna go for honeymoon to paris…..Anita and cherry plan to stop them)
So here we go….Episode 29
Scene 1(sarna house)
All finish their breakfast and start leaving for their rooms wen the door bell rings.
Yuvi goes and opens the door.
Cherry is standing with the courier boy.
The courier person gives the tickets of twinj and yuhi’s flight to Paris.
Yuvi signs on the paper and the courier boy leaves.
Cherry and Anita smirk at the same time but don’t see each other.
Yuvi removes the tickets from the envelope and gets shocked….kunj looks at him shocked and goes to him and takes the ticket in his hand.
Kunj gets shocked too.
Twinkle asks him to say what happened… Why is he shocked.
Kunj: Wo…Wo…actually…
Anita and cherry are eagerly waiting for the reply.
Mahi: What happened kunj…yuvi say na.
Yuvi: Jaan the problem is that…our flight is not tomorrow 12pm it’s today 12am…
Twinj and yuhi are shocked.
Anita and cherry are shocked too as that is not what they were expecting.
Bebe, usha and Maya get shocked too…but later Maya says.
Maya: Arey so what’s the big deal…ull are hav the entire day…finish off all the packing… V will help u…what is the reason to get shocked.
Kunj: Dii v don’t hav proper winter wear…its snowing there…we had to go to shop that but now we won’t get time.
Yuvi: Yess…Exactly.
Usha: What’s the problem… Ull leave Right away for shopping… Come back by afternoon… Then start packing..I’m sure ull will manage…so just chill.
Bebe: Yes usha us right…. Twinkle,mahi go change and come fast and leave with ur husbands.
Twinkle: But bebe if we go then lunch…
Usha: Oye wen ull were not there I used to cook only na…so I’ll cook today also just don’t worry…ull go.
Mahi hugs usha.. Twinkle hugs bebe and they go to change.

Scene 2(shopping mall)
Twinj and yuhi are done with shopping they hav their lunch.
As they come out of the restaurant.
Yuvi: Umm…just excuse me guys…natures call…gotta go.
All laugh.
Yuvi signs kunj to come along.
Kunj: I guess…nature is calling me as well….
Twinkle and mahi laugh badly.
Kunj and yuvi leave.
Yuvi takes kunj to a shop.
Kunj: U had got natures call right.
Yuvi: Shut up…. I wanna buy something for mahi….we are going on honeymoon after all.
Kunj: Ohkkkk(confused)
Yuvi select’s a 3 piece night gown….he asks kunj to take 1 too.
Kunj feels shy/awkward.
Kunj thinks: Bhai u don’t know…agar mai ye lekar uss siyappa queen k paas gaya na to…vo ye pehne ya na pehne…mere kapde zaroor utaar degi maar maar ker…
He imagines the scene and shouts while thinking saying “ahhhh ahhh maaf ker de twi…”
Yuvi holds him and asks what happened.
Kunj: Nothing Bhai…u go twinkle and Bhabhi will be waiting… I will quickly buy 1 for twinkle and come.
Yuvi leaves.
Kunj thinks: Ugh kahan fasa diya Bhai ne…now I hav to buy something for siyappa queen.
He moves his eyes and spots a pretty red gown…he loved it but doesn’t notice that its back less…. He asks the shopkeeper to pack it soon…he pays the bill and leaves with the dress.
In the car twinkle and mahi enquirie about the bags which they brought while coming back from washroom.
Kunj and yuvi divert the topic.
They reach home.
They do all their packing and bebe, usha and Maya help them.

Scene 3(Anita’s room)
Anita is shouting at a man on phone.
Anita: I had asked u to send 2 extra tickets to Paris…then y didn’t u.
Man: Ma’am I had sent…believe me.
Anita: Then wer did it go….Just shut up.
She cuts the phone.
Anita: My plan failed again but how is that possible…. If he is saying that he sent tickets then wer did it go.

A flash back is shown.
Anita(self talk): I think that stopping them is of no use as bebe and usha will manage to send them for honeymoon any how….so why don’t I just book mine as well as Cherry’s tickets along with them so that we can go wid them and spoil them honeymoon.
She calls a person and asks to book 2 tickets of same flight as that of twinj and yuhi.
Flash back ends.

Scene 4(cherry’s room)
Cherry is sitting angry on his bed.
He thinks: How can this happen…I had myself….
A flash back is shown.
Cherry is talking on phone outside the house….courier boy comes there and asks him if it was sarna house.
Cherry nods and asks him wat had he brought.
Courier boy: Sir these are air tickets to Paris.

Cherry: Ohhhh great.
He bribes the courier boy and blindly removes 2 tickets from the parcel and tears it off and throws it…
But to his hard luck the tickets he had torn were of his and Anita.
Cherry tears the tickets thinking that if one couple can’t go…I’m sure the other one will not go too.
So I guess by now ull hav understood what has happened.
Yesss cherry and Anita hav spoiled each others plan.

Scene 5(twinj’s room)
Kunj is in the washroom having bath.
Outside twinkle is getting ready.

Kunj comes out without shirt…in towel.
Twinkle glares at him at first then moves her eyes off him.
Kunj wears his shirt….and sees twinkle.
She is looking very pretty in her long floor length anarkali.
Suddenly kunj starts moving towards her…twinkle sees him coming in the mirror and gets surprised.
She turns and finds him really close to him….
Twinkle: Kkk…kkuu…kunjjjj.
Kunj keeps both hands on her waist and pulls her closer….she feels butterflies in her stomach.
Sajnave plays….they share an eye lock.
Kunj then slowly closes the zip of her dress which was the reason for him to get close….he bends towards her ears.
Kunj: Kam khaya ker….dekh ab to kapde bhi fatne lage hain(I know it’s a total copy of tei… But I luv this scene)

Twinkle pushes him away but her mangalsutra was stuck in his shirt button.
They both try releasing it and unknowingly twinkle holds kunjs hands.
They share an eye lock…. Sajnave plays
While removing the mangalsutra the button breaks.
Kunj: Haawww twinkle what did u do….now what will I wear.
Twinkle: What I did….we both were doing it Right…..and what’s the issue wear some other shirt.
Kunj: Woooww what an idea….u r so smart twinkle…. If I had another shirt why wud I be tensed… All the shirts are in the bags and bags are already down in the car and other shirts are gone for laundry.

Twinkle: Ohk wait don’t get angry… I’ll stitch the button.
Kunj: Ohhh really…u know to…??
Twinkle gives him a angry glare and brings the stitching material from her drawer.
She starts stitching the button and kunj eyes her lovingly…twinkle’s hair keep coming on her face and disturb her…kunj lovingly moves her hair back…she feel his touch and looks at him….sajnave plays.
Twinkle was looking at kunj and she got her finget pricked by the pin.
She shouted “aaauuuuccchhh”
Kunj quickly took her finger in his mouth and sucked the blood to stop the bleeding…. Agar tum saath ho plays.
Kunj: Tu koi kaam thik se nahi ker sakti na….uss din kaanch se chot lagali aur aaj iss suui/needle say.
Twinkle pulls her hand back.

Twinkle: Tumhare shirt ki button lag gayi hai ab chalo…..everyone is waiting down… We r late.
She turns to leave and smiles thinking about his concern for her.
They go down.
Twinj and yuhi take blessings of elders and leave for the airport.
In the car Twinj think about what happened in the room b4 leaving and smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP: At the airport twinkle collides with a man…..his tickets fall down she picks it up and is about to giving him bit gets shocked seeing him.

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A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 29


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 29

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