You,Me aur Hum FF Part 11

Recap..Madam distribute duties to studen..Mubeen throws red color on jasmene by mistake..They argue…

Today’s episode starts with…

( Madam asked all students who were given duties to gather in ground…All students were present there )

Madam : I am glad that my students are really hard working and done the duties very well…But there is on more favor I need from you guys..

Raqeeb : Please mam don’t say that we are doing favor by helping you its our duty and your right..

Jasmene in her mind : ( Ohh God kaha’n phass gai mei -_- 4 pm hone wale hain aur abhi bhi inko favor chahiye me school me parhne ai hun ya kisi office me job karney huhh )

Madam : I know that my students are helpful I just wanna get assured that my new student “Jasmene” is not uncomfortable with this..

( Jasmene was about to say something when huda comes forward and says )

Huda : Umm no not at all mam…She likes hlping others ( And jasmene gives her a look )

Madam : I am glad to hear that so the work is that there will be some trucks coming full of some decorative things in it.. All I want you guys to do is to take those things out of truck and help the peons to keep it in right places…

( All students in one voice said “OK mam” except jasmene )

Jasmene to huda : What the hell do you think I came here for ?

Yaseen interrupts them and says : Sorry jasmene I heard what you were asking from huda…And it seems that you are not comfortable with doing all this..Its ok you and huda can leave if you want we boys will do this work…and after all its tough work..

Samia : Excuse me…Tumhe kia lagta hai tough kaam hai toh girls bhaag jayengi aisye chorh kr never…henaw jasmene ?

Jasmene was bout to say something when mubeen omes between and says : Hahaha kis se sawaal kr rhi ho tum samia ? Yeh sabse pehle bhage gi ?

Jasmene gets angry and says : Ji nahi..I will do this work…If I can bear you Mr.Mubeen then I can bear anthing…huhh and she leaves form there..

( The students start their work and helped in putting the things ) 1 truck was unloaded and one was almost unloaded..Huda was about to get on the truck to bring soemthing but jasmene said )

Jasmene : Sona you go and take rest aaj k liye bohat kaam kar liye tumne ..ya phir jaa kr yaseen ki help krwa do and she winked ?

Huda : Hihihi okay J thnks. :*

( Jasmene got into truck and it was full of big sculptures and fancy stylish curtains and some other decorative thing…Jasmene was pulling something out when her foot got stuck in a cloth and she fell down…Mubeen was passing by the truck and saw a sculpture still there and decided to unload it..he was unable to see jasmene because she fell behind a big sculpture …Mubeen got into the truck and was about to get down when she heard someone saying )

: Ohh god what the hell is wrong with this jhalar type something…hushh leave my foott whatever you are called..

( when mubeen looked there it was jasmene and after some seconds mubeen realized that he had a smile on his face while he was watching jasmene talking to a non living thing…and after coming back to his sense he said )

Mubeen …Well I already told samia that you are not able to do anything…You should’ve asked madam to let you go home..

Jasmene…Excuse me would you please kindly stop this and help me..

Mubeen : And me tumhari madad kyo krunga ?
Jasmene : Kyo k tum ne mere upar rnag phenka tha mere kapre kharaab kiye toh uski penality toh bharni pregi na..

( Mubeen unwantedly forward his hand toward jasmene and she hold his hand and the time was paused there for a moment..he felt nothing but the desire to be with each other for their whole life ..Bg ( Tumhe apna bananey ka junoon sar pe hai kabse hai…( Female) Mujhe adat bana lo ikk buri kehna yeh tumse hai )

( Their eye lock was over when the heard someone closing the doors..Mubeen looked back and was about to go and ask the man to open he door but his foot also gets stuck in a cloth and he fall down near jasmene…)

Jasmene : Whoaa what the f**k..Agar tum ja nhi skte toh atleast awaaz de kr hi roko use..

Mubeen was shouting stop we are in here but it was useless cos the ruck was already moving and their voices were not able to reach to the driver..

Mubeen : Are you happy now ?

Jasmene looked at him while they both were trying to free their feet : What do you mean by that ?

Mubeen : Jabse ai ho meri life me kuch na kuch problem hi hui hai… tum bohat khush hogi na abb

Jasmene : O hello listen agr tumhe problems hui hai toh tumhari wajah se me bhi touble me phansti hun har baar..

Mubeen was in full anger and he shouted : Its enough don’t you dare to say a word tum ek baddimagh larki ho tum manhoos ho jbs emeri life me ai ho bass touble hi diya hai mujhe..

Jasmene was numb after hearing work ” Manhoos” A voice came into her mind…she went to flashback

An unknown woman was shouting : yeh larki manhoos hai humare liye…aap q utha laye isey…sab iski galti hai jo 11 saal pehle huva woh bhi or jo aaj huva woh bhi sun rhi ho na tum …tum manhoos ho..

( Jasmene’s eyes were filled with tears and she was lost in the flashback ..suddenly she came in her sense and angrily removed the jhalar from her foot and stood up and sat in a corner of the truck )

( The truck was running in full speed and suddenly driver applied break and the truck sopped..) ( The driver came down and mubeen realized that the driver may be hear his voice now..and he started to we are stuck in here helpppp…Jasmene was sitting there lost in the thoughts of her pas…she was unable to bear the scenes that were appearing in front of her eyes from her past so she closed her eyess…)

( The driver heard noises coming from the truck and opened the door and was shocked to see mubeen and jasmene there…)

Driver: Ay bacha tum dono yaha’n kese ?

Mubeen : Uncle we tried to tell you that we are stuck in here but we failed ..tell me where we are now ?

Driver : I will tell you first come down..

( Mubeen was about to jum down but looked at jasmene who was unaware of the fact that the door is opened…Mubeen asked her to come but she did not listen to him )

Mubeen : Tumhe sari zindagi yahi bethna hai toh betho me jaa raha hun

( And then jasmene realized that the door is opened she stood up and came out of the truck )

#At school

( Everybody realized that jasmene and mubeen are missing )

Huda : Where can she go ?

Yaseen : I don’t know we are also worried for mubeen ..

Bilal : See again jasmene and mubeen are missing together ..I’m sure there s something going on between them..

Raqeeb agrily…Will you please shut up we are really tensed right now..

#At dhaba

Mubeen: Uncle tell me what is this place ? where are we ?

Driver : Mera sir na khao ek toh galti se ander bnd ho gaye pta nhi kia kr rhey the ander or abb mujh pr ilzaam daloge k me le aya tumhe yaha’n

Mubeen : Nahi uncle aisy baat nhi woh hum samaan utaar rhe the orr..he was interrupted

Driver..Bass bass me janta hun tum jese lrka lrki ko jaha’n jagah milti hai wohii….this time mubeen interrupted him and said..

Mubeen : Mind your language .. We were stuck in there by mistake and you brought us here so you will take us back..

( Jasmene was silent all this time and was stnding lowering her eyes and folding her arms )

Drriver : Petrol tumhare baap ka hai jo me waps le kr jaungi chalo jao yaha’n se..

( The driver leaves them there gets in the truck and goes from there…)

Mubeen : Dekha kia ho gaya tumhare wajah se..Mera dimaagh kharaab ha tumhari help krne chala aya me…phass gaya me bhi tumhare sath..

Jasmene did not said anythign and was standing same ..

Mubeen looked ate her and started to think bout what to do…
The episode ends there…

Precap …… Maha epiosde….Jasmene wears bridal dress…Mubeen asks a woman to ready a room as its his and jasmene’s first night after wedding… A new entry is shown… And someone kidnapped samia………

Sorry for the short and late update.. I hope you will like this..Do comment and please stay tuned coz I will Post a Maha episode next time but date is not confirmed..But I will try to post as soon as I can..And yeah I request you all to please pray for me ..My exams are near :) I again hope you liked this episode…And must stay tune for the Maha episode… :)
Your unicorn girl : Jasmene :)

You,Me aur Hum FF Part 11


You,Me aur Hum FF Part 11


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