Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 9)

Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 9)

Manik was driving the car,while Nandu is beside him and last time Abhi wasn’t there..Manan were stealing glances from each other and he gestured a kiss towards her which made her shy..Nandini was starving now.She is making cute faces ans said to manik”Manik..I’m hungry..”lyk a 2 year kid..manik wanted to kiss her there itself..but controlled and said”Relax.I’m actually seeing for that only ..If I see any restaurant ,I’ll get food for u”kissing her palms..she also smiled at him,she saw the dhaba ..they were about to pass it then she shouted manik stop the car… and manik applied breaks suddenly ..and everyone were tensed nd manik asked her”wat happned..u ok na…y have u shouted…tell me..r u not feeling well”’he said in one breath but nandini replied”dhaba”in an exciting a kid who found a lost toy…Then manik shouted”What ..have u gone mad?u scared the hell out of me..for this” n disbelief and anger..Everyone are looking at them lyk as if a movie is being played but nandu just replied”I’m hungry..”with a cute pout…to which his anger melted..he then held her face said

“Ï know sweetheart but this dhaba isn’t healthy..”calmly and lovingly..But she removed his hands from her cheeks,crossed her arms around her ,looked staright and said”But I want to eat frm here only..”He tries to make her understand but she cut him in between and asked “R u coming or not?”ïn a stern voice.Finally he agreed knowing he can’t deny her and moreover he can’t see her starving..and it can lead to any disaster making his sweet lioness angry..she instantly hugged him with a wide smile..they were about to step out of the car,then immediately cabir said OH MY GOD…his eyes became big while others chuckled but manam were confused..Then manik asked”r u about to tell something?”Then cabir said”Ï don’t know that..”’.Then Nandu continued”THAT?…..”’Cabir continued”That someone can actually rule over manik malhotra”’smirking and laughed maniacally…Then manan shouted shutup cabir….and b4 u tell any more stupid jokes of urs lets go.. me..I thought today u r gonna get murdered by manik.
Cabir:yaar..mukti..believe me..when that monster is alone na,it’s dangerous but when that lioness is there with him na..nothing is dangerous than them and manik can b easily controlled..”everyone had some chit chat session and journey continued

As soon as they approached the dhaba everyone saw the country wide famous band coming,but manik didn’t pay any heed to anyone and went and sat at the place where he sat with nandu the b4 tym..FAB-4 were busy handling the crowd and asked the dhaba owner for some privacy..he and ppl agreed and all joined manik.Cabir called manik and said “let’s order something”sensing his restlessness..soon they ordered food and started eating..Then a small girl approached them ,put her hand on manik’s shoulder and said very cutely”U r that manik na…hu sings extremely well..?”this girl drew attention towards her..and a smile appeared on manik’s face..seeing her..very small with long hair ,wearing a beautiful red frock,lyk an angel…..So,he cupped her face in his hands,kissed on her forehead and said”Ha..Yes it’s me..Manik”’ the girl is very happy,jumped…clapped her hands in excitement without any bounds..which made all others smile even ,seeing him smile lyk that..

GIRL:”Üncle..pls…can u sing for me”she pleaded him..”Manik made her sit in his lap and said”Ofcourse I’ll sing for u,but tell me ur name..”he said smiling and the girl hit her head with her tiny hands and said”OFFO…mai bhi na..sorry …My name is ARSHIKA”manik was very happy with this girl..So even when the owner came forward to take her away,FAB-4 gestured him no….Meanwhile,Manik asked that girl”U r so small..but ur name is so big..”enacting the words childishly with his hands..Then arshika replied”The meaning of my name is who spreads happiness..who gives happiness”saying she smiled to the fullest but now manik’s smile started fading away and a weak smile appeared and he looked downwards remembering some moments:

Manik:nandini…u brought galore happiness in my life”she simply smiled,snuggled more into him,playing with his shirt button and said”You brought meaning to my life”to which he simply hugged her as he was touched.Then she said”u r just lyk ur name manik…a gem..I’ll treasurise u for my lifetime..”.Then manik said to her nandu..i don’t know the meaning of ur name”to which her face lost its glow,made an angry pout and said him”Seriously..u don’t know the meaning of my name mani…very means one who spreads happiness..who gives happiness..”to which he smiled and said I know and both fought with each other

bye for today..ignore typos…wait for nandu entry if u think she is alive..honest feedback required..suggestions r welcome..criticsm is accepted.nd from today u’ll get regular updates..and tomorrow i’ll b back with a good news .Thanks for ur love nd support

Meghna Adhithyan

Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 9)


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 9)

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