Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 18

Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 18

Soo my 17th update. Guys get ready for 4 surprise entries.
Its morning,
All are ready to go to Chennai. Manan Ishi Ishu are excited to meet their cousins.They got in the train.
Ruhi:Ishima ur cousins are there in Chennai?
Ishita:Yes beta.So many of them.My cousin sister Shagun(YHM) has come from London after soo many years with her hubby.
Ishu:Shagun di married? But when?
Manik:She has a kid now.Her shaadi wasnt so grand.She and Shikar (MATSH) jiju spend that Money on charity.
Nandu:Woow so sweet of them
Ishu:Yah. .
Rv:Ok can u guys plzz explain about ur cousins.
Ishi:I will explain
Nandu:No mee
Ishu:ok guys so its me…final

Rv:Ishita babhi u say.
Ishu-Nandu make puppy face.Manik-Raman busy eating carrot halwa made my Ishi. Mr and Mrs Murty are on the other side.Ruhi is in Rv’s lap.The boys are sitting on one side and girls on the other side.
Ishu:Ishi di Sid bhai will be there know?
Ishi:Sid bhai? Whose tht?
Nandu:She meant Dis bhai?
Ishi:Ohh yes he will be there actually all are planning his marriage.
Ishu:God! woh chance bi gaya (Missed tht chance also)
Rv (jelous):Ishi babi tell na.
Nandu understands :Something is frying in the pan.Bohat jal gaya I think (I think its burning).
Ishu and others laugh including Rv.
Ishi:Ok…I will explain abt my cousins.My cousin brother is Dis bhai.Actually his name is Abhimanyu.Iyer(Kyy).He is my moms youngr sisters son.And Nandish’s Papa’s Elder brothers Son.
Rv:Woow.what a relation.
Raman:Be with these madrasans for 1 month u can make me ur uncle.
Manik-Raman give hifi
Manik:But jiju dont underestimate us like tht ah.
Raman:Di ka chamcha
Ishi:S he is di ka chamcha u hav any problem.?
Raman:Oh gyan ke devi maaf karde (Oh god of lecture plzz forgive)

All laugh.
Ruhi:Ishi maa who is shagun aunty?
Ishi:Shagun is my cousin sister.She is also like me.She is married to a cricketer Mr.Shikar.Biljani.
Rv:Whaat shikar biljani? ? Oh god! I am his bigggg fan.
Ishu(proud):He is our jiju.
Ishita:yaah….And one more cousin is ther…
Manik:I will say about her.Her name is Mukti.Chauhan(Kyy). She is the best.She is our long relative.My moms brothers wife’s sisters daughter.
Rv-Raman:Manik u too.
Ishi:Manik is always like tht in case of Mukti.She is…
Manik:I will say…she is just like Ishu too much fun to be around. But has a Nandini side finds cutness in charity.But incase of food she is Ishi di.Actually Ishi di has taught her cooking.
Ruhi:Woow Ishima, Manik mamu, Ishu di and Nandu di.u ppl hav lots of cousins.Soo nice right Rv chachu?
Rv:Yaah…our only cousin is Cabir and Dhruv (Kyy).
Ishu:Whose Dhruv?
Rv: My papas sisters son.
Raman:Relations game is over can we play something.

Ruhi:Oh Papa! See even I am not feeling bored.
Raman:Even u mean we dont hav right to get bored or what?
Ruhi:This papa is unbelievable. All laugh.
Nandu:ok I hav a game…..we play tht n our NGO to test the kids gk.But we will play it in another way…
Ishi:Explain na.

Nandu:U can use the words like today, Party, is,are, What, About etc.But the sentence should contain a word from any films or u can even tell the full movie.Its like one will start the other will have to think something related to the first one.who pause for more than 10secs is out.
Rv:NGO rani is intelligent.
Manik:My Nandu is always intelligent.
Ishi:Acha my Nandu nd all…hmm….Karlo karlo.
Raman:Rv beta….are u planning for any My Ishu dialogue?
Ishveer blush.
Ranveer:Shut up bhai.
Ruhi:Oho these romance kings..lets play Ishu di.
Ruhi moves to Ishu’s lap.
Ishi:Ok first me……….Today is ki’s party.

Raman:Today is ka’s party.
Rv-Manik:What about kapoor and sons?
Ishu-Nandu:What about our Fan party?
Ishita:Chi…this game is quite stupid lets play antakshri girl v/s boys.
Boys:In train?
Ishu:yah…Ishi di we will play after reaching Chennai okay.
After few hours
Rv:Y do u call Abhimanyu Dis bhai?
Manik (Laughs):Thats because Abhi bhai’s gf is Mukti. Actually Mukti and Abhi bhai were school mates aftr which both fell in love.After mukti became his gf .she started calling him Darling Indian sweetheart.(DIS).
Rv:How stupid Darling Indian sweetheart?
Manik:Yaar…I was just kidding.He love Siddharth Malhotra(actor).And wants everybody to call him Sid bhai.And one day he was trying to make Vandu(YHM) di’s son shravan(YHM) say Sid.But shravu said Dis bhayya.
Rv laugh.

Rv:And who is Vandu?
Manik:Vandu di is Abhi’s sis.
Rv:Acha. U hav a very good family

Manik :First just meet them.they’re just awesome. But my uncles and auntys are opposite. The are too old fashioned not like my papa and Amma Abhi’s mom is really supportive.
Rv:So there is a tragic part to tis story?
Nandu (hearing all these):Yah….actually Romi bhai’s parents doesn’t like his doings like staying in Mumbai, Studying Ca and all.They are still angry at him.
Raman:So is Romi coming for our W.A rituals?
Ishi:Yahh…he is my first brother.So he should come.
Ishu:But sid bhai is also same age right?
Manik:Month difference.Romi is on Feb and Abhi on Nov.
They reach chennai the next day.Ishi’s mom was waiting there Ishi runs to hug her.
Laksmi:Ishi…meri Manu kaha hai (where is my Manik)
Manik:I am here.
The trio hug.Manik kiss his moms forehead.
Ishu:I missed u a lot amma.
Lakshmi:U missed me or my food?

Ramveer-Nandish take blessings.Ruhi hugs her nani.Laksmi kiss on her cheeks. All leave to Ishi’s house in an Audi and BMW.Rv-Raman haven’t seen their house in Chennai.Seeing 3cars infront of them they understood Ishu Manik Nandu and Ishi are wealthy.
Raman:U dont hav to do this doctor job right? I mean u hav 3 cars 1 big bungalow.
Ishi:These are all my papas and Ammas.After their death these will be Manik’s.But for ur self respect u will hav to work and earn.Didnt u notice how my mom is proud of mine and Manik’s decision?
Raman:I just cant stop loving u yaar.I mean u are so down-to-earth.I love u a lott.
Yhm music plays…

Precap:Romika, Mukhbi, Manan, Cavya, Ishra, Ishveer, Shakar meet.Fun with cousins.Antakshari, dumbsharads, Cricket. Ruhi fun with her cousins

Hope u all like it And btw @IshuRv actually I thought of some other plans but couldn’t match it with story line thts y made like this.And the twist story was just 4 fun.There is no twist and turns…sorry.What abt the surprise entry.Any guess who is Abhimanyu’s mother? Comment guyzz
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Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 18


Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 18

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