HURDLES a way to love (epi 10 ) short part

uys srry for the delay! As u all know my exams were on so I couldn’t post my ff. But from now I’ll be regular, I promise. Till my results aren’t out I’ll be online. After my results I don’t know where I’ll shift so I’ll be busy & I’ll be busy too with my entrance exams. So u all have to bear me till then……………….
& Guys this is holi special so enjoy!?
~~Sanskar’s POV~~

“No no Sanskar plz no… No more plz i’m tired! Plz”,she pleaded.
“No i’ll not listen u broke my favourite vase dear! How can i forgive u. Sanskar Maheshwari never forgives so easily!”
“Sanskar i’ll do whatever u say! But not this! Plz not now! Plz no more, im tired”, she tried melting me. But not today! I will not listen to her today!
She made me do all the rubbish, then broke my vase. I m surely gonna punish her today.
I came near her & kissed her hard till her lips got swollen. She pushed me now. “Swara u can’t escape today, i’ll do whatever i want”, i smiled evilly.
I tried kissing her again buttt…….
She slapped me. “Sanskar whats this i never ask u not to do so, i never said no to u!!!… But now ur crossing ur limits,…..”

“Don’t speak Sanskar! Is it what u want! I thought u loved me! But, but u are forcing me! Is it love or u want my soul ha????…… speak to me Sanskar??…… Do u want me or my beauty, my soul ha! I was tired so I……”
“Swara if its always about proving my love then i’m sorry! I have always proved it! So this tym i dont want it…. Just go to hell”, I said & went out.
~~Swara’s POV~~
I know that he loves me so much still i did this to him. How can I??…. But he was forcing him. I know how to convince him so Swara don’t worry! Ur the best!! Luv u so much Swara.
I was all thinking how to make his mood. Just then i heard some1 speak-
“Ragini we are leaving tommorow”, Laksh spoke.
“But why?? Its only 3days and ur talking about leaving? Thats not fair! We didn’t even shop properly! Moreover me & Kavita were making plan to shop & roam around tommorow.”
“Ya i know but tomorrow’s holi na?? We have to leave! Ma called me today & asked us to leave today itself but i said we’ll come tommorrow.”

“Acha! Ok then we have to go anyways… When should we leave??”
“Tommrw 6am sharp we hav our flight! So now pack our stuff & sleep we hav to get up early na????”
Ragini nodded & left……
I said to myself “ok then they r leaving! Finally! i’ll convince him”, i smiled as a naughty idea spark on my mind!
Guys really srry for the short update but i’m feeling sleepy….. I couldn’t write much but i promise i’ll write both my ff’s soon. My exms ended tody so i want to rest pls forgv me!
Guys i m thinking of ending my ff i mean hurdles its actually a short story i hate to drag a story too much…..

But if u all insists i’ll continue then i hv to think of new ideas! Plz guys i need ur ideas too pls gv ir precious comments. Also gv me suggestions.??

HURDLES a way to love (epi 10 ) short part


HURDLES a way to love (epi 10 ) short part


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