Destined To Be Mates Chapter 2

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Renesmee Cullen‘s POV
In Renesmee’s room-
I was sleeping peacefully in my room until the fourth alarm clock rang. I am fed up now; it’s the fourth time when my sleep is disturbed. I get up from the bed and start searching for the alarm clock. I am sure it’s uncle Em’s prank. He never let me get up peacefully on Sunday morning. I had found one clock on my side table other under my bed and the third one on my bed. It’s usually not difficult to find anything that has some sort of music, I just have to concentrate on the sound and bingo I can find its source. But on Sunday morning when I am very sleepy it’s difficult to locate the position of the clock. But I have to find the clock soon as its sound is annoying me. I close my eyes and concentrate harder and harder. Then my feet take me near the clock. Then suddenly I bump my head somewhere. I open my eyes to see with what I bump my head. I look at the door in front of me still rubbing my head. I am a half vampire so I can still feel the pain. It is my closet door. Seriously uncle Em, you choose my closet to hide that nasty alarm clock. Just wait and watch uncle Em how I take revenge from you. I open the door and find two alarm clocks instead of one. I run towards the clocks and switched them off. Uncle Em you don’t know with whom you have messed with. You will repent for your deed that is Renesmee Carlie Cullen’s promise. I pick those two clocks. I swiftly run out of my room and stand near the stair case. Without bothering that I am still in my night clothes. I look down to find Uncle Em. I find him sitting on the sofa, talking with Uncle Jazz. Without any delay I throw the clocks on him. He catches one of the clocks without even turning his face away from Uncle Jazz. But one clock still hit him. I don’t know how he gets to know that I am throwing the clock on him. Wait a minute maybe Uncle Jazz signalled him. Still I am happy that one clock hit him. I am laughing and I stick my tongue out at uncle Em. Suddenly I hear Uncle Jazz, Aunt Rose and Aunt Ali laughing.
Uncle Em stand up, he looks so angry that if he was human then he would have been red in anger and that would be much more funny and interesting to watch then this.
“Nessie, you are done now!!!” Uncle Em shouted.
Oh no!! I know what Uncle Em will do. He will tickle me. And it’s my greatest weakness. I should run, but where? I think I should go to my cottage. But Uncle Em’s is faster in running than me. What if he catches me before I go in the cottage? I think I should take the risk and if he will catch me then I will ask Aunt Rose to help me. She will never deny my request and Uncle Em will never deny her order. I hastily run down the stairs, towards the front door.
I hear Uncle Em saying “Nessie”. I keep my eyes down and continue to run. Suddenly I bump into someone.
“Renesmee, what happened? Where are you going?”
It’s my mom’s voice. Thank god mom and dad are here. Now they will save me from Uncle Em.
“Uncle Em Uncle Em” I said in a trembling voice. I pretended to be very scared.
“What Uncle Em Renesmee” My dad asked.
“He will tickle me” I said giving puppy dog eyes and a little pout.
I am sure that this cute look will definitely melt everyone’s heart even uncle Em’s too.

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Destined To Be Mates Chapter 2


Destined To Be Mates Chapter 2


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