Young love epi-15

Young love epi-15

Guys thnx for the support and my both ff have achieved somewhat new!!!one ff have came to 80 epi!!!!! and one more came to 15! and ek duje ke vaste on 14!.Thnx guys pls keep commenting

The episode starts ishaani and ranveer comes inside the studio.Ranveer suddenly disappears ishaani asks where is he? She tells him to come out or i will go out.Suddenly flowers fall on her.She looks on amused. She turns and finds nobody.

She enjoys by dancing ranveer records it in video and comes there to her and tells today we are going to enjoy the best……..Ishaani asks what? Ranveer tells nothing and brings her to telephone booth and tells now i have closed u so i need u.

Ishaani no. Ranveer tries to kiss her but she slaps but he kisses her and tries to leave. But she holds her shirt and pulls closer and kills Matsh bgm plays…..

Ishaani tries to leave from there but her sari gets stuck in door. Ranveer holds it and rolls and comes close to her and tells now u are alone and me too so let us have some fun.

She tells really!!!!!! But today is last from tmr u have to work hard and fullfill the promise.. He asks what? She tells u forgot it?? He tells i know i will put full gold on u ok…

Ishaani tells really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ranveer comes close to her Sanam re plays……..Ranveer kisses her and removes his coat and keeps aside.

Ranveer kisses on her shoulder and he comes near switch and off the lights ranveer lights the candle and comes close to ishaani and kisses her…..

Precap: Ranveer and ishaani hears some noise. Ishaani gets up and comes inside booth and gets ready.She wakes ranveer up and tells him to come. Ishaani gives all her jewels and tells him bring on his hand becoz her hand is paining…….

Thnx guys for u r support here i have completed 15 epi

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-15


Young love epi-15

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