Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st March 2016 –

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Savitri sits outside upset. She thinks that she is sure Rana ji must have little effect atleast on what she did. Rana ji will come to take her back, she must bring the true face of culprits in front of Rana ji and prove herself innocent. Rana ji comes out of the palace and says he wants only truth as the answer. Savitri says she will only tell the truth. Rana ji asks if she stole his ring. Savitri says no, she didn’t; but this is half truth. She says truth is sharp, it may cut him. Rana ji says he will bear it. Savitri says that the truth is that he was having severe ache in head, she took him to the bed and was helping him when Rajeshwari came there. She accused her of stealing his ring. Rana ji says justice isn’t done only through proofs, can she find the ring in the palace. Savitri says if he will be with her, he will find anything.
The door of the palace opens, Rana ji and Savitri enters the palace together. Rajeshwari comes to him and asks how he can bring her back to palace. She asks if he considers her to be liar. Rana ji says he doesn’t even consider her to be true, now he will decide about the truth and lie. Savitri says that she can prove her innocence by finding the ring in the palace, he will give her a chance. May be it has fallen somewhere. He calls the servants and tells them to close all the doors and window, no one will leave this place. Until Savitri finds the ring in the palace no one will either leave or come here. Rajeshwari was worried, she thinks she will never be able to reach the ring. Savitri was determined about reaching the ring.
Savitri calls from upstairs that she found Rana ji’s ring. She hands Rana ji the ring in the room and says it was below the pillow. Rana ji says to Rajeshwari that Savitri was right, she didn’t steal the ring. Rajeshwari says that this can’t be Rana ji’s ring. Rana ji asks why? Rana ji says he recognizes his ring, he asks Rajeshwari why she doesn’t appear to be happy. Rajeshwari was tesnsed. Rana ji apologizes Savitri for the wrong accusation, he keeps her on the job again and smiles at her. Rajeshwari leaves, Savitri only joins her hands in front of Rana ji.
Rajeshwari wonders how can it be that ring, she had kept the ring here by herself. She thinks that if the real ring is here, where was the fake one? Rana ji comes behind her and says that was a fake one. Rajeshwari was shocked. Rana ji says that to bring the truth to front one has to lie. Savitri told him that to prove her false accusation right she must have stolen, and after watching the fake ring she will go to see it on the right place. He asks Rajeshwari what she got with accusing someone falsely, why she did so. Kunwar ji was happy and says to Bari Rani Maa that Rajeshwari herself cut her feet. Rajeshwari apologizes and says she couldn’t bear this maid taking care of him. Rana ji says he is sad that his wife doesn’t trust him. Today she has given a proof of her low mentality. He tells Rajeshwari to apologize Savitri right here. Rajeshwari asks Rana ji if he knows what he is saying, she is a Rani and won’t apologize a maid. Rana ji curtly says he isn’t used to repeating himself, say sorry! Rajeshwari apologizes Savitri. Savitri joins her hands and leaves the room. Rana ji also leaves the room. Bari Rani Maa says to Rajeshwari that when one doesn’t know the alphabets of cunningness, she must not attempt to write a book. Rajeshwari says she will take revenge from this Savitri.
Outside, Savitri says to Rana ji that she had a teacher who taught her something. She wants to tell this to him today, she says Thankoo. He corrects her that it is Thank you. She says he went against his real wife that is the real justice. Rana ji says he only trusts her, everyone else is here for some motif. In the palace, everyone hides the full truth from him. She was about to keep a hand on his shoulder, but prevents herself. She suggests him a game, he says he accepts but on the condition that he will hear everything except about Raaj Mata and Gayatri.
Rajeshwari questions the servants serving food why they made it so late. Rajeshwari counts the menu on the tray and says she has to make up Rana ji today. Savitri comes there and asks who this is for. Rajeshwari says maids don’t question Ranis. Savitri says if she is taking it for Rana ji, she must take her along as well. Because when Rana ji will throw the tray on floor, a Rani never sweeps. Savitri says Rana ji has a tan one in his heart, he won’t look at the fair one. Rajeshwari asks what does that mean. Savitri says that Rana ji likes black coffee. She also tells Rajeshwari that he doesn’t like Indian breakfast but western one. Rajeshwari says she is his wife and knows about Rana ji’s choice and sends the breakfast to Rana ji’s room. Gayatri thinks that his wife only knows about Rana ji’s choice, Rajeshwari can never know about his choice.
Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji with his breakfast. Rana ji’s button had been broken, Rajeshwari says she will tuck it. He says he will wear another one. Rajeshwari asks if he will take the shirt off, or should she tuck it as such. He tells her to do it as such. The needle hurts Rana ji, he shouts at Ouch and tells her not to do something that she doesn’t know about. Rajeshwari says she brought him breakfast, he asks where Savitri is. Rajeshwari says in a wife’s presence why Savitri would bring breakfast. Rana ji looks at the tray and calls Savitri, she hurries inside. Rana ji asks what is this all, doesn’t she know what he has for breakfast. She says she knows, but Rani cooked breakfast for him. She gives him another tray, he exclaims it to be perfect.

PRECAP: The Hakeem tells Gayatri and Lakhan that the medicines given to Rana ji aren’t improving his condition but making it even worse, he will give a herb that will save Rana ji from any adverse effects by anything, but who will give the herb to Rana ji. Gayatri says she.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st March 2016 –


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st March 2016 –


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