Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 13

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 13

Recap: Shraddha knows akira’s past and they become friends.sherdha romance.


Sher wakes up and sees her lying on him.he smiles and leans to kiss her forehead but stops
Sher thinks:God I know I have done many sins and shouldn’t ask this from u but still I wish then if she knows my past then she shouldn’t be hurt and accept the reality.plz.

He kisses her forehead.shraddha wales up and smiles and says Gppd morning
Sher smiles at her as she never greeted him before
Sher:so u r trying to accept this relation?
Shraddha:so wts wrong in it?
Sher:nothing I like it.

He gets up and changes.
Shraddha too changes wearing her salwar suit with bangles and anklet.
Sher hugs her from back.
Sher:I beg u
Shraddha:for what?
Sher:stop being beautiful day by day
Shraddha laughs:why?
Sher:it makes me crazy.i cant control myself from coming closer to u.
Shraddha:then don’t control sher…

Sher is stunned by her answer.he feels the gaze of love from shraddha’s eyes.shraddha is slowly moving towards him.
Sher coughs and goes.
Shraddha:have I started feeling for him?

Akira meets sher who breaks the cup in his cabin
Akira:woho…why r u so angry??
Sher:no she shouldn’t fall for me.
Sher:yes…she shouldn’t…love doesnt exist in this world.its just betrayal.its nothing
Akira:everyone is not like her…u should trust shraddha…she is ur wife…she betrayed u but shraddha wont both are different….
Sher:I know…but I m a lifeless person shattered from inside.who takes sleeping pills to control his animal.i m an animal.u know everything.
Akira:time will change everything sher.also u and ur thoughts…I bet shraddha will change it….
Sher thinks about shraddha

Vikas enters
Vikas:hey bhaiyya
Sher:hi shraddha
Sher comes out of his senses while vikas and Akira burst out laugh
Akira:oh God…
Sher:what happened
Vikas:I think bhabhi has done magic on u u were calling me shraddha
Sher smiles.
Vikas:bhai I have a meeting in kolkota
Sher:yeah and I have to leave tonight
Vikas:bhai let us all go too for fun and masti

Sunehri comes
Sunehri:what’s up?
Sher:so u brought her vikas
Vikas laughs
Vikas:there is only one person in the world whom u will never say no…
Akira:ur sis sunehri

Sunehri smiles
Sunehri:bhaiyya plz…we all will go and bhabhi too
All smile and give hi five.

Sher goes home and asks shraddha to pack bags as they have to leave
Shraddha is happy as finally she is getting out of home after almost 1 month of marriage.
Sher:vikas and sunehri will go too
Shraddha:its good…i will have sunehri’s company too
Sher:and akira
Shraddha:yeah its good too…

Sher:don’t u have any problem?
Shraddha:no…she is my friend…why will I have a problem??
Sher sits on bed while she arranges his clothes
Sher takes her hand and pulls her towards him and she falls on him

Sher puts her lock behind her ears and she shuts her eyes
He kisses her forehead
Sher:u r so pretty…
She smiles

They hear a knock and disha is calling shraddha
Shraddha:u will apologize her
Shraddha:u behaved rudely with her and pushed her…u know how tight bond u share…plz apologize
Sher:sher Singh doesn’t apologize to anybody
Shraddha makes a pouty face
Shraddha:I will give u a gift if u apologize
Sher:what gift?
Shraddha picks him up
Shraddha:first u apologize then I will
Shraddha:pleeease Na…
He agrees

He hesitantly apologizes to disha who cries and hugs him
Sher reminisces his childhood moments with her who is taking care of sher.singing him duet and feeding him a glass of milk.
She hugs her back and a tear escapes his eye
Sher:I am sorry kaki.
Disha is taken aback and releases the hug and holds his face
Disha:never call me by name again.it hurts.after so long u called me kaki.
He nods and she kisses his forehead thanks shraddha and leaves.

Sher turns to shraddha and hugs her
He sighs
Sher:after so long I m feeling relaxed
Shraddha:I promise soon this feeling will become eternal.
He looks at her
Shraddha plants a kiss on his cheek
He smiles and sighs to take over his feeling of making love and goes.

All leave for kolkota.
Shraddha is enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and cool breeze.she smiles.and sher is happy to see her.
They reach and stay in hotel.they all take rest and get ready to attend a party at night.
Manager:sir mr and Mrs birat will come tomorrow
Sher quenches his fist in anger to hear the name
Sunehri holds his fist and vikas puts a hand on his shoulder
Akira sighs.

Shraddha wonders what is happening,she is dresses in a long white full sleeves gown.her hair are open.no body part I hers is exposed and she looks amazing….
A guy comes to her and asks for dance

Shraddha refuses immediately
All smile esp sher
Guy:its just a dance…cant u give this right to me baby?
Shraddha answers boldly:all rights on me are of my husband’s…
Sher smiles proudly
Shraddha holds sher’s hands.
Guy smirks and thinks sth and leaves

A voice echoes in sher’s mind
Girl:why r u so over reacting
Boy:u shouldn’t have danced with an unknown person.he was touching ur bare body seductively
Girl:haha…but I was enjoying
Boy:how can u say this?
Girl:what??He is a rich guy…a bachelor…anybody would want him…
Boy:u want him?
Girl:I want him to want me…
She laughs and boy is shocked…

Shraddha:sher what r u thinking?
Sher:u r really different from her…akira was right…
Shraddha:who is rani??
Sher:my wife….

And shraddha is shocked as if somebody threw a bomb on her…

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 13


Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 13

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