Spoilers — 21st March 2016

Spoilers — 21st March 2016


Raman and Ishita reach hotel room. Shanaya tries to woo Raman and get intimate with him. Raman is surprised. She dances on a romantic song and tries to woo Raman holding rose in her hand. Shanaya is determined to win Raman to show Niddhi. Niddhi gets jealous, and peeps in their room. She thinks how can Raman do this? Ishita will be successful and will make Niddhi lose. She will win her love and family.


Gaura and Kokila play with holi colors and are happy. Gaura puts holi colors on Kokila. They dance like old friends, but it is yet to be seen if everyone will be fine. Actually everyone comes to know about the good news that Vidya is pregnant. Kokila gets happy, thinks Ahem and Gopi will become grand parents. Gaura have invited Kokila and family to give them good news. Meera is also happy as her sister gives the good news and hopes good things will happen. There is a twist and suspense as usual. Dharam’s daughter will make an entry in the show and will slap Meera.

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Siya Ke Ram




Sadda Haq

Spoilers — 21st March 2016


Spoilers — 21st March 2016

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