Tu Mera Humsafar SwaSan FF ( Part 03)

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Tu Mera Humsafar

Part 03

In SwaSan Room

Its 5 in Evening n Swara was Still Sleeping Peacefully N Was Smiling too Remembering Sanskar’s Childish Behaviour.Jst then Sanskaar came Home n Entered His Room n Saw Swara Sleeping Peacefully n Smiling..He was Mesmerized seeing Swara Sleeping.Her Hairs were On Her Face wich was Increasing Her Beauty More.Sanskaar was Totally Lost in Her Beauty n was Feeling Like An Angel is Sleeping In His Room . Sanskaar came out of His Thot n saw that Swara’s Hairs was Disturbing Her n He also Saw Swara was Shivering in Cold n Saw the A/C n Switched Off the A/C N He Went Near Her Moved His Hands Slowly towards Her Face bt at the Same tym He was Scared n Nervous too coz He Never Touched a Girl Like this.Bt He Somehow Controlled His Fear coz He was nt able to See Swara in Disturbance n Moved Her Hairs Bak of Her Ears n Kept a Blanket Over Her n Went to Washroom to Freshen Up.Listening to Noises frm Washroom She Woke Up n Saw the A/C is Off n also Noticed She was Covered wid Blanket n Understood dat it was Done by Sanskaar n Smiled.She did nt Knw the Reason bt Still She Felt Good seeing Sanskaar Caring fr Her.

Jst then Sanskaar Came Out of Washroom wid Wet Towel n was abt to Put on Bed bt was Intrepruped by Swara n Gave a Angry Look.

Swara : Roko Sanskaar ( Gets Up n Goes near Sanskaar )….wat r u doing ??

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) wat do u mean by wat m doing ?? M Keeping the Wet Towel under da Fan to get it Dry

Swara : Chii..who keeps the Towel on Bed Sanskaar to get it Dry..u have a Balcony in ur Room na..u cn Keep their fr Drying.

Sanskaar : Haa Swara i knw Balcony is there bt i feel Lazy to go there n Dry it..i feel too Lazy after coming frm Wrk .

Swara : hw cn u feel Lazy Sanskaar..u r nt a Kid nw..frm tomorrow u will Dry ur Towel in the Balcony..understood ??

Sanskaar : Per Kyoun ? Wats Wrong in Drying On Bed ??

Swara : Dnt Argue Sanskaar..n its nt only abt ur Towel..its da Matter of ur Overall Habits..frm tomorrow u will have to Follow a Strict Plan told by me…understood ??

Sanskaar : wat ?? Plan ?? U mean ki Instructions? ?

Swara : Yes Mr Maheshwari. .u r ryt…so listen wat Instructions u have to follow frm Tomorrow..so here r ur Instructions ..

Sanskaar : Noo Swara plzzz..i cnt Obey the Instructions..Mom also tried to chng me bt she failed.so m telling u,u will also Fail..so better dnt try this..plzzz

Swara : No Sanskaar..u have to Follow it Means u have to..no other Option is therefr u…n so wat If Mom Failed it doesnt mean i will too Fail..m sure i will b able to chng u in 1 Month..anywyz leave all this n Listen u r Instructions…so here u r wid ur Instructions :

1) Ur Woren Clothes shud b kept in da Washing othes Basket or Hang it in the Washroom itself..n no other Place is Allowed fr ur Woren Clothes.

2) Ur Belongings shud b kept on ur Side Table or on the dressing table..

3) U shud remember to Take ur Things wid u without Fogetting it..

4) u shud do ur wrk urself n dnt Disturb Ramu Kaka fr Small things…u cn tell me if u want bt dnt Disturb Kaka fr Silly things..

Swara Continues wid Her List of Instructions Wich shud b Followed by Sanskaar at any Cost…

Sanskaar by Listening to all these Rules n Instructions got Worried n Tensed n Confused.

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Swaaraa..wait a min…These many rules…ohhh God…Mom also Never told me these many Rules n u r toh Shooting all the Rules n Instructions on me..

Swara : So Wat ?? Frm nw u have to Follow these Instructions..n No More Questions…I Wonder Hw Ramu Kaka used to Manage u n ur Routine…i was really Tired by Cleaning the Mess u had Done in Afternoon…it was Horrible Sanskaar…

Sanskaar : ( Feels Good dat Someone Cares abt Him n His Habits ) Swara u r really Gr8…no one Scolded Me like this b4 fr my these deeds bt u r behaving like a Typical Wife 2nd Day itself…hmmm nyc..

Sanskaar Realized wat He told wen He Saw Swara Feeling Uncomfortable n Awkward..

Sanskaar : Oohh M Really Sorry…i did nt Mean to Hurt u…m Really Sorry.. (Feeling Guilty ) i did nt Realize only wat i said…m really Sorry Swara..Plzz Forgive Me..

Swara : Its ok Sanskaar…np..m fyn.. ( Strange Feeling ) accha come lets go..its tym fr Dinner..Everyone myt b waiting fr us..

Sanskaar : Pakka Na ?? U did nt feel bad..

Swara : Haa Pakka..abb chalo..

Sanskaar : Haa come lets go..

They Left fr Dinner Downstairs..Swara was abt to go Kitchen to Help AP n Sujata fr Dinner wen Suddenly She Slipped frm Step bt Sanskaar on Nick of Tym Holds n Saves Her.Both have an Intense Eyelock fr Sometym.

Dilon Ki Mohabbat Ko Baandhe Kyun Haaye Re
Dilon Ki Mohabbat Ko Baandhe Kyun Haaye Re
Hain Kyun Faasley Darmiyaan Leke Aaye Re
Hain Kyun Faasley Darmiyaan Leke Aaye Re
Kaanch Ke Wo Khwab Naazuk The Humare Saare
Chhoone Se Hi Tootne Lage
Mannaton Mein Umr Bhar Ka Sath Jinka Manga
Humsafar Wo Chhootne Lage
Na Marna Munasib Jiya Bhi Naa Jaaye Re
Na Marna Munasib Jiya Bhi Naa Jaaye Re Haye Re
Oo…Na Na..

Sujata n AP came out of Kitchen n Saw the Scene n Sujata was Happy bt where as AP was Sad n Regretting fr Loosing a DIL like Swara.

Sujata : Haaye…kitne pyaare lagrahe hai..i hope my ( Looks at AP ) Son n DIL shud nt b affected by any Evil Eyes..

AP : ( Sad ) Yes Sujata u r ryt…May God Bless them..

SwaSan were Still Continuing their EyeLock n Were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes wen Uttara who was Coming frm Her Room Saw this n Gets an Idea to Tease.

Uttara : ( Goes Near SwaSan Slowly n Stands Near Dem,SwaSan were totally Lost in Eachother’s Eyes dat they did nt Realize Uttara eas Standing Near them ) Bhoo…

SwaSan came in their Senses n Realizes their Position n Parted Themselves frm Eachother n were Embarrassed as Entire MM Ppl bt except DP n RP rest all saw them in this State..

Uttara : Offoo..My Bhai n Bhabhi r having an Eye Lock haa..Good Good Carry On…No One will Disturb u bt its better dat u Guys do all these in Ur Room by Locking the Room ( Laughs Teasingly )

SwaSan were Embarrassed n were Speechless.

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed ) Shut Up Uttara…dnt u have Manners hw to talk to ur Elders.

Uttara : I Have Bhai by seems like Newly Married Couple Dnt have..dats y u guys were Romancing in Middle of the Stairs where everyone cud see u infact Saw u .. ( Laughs Teasingly )

Sanskaar was Angry n Ran Behind Uttara to Teach Her a Lesson.The Bro n Sis Jodi ran around whole MM n Enjoyed..

Sanskaar : Uttara ki Bacchi..u wait nw..i will teach u some Manners nw..

Uttara : Ok Bhai..Catch me if u cn..

They Continued Running fr some tym more .Everyone including Swara was Enjoying the Scenario of Bro n Sis n She Strtd to walk to go to Dinning Area wen Suddenly she was abt to Slip Agn bt Agn on Nick of Tym Sanskaar Came n Saved Her..They agn had an EyeLock fr sometym bt was Disturbed by Sujata as RP n DP were coming fr Dinner..

Sujata : Ahem Ahem…if u both r done wid ur Romance dem Come down fr Dinner..Bhaisa n ur Dad myt come anytym..

SwaSan Broke the EyeLock n Parted Themselves n were agn Embarrassed.

Swara : ( Keeps Her Hairs Behind Her Ears n Her Eyes r Down in Shyness ) Haa Maa Coming…

Sanskaar : ( Feels Embarrassed too ) Coming Mom..

SwaSan Went Down towards Dinning Area n Waited fr DP n RP to Strt the Dinner.The Two Main Men came down fr Dinner n DP ordered others to have a Sit n To Strt their Dinner.Uttara was Still in Masti Mood so thot to Tease Her Bhain Bhabhi agn..

Uttara : ( Sees Sanskaar se n Swara Naughty ) Waise Bhai Seems like u have Practiced Hw to Hold someone wen they r abt to Slip frm Stairs ryt..

Sanskaar n Swara who were Having their Dinner Listening to Uttara’s Talk Coughed Suddenly n Food wich they took in Mouth came out n Stared Uttara Angrily. Sanskaaer was Fuming in Anger n Embarrassment.Where as Swara on the Other Hand was enjoying the Teasing n Blushes Lytly..

DP n RP were Confused bt AP n Sujata were Smiling n Laughing frm Inside n Understood Uttara’s Plan n stared at SwaSan Teasingly

DP : Wat r u Talking Uttara ?? Whom did Sanskaar Hold n who was abt to Fall frm Stairs ?

Uttara : ( Looks at Sanskaar Naughtily ) woh Bade Papa..Actually na Bhai n Bhabhi we’re coming Down so Bhabhi’s Leg Slipped frm Stairs n she was abt to Fall bt Bhai Saved her..ryt Bhai ( Winks at Sanskaar )

DP : ( Worried ) wat ?? R u Fyn Swara Beta ?? Did u get Hurt ??

Swara : No Bade Papa..m fyn..( Looks at Sanskaar ) Ssanskaar Saved me..so m fyn nw..

DP : Thnk God..ok Eat n Go n take rest Beta..

Swara : Jee Bade Papa.

Uttara who Teased SwaSan was Smiling Naughtily at their Expressions . Sanskaar looked Angrily at Uttara..Everyone Finished their Dinner n All the Three Men went to their respective Rooms whereas 3 Ladies i.e Sujata AP n Swara Cleaned the Table n Were bzy Winding Up the Kitchen.Wheread Uttara Teased Swara agn..

Uttara : Bhabhi hw was the Experience of Falling n to b Saved by ur Husband haa ? ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Blushes bt Outwitd Uttara ) Well Uttara u cn knw the Feelings wen u r Saved by ur Husband in the Same Way..seems like u knw wanna knw it asap..so ( Looks at Sujata ) Maa lets strt Searching Proposal ls fr Our Uttara ( Looks at Uttara Wid a Outwit Smile ) Ryt Uttara ??

Uttara : ( Shocked n Nervous ) No No Bhabhi. .i was jst Kidding..M Sorry ha..accha m going i remember i have some College Wrk..so bye Good Night Bhabhi. .

Saying this Uttara Left Kitchen in Shock fr Her Room.Seeing Uttara’s Reaction The Three Ladies Burst Out Laughing n Enjoyed Uttara’s Expressions.Soon They Finished the Kitchen Wrk n went to their Respective Rooms.

In SwaSan Room

Sanskaar was Preparing the Bed to Sleep wen Swara Entered the Room n was Feeling Weird to Face Sanskaar Aloneafter the Recent Incident . Sanskaar Notices it n Apologised Swara fr Uttara’s Childishness.

Sanskaar : Woh m Sorry Swara..wat ever Uttara did was Her Childishness as she is nt Aware abt the Reason Behind our Marriage..She is Still a Child..so plzz Forgive Her..I Promise she wont Repeat such Stupidity agn..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Uttara is Childish Same Like Her Elder Brother..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat ??

Swara : ( Laughs ) Haa Sanskaar..srsly Uttara has Gone on u Completely..She was Teasing me Agn in Kitchen infront of Maa n Badi Maa..bt her Smartness went as i used her Own Trick on Her by Suggesting to strt Searching Proposals fr her.

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat r u Serous ?? U Outwittef Uttara..i cnt Believe it..she teases everyone in such a way dat no one is able to Reply Her Teasingness..bt if u did it den u r srsly Genius Swara..

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ohh I cc..bt Sanskaar Uttara is really soo Sweet..I wished i had a Sis too.. ( Sad )

Sanskaar : Its Ok Swara..Uttara is ur Sis Also.u cn share anything wid Her. She seems Childish bt She is Very Clear n Understandable too..Feel Free to Share anything Wid Her ( Comes Near Swara’s Ears N Whispers Something ) u cn even take Love Tips too frm Uttara..she is Expert in that ( Winks at Swara )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Srsly ?? Ohh God..hmm nyc…

SwaSan Looked at eachother fr Sometym n den Broke the Eyelock n went to Sleep as they were Really Rired.As Decided Turn by Turn Swara Slept on Couch n Sanskaar Slept on Bed.Both Wished Eachother Good Night n Doze Off as they were Really Rired.

Swara : ( Smiles ) Good Night. .

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Bak ) Good Night..

Sanskaar Switches the Light Off n Goes to Sleep while Staring Swara Lovingly who was Alrdy Fast Asleep.He Smiled Looking Her Beauty n Innocence while Sleeping..

Teri Aahaton Mein Jee Lunga
Teri Chaahaton Mein Jee Lunga
Jo Paa Ke Bhi Naa Paa Sakoon
Teri Dhadkanon Mein Jee Lunga
Phir Har Ghadi Ye Dil Tera Kyon Dekhe Mujhe
Ki Do Jahaan Ko Paa Liya Ho
Paa Ke Tujhe Main Khoya Khoya
Mann Khoya Khoya
Jo Paaya Tujhe
Main Khoya Khoya
Ho Khoya Khoya..


Precap : Swara Strts Feeling fr Sanskaar.


So Guyz This was da 3rd Part of Tu Mera Humsafar. Hope U Liked it.Do Leave ur Comments in the Comment Box Below :).


Tu Mera Humsafar SwaSan FF ( Part 03)


Tu Mera Humsafar SwaSan FF ( Part 03)


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