All alone ragini last episode

All alone ragini last episode

Ragini and sanskar were sitting near kids and caring them ..
Ragini:-they were growing so fast na sanskar they started protecting their sisters also..
Sanskar:-after all ananya went on u no one can be without loving her..
Ragini smiles and says then akash went on u who takes care of their loved ones..
Sanskar:-so we both were completed in the form of kids..

Sanskar hugs ragini and she rests her head on his chest…

Ragini pov….
You made my life beautifull sanskar your love towards be is undefineble u gave me two wonderfull kids and gave a wonderfull feeling of being a complete women..
I want to die in your hands like this and i want u only as my husband lover and everything in all my birth You were the person who understand by seeing my eyes you were the person who understand my pain when no one does you were my life i too dont knew when i fallen in love with you so much that i forgot my own self and bacame one in you..
And says loudly
I love you sanskar…

Sanskar pov…
Hmm wat to say about you …u Were my life my heart everything
When first time i saw u first time i felt that i was born to love you..
When i saw tears in your eyes i thought i was born to wipe that tears ..
And i realised i was a real man when i made love with u by respecting our souls and for that you gave me a two precious gifts to me ..
When were i see them and these two are vitness for our love ……
I want u as my wife ,lover,frd ,well wisher and everything in my life in short i want u all in all my 7 births if its more then i want to all in all my births…
Sanskar looks at ragini and says i love u too..

And kisses her forehead..

And frds this is end of my story i knew many of u may be disappointed but i was out my Ideas and if love stories should also be short and sweet .
I love you all for liking my ff..
As i am ending this ..
But i already started my 2 new ff..

Dosti and dil..
Family bonding..
Two were complete new stories.
Thank u all for encouraging me and commenting me and a big thanks to silent readers

All alone ragini last episode


All alone ragini last episode

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