A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 13)

Episode 13
The episode start with Aanoor hugging then aayan separate mahi from him and said
Aayan:I’m sorry mahi please don’t cry I can’t see u like this saying this he wipe her tears and mahi who was looking down said
Mahi: no I’m sorry aayan I should’ve listen to u I should’ve believed u but I promised now I will always trust u and will always believed u I will do whatever u want and I will do everything to make u believe I trust u promised I won’t even asked anything from u I’ll be a good wife a
I’ll fulfill ur every wish I promised I’ll never ever refused u for anything I’ll never make u angry and I wouldn’t even get angry on u if u think I never let u come close because I don’t trust u then I promise I won’t ever stop u but please don’t ignore me don’t leave me alone I feel very scared alone I don’t want to stay alone please saying this she cried even more and aayan was guilty because he said that before and he feel like he try to force her and that feeling hurt him and he said
Aayan:mahi I’m sorry I didn’t mean it I know u need time and that moment I was angry and that’s why I just said that trust me I never ever mean it I don’t want to force u for anything and I promise I won’t leave u alone ever again saying this he wipe her tears and mahi hug him tightly and said
Mahi:thank u Aayan thank u so much for forgiving me
Aayan:I’m sorry mahi for hurting u so much I really am sorry saying this he hug her even more tightly and both stood there for sometime then aayan said
Aayan:now let’s have dinner come
Mahi:yeah let’s go I’m hungry saying this mahi hold aayan’s hand smilingly and aayan smile then both had dinner and talked for sometime and then both came in room to sleep aayan change and lie down on bed and then mahi also came and lie down aayan’s back were facing mahi she thought what to do then an idea came in her mind she pat on his shoulder he turn and mahi hug him and said
Mahi:r u still angry
Aayan:no mahi saying this he hug her back and mahi said
Mahi:but u r not like u were
Aayan:its noting like that mahi
Mahi:ok then u r tired
Aayan:yeah yeah I’m just tired and nothing else
Mahi felt aayan is lying but didn’t said anything and tighten her grip on him and both fall asleep

In Middle Of The Night
Aayan saw mahi sleeping he put her on pillow gently and get up from bed he came in balcony and stare the sky suddenly tears start flowing from his eyes he lower his face and cried then said to himself
Aayan:how can I do this to mahi she loved me so much and what I did I shouted on her I left her alone I ignored her how unwanted she must’ve felt how bad she must’ve felt when I said all those harsh words to her how can I say that she don’t love me just because she didn’t allow me to make her mine completely she must be thinking I’m so much selfish I’m such a bl**dy jerk I’m hate myself how can I do this to her even after doing so much she forgive me so easily saying this he cried and suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder he turn and saw mahi standing there having tears in her eyes aayan turn he immediately wipe his tears and turn to mahi and said
Aayan:what r u doing here mahi u were sleeping na its late we should sleep now let’s go inside saying this he was going in but mahi hold his hand and said
Mahi:u r still thinking about it na u didn’t forgive me yet
Aayan:mahi its cold outside let’s go in
Mahi:no I won’t come in until u won’t tell me u r still upset
Aayan:no mahi its nothing like that and it was my fault so u r the one who have the right to forgive and I’m thankful that u forgive me that to so easily
Mahi:no aayan it was not ur fault completely it was my fault too but u didn’t forgive me yet
Aayan:no mahi I’m not angry with u at all
Mahi:then why r u so upset why r u blaming urself
Aayan:because I’m at fault mahi I shouldn’t have said what I said
Mahi:no its nothing like that u r not at fault at all
Aayan:mahi u should be angry with me u shouldn’t forgive me this easily
Mahi:why aayan if u can then even I should na
Aayan:I forgive because its not really ur fault
Mahi:same like that it not ur fault really its the situation that is at fault
Aayan:no its my fault
Mahi:ok fine it is ur fault na then I’ll leave u because u don’t want to be with me
Aayan:no mahi don’t do like this
Mahi:I’ll and I’m going because u r not my aayan he is not like u r if he think I’m angry or upset he would make me smile he would stay near me to make me feel good but look at u u r just running away from me because u r not my aayan u r not the person I loved he would love me u know what my aayan used to do he used to pull me closer and til I don’t forgive him he didn’t leave me he’s not like u but u did because u don’t want me right so I’m going
Aayan:mahi no I’m sorry
Mahi:no I won’t talk to u till u don’t become like my aayan and for that u have to think how u were like and right now I’m going to sleep because I’m feeling sleepy saying this mahi came in and lie down on bed aayan also came behind her and lie down on bed behind her after sometime aayan get little closer to mahi and said
Aayan:r u sleeping
Mahi:no why
Aayan:how I was before
Mahi:think by urself I can just give u hint
Aayan:so give me
Mahi:like u were when we got married now think how u were
Aayan: do u mean like I was in our short honeymoon trip
Mahi smile but as mahi’s back was facing aayan he didn’t see and then mahi said
Mahi:I already had give u ur hint now let me sleep saying this she switch off the lights and aayan smile because he knew he is right then he hug mahi from behind and said
Aayan:sorry babe
Mahi:not so easily this time u want me to be angry na so now do some hard work and for now good night
Aayan:ok good night saying this aayan tighten his grip and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Morning
mahi get up and saw aayan sleeping she was in his arms she smile and said
Mahi:u look sho sweet but only while sleeping now see how I’ll make u mad this time I won’t leave u easily as u said so I’ll make u do hard work to get me saying this she kiss his forehead and was getting up but was stop in mid she turn and saw aayan smiling and then he pull her closer and said
Aayan:u don’t need to make me mad because u already had made me mad for u babe saying this he pull her even more closer and mahi said
Mahi:what r u doing aayan
Aayan:u said na u want old aayan and u also said when u had to get angry I used to pull u closer and till u don’t forgive i used to hold u closer so I’m doing the same
Mahi:aayan please let go u r not getting late today for office
Aayan:I’m thinking not to go
Aayan:just like that I’m thinking to spend sometime with my s*xy wife
Mahi:but ur wife is not in mode saying this she push aayan and get up from bed aayan also get up and stand in front of her and said
Aayan:please babe
Mahi:no saying this she walk toward washroom and turn to aayan who was standing making a sad face he looked at mahi and mahi start laughing seeing him aayan smile and stare mahi lovingly mahi gone in washroom and aayan thought something and came down he thought to make bf for mahi but don’t know how to cook but still he tried he was making tea when mahi came down and saw aayan making tea and while making he burned his right hand and shout in pain
Mahi immediately run to him and took his hand in her and said
Mahi:aayan what’s the need to cook when u don’t know cooking look ur hand is burned so badly it must be paining so much suddenly aayan felt something he make mahi look at him and saw tears in her eyes aayan wipe her tears and said
Aayan:babe why r u crying
Mahi:ur hand is burned so badly
Aayan:awww my babe is crying for me saying this he hug her and mahi hug him back and said
Mahi:come I’ll apply ointment saying this she took aayan in room and applied ointment while applying she said
Mahi:why did u try to cook when u don’t know
Aayan:for u I thought to give u some rest and it will decrease ur work
Mahi stare Aayan lovingly and Aayan said
Aayan:but I increased it even more I’m sorry
Mahi:no its ok
Aayan:thank u
Mahi:now u take rest I’ll make the bf saying this she left and came down to make bf she made bf and it was aayan’s fav bf she came inside and saw aayan was looking their photos its was all the photos before marriage and after marriage mahi put the bf on table and sit beside aayan he saw mahi and then both saw their photos and remembered their moments then mahi said
Mahi:god look in this we forgot to have bf come let’s have bf saying this Aanoor came and sat on bed as aayan’s hand was burned mahi make him eat with her hand and Aayan thank her for making his fav bf then mahi asked aayan not to go office as his hand is burned but Aayan said he is fine and left for office but by mistaken Aayan took mahi’s phone and left his in home as their phone is same mahi took the phone and was seeing their videos and realize that its aayan’s phone she was about to put it back but by mistaken her hand touch one video and it start playing and mahi was shocked to hear siya’s voice mahi took the phone on her hand and saw it was the video when siya was confessing that she created the misunderstanding between Aanoor and aayan hide the truth just to save mahi’s heart from breaking and he was right that he didn’t betrayed her mahi was shocked she was feeling so much guilty that she didn’t believed him before and he was always right and she also starting thinking that maybe in Tia’s case also aayan is right she cried a lot thinking whatever aayan said in the video and what all he did for her till now

Next Episode:Aayan’s Surprise For Mahi ?
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 13th episode and yeah I wanted to tell u that only 2 episodes are left and after its end I’m starting the new story “Desires” which intro is already posted so don’t be sad and tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 13)


A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 13)


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