Never let u go (Chpt 3)

Never let u go..
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Chapter 3
Radhika’s intro

Radhika Raghav Mishra. Born and brought in Mumbai belongs to a upper middle class family. Her father is well known doctor in his field. But he is a man of discipline and having quite traditional thinking. Radhika Has younger brother named Ankush who is pursuing his MBBS.
Radhika is extremely beautiful, so much so that no one could ever get tired of looking at her. She is like a hot summer’s day which could make anyone sweat. She was not a fashion freak, but knew how to carry herself gracefully. The dimples on her cheeks could give any Miss World a tough competition. Not only does she possess looks to die for, she also had equally sharp brains which made her an instant hit wherever she went. She had done her graduation in arts and immense interesting creative work in art and craft..She is girl with full positivity though a storm hit her ( a past incident in her life) still she looking positively toward life. Now she got chance to go to Australia where a NGO working for Orphan kids hire her to teach children art and craft..

Arjun ‘s Intro
Arjun is a Mumbaikar who lived for and with his Dad. He was working with Mehra Internationals as a managing director under his father. He has a charming personality and his looks would make any girl go crazy. His intelligence and style always made him favorite among the girls. He is very caring and possessive about his dad. Everyone wondered how a guy like him is single. But truth is that he didn’t believe on any women because his mother left his father and married to another person. He had seen his father in pain. He had simply decided to concentrate on business and do not let anyone to reach up to his deep pain. Neil is probably his only best friend with whom he relived and shared everything.

Now going toward the story…
A week After Aradhika reached Australia.
At Sam’s Apartment..
Sam is best friend of Radhika who works for IT firm in Australia.
“Sam…please wake up na…still u r sleeping this late…see what is the time…” Radhika said annoying while making sam to wake up..
“ Radhika please let me sleep other days I have to wake up early so today I want to sleep….” Sam whispered in half sleep..
“ Please Sam… I wanted to talk to you….About something important..” Radhika
Sam gets up from bed with jerk… “ What happened Chashni??” sam said in tension.
“ Sam I have talked to Mrs. Sonali a head of NGO.. she told that I could take classes only on Sundays because other days kids r busy in academics…” Radhika
“ ohh then whats the problem in that my will get time for urself na then” Sam sigh n go to bed again..
“ Sam please listen to whole thing…so I decided to work on other days ….please suggest some job openings suited for my skills…” Radhika with anxiously..
“Oh my darling chashni…This is the small thing which bothering you for that u disturbed my sleep…I will call Neil….In his Ad firm you will get a job related to your creativity skills…Now Relaxed…” Sam says with smile..
“ OMG sam Thanks Buddyyy….” Radhika Hugs Sam tightly…
“ Thappad Khana hai?? Beware if you say thanks in future..This time m forgiving you…” Sam with fake anger..
“ Okay baba…I will never say Thanks..but who is this Neil? Huhh??” radhika pinch sam n started to teasing her..
“ Not like that yarrr..i have met him few months back in get-together arranged by Indian community over here…I think he likes me…we see in future what will for now he is good friend of mine” sam says blushing with smile..
“ Okay lets go chashni Get ready fast..we have to Go” Sam says running toward the bathroom.
“ Where r we going Sam?”Rads in surprised..
“ for shopping and some Mastii…chashni Today is Saturday…so will go to club for saturday Night….babe time to enjoy…okay enough of this talk…Get ready fast” Sam says while entering in bathroom…

Bird Song Office, Techno park, Australia
Arjun’s Cabin
Arjun working on his laptop. Like really busy in his work..
Neil lying on couch and looking at Arjun bewilder….
“hey Bro, what is this? What are you up to? ” Neil giving pissed off look.
“ What?” Arjun without raising his head from laptop says..
“ you on your holiday…Normal people enjoy on their holidays n you are putting ur head in this bl**dy laptop” Neil with angry look.
“ Okay mere Bhai…What you wants me to do?” Arjun looks at Neil..
“ We are going to “ Thrive” happening disc in Sydney…bro its Saturday night…time to drink and dance” Neil says making dance move.
“ Neil ur mind is always full of this thing dance n drink….I know whatever I say u will not let me do any work….sooo” Arjun stopped for a min…. “ so get ready we r going to “Thrive”…..Arjun completes his sentence.
Neil looks in sudden shocked..”What?’” “ you are ready to go”…Neil hug him….” I guess today sun raised from east”
“ Dramebaaz chalo…Lets move “ Arjun..
It was Saturday night and the disc as crowded as Local trains in Mumbai. It was full of youth chilling and dancing on peppy song played by DJ and already pissed drink.
When Sam and Radhika entered the disc, the scene was no different.
It was typical Thrive weekend night. Smoke filled the air and the ppl were grooving madly to the latest songs being played by DJ. Sam ordered a drink for Radhika and herself.
Arjun and Neil too entered the disc…
“ oooooooo full on masti is on bro…lets njoy the night “ Neil takes two bottles from counter and give one to Arjun and went to the dance floor pulling Arjun with him..
Sam got a call from office and she excused herself and went outside, as it is impossible to answer call in this much loud music playing in background.
Radhika is standing near bar table and busy dancing…
Suddenly arrangements of lights changes and it turns yellowish creamy…
While dancing Arjun’s eyes blinks due to light changing and fell on girl Dancing near Bar Table.
For moment he gets stunned by seeing her beauty. He thought she was most gorgeous girl present in the disc. Her black sequined dress was shining in dim yellow lights and her skin glowing like a star. Her colossal filled black eyes had that much sparkle to seduce anyone. Her eyes twinkled and glittered, her lips were luscious and glossy. Her smile was enough to lighten up the disc.
Arjun unable to take his eyes off from her…She has something that Arjun gets attracted toward her…
“ Arjun what happened? Y u stopped dancing?” Neil interrupted Arjun..
Arjun turn toward Neil and say “ Nothing Bro”
And again he turn to find the girl but other girl dragging her toward exit saying “ Radhika we need to leave got imp work in office”
Arjun Whispered “ RADHIKA!!”

Next Chapter: A Interview Between Aradhika

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Never let u go (Chpt 3)


Never let u go (Chpt 3)


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