Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-78-79

The episode starts with Ishaani gets ready as a maid at home and comes near the house and sees her make up and comes Inside wearing dress like low class people and comes inside. Ritika asks her who is she? She changes voice and tells my name is gayatri.

She comes inside the room. Ritika tells her all instructions and tells her to be careful and leaves. Ishaani touches ranveer hand and cries and smiles seeing him.

Madhu makes ranveer ready and sends him through school bus and calls Ishaani and asks about the situation. She tells all are fine soon I will escape ranveer from here.

Ishaani cuts the call and holds ranveer hand and sees the trips end she changes next bottle. Hamari adhuri kahani plays…

Ishaani comes out and talks on phone to police and tells about the place. Mask man hears it and gets shocked. He calls ritika and tells police came to know about the place where we kept ranveer!

She asks what? He tries to say Ishaani name but he throws the phone and beats on his head.

She beats him severealy and asks tell me who killed u r sons? He tells I only becoz I need my property so only.. She beats him heavily and cries at once. She tells him why he told that he killed ranveer? He does not speak off. She removes his mask and it is chiraag.

Precap:Ishaani beats him and through him in well and laughs. Ritika calls Gayatri to come along with her. Ishaani and ranveer and all comes to another place…

Hope u all enjoyed the epi??

Credit to: Narendran

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-78-79


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-78-79


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