PS I Hate You 13th November 2014 Written Update

Aisha tells Simple that she is welcome in Diva club and gave chance to participant in Annual fashion ..Simple becomes happy and hugs Aisha…Aisha tells in excitment not to hug her…Aisha tells not to forgot kabir”s tutor…Simple goes and hugs Lara..Lara tells to be careful of Aisha…as she will not talk to anyone free..Lara tells Simple that to maintain distance from kabir..otherwise Aisha will kill her..Simple tells there is nothing between them..
Dimple and Mounika search for the girl…Dimple and Mounika runs behind the girl fnear the steps….Dimple bumps into a lecture…lecture shouts…Dimple runs…Mounika”s removes her sandles and runs….Mounika shouts to stop…Girl turns…is none other lara…Dimple is shocked….
In library .Simple teaches kabir Newton”s law.. kabir smiles and tells he dont know….Simple tells to study…Gunjan and Krrish hides and sees this…Krish gets Angry…and tells that he will tell confess today his feelings.. Gunjan Says yes.. Another Side .lara tells Dimple that she cannot be a member of hockey team as she in diva club..her image will spoill.and dont wanted to loose membership…Dimple says why everyone is dying for diva club..tells that dont know who will become Miss India…Aisha sees Lara talkin to Dimple…Aisha stops and asks what she doing..lara tells nothing….Aisha tells lara to berry muffins….spice latte..oat meal cookies… Aisha sees Dimple…Dimple smiles…Aisha gets Angry and goes./Lara comes in diva club room Aisha asks what dimple was asking..Lara tells dimple is a loser..and thinks that she agreed to play hockey with Dimple.Lara has told Dimple that it will be a secret She will be in Diva club as well as hockey…otherwise Aisha will kill him..Aisha asks Lara what she is thinkin Lara…SHe replies nothing,, AS Simple comes..kriish stops him…while Gunjan gestures from upside..krish is quiet..Simple asks what happened….Krrish close his eyes says that he wanted to go on date with her..Simple smiles tells society ignore “Gays”…But she will go..Simple agrees…krrish is shocked
PS I Hate You 13th November 2014 Written Update
At home mounika…Dimple..Simple…and pummy maasi are having dinner..Pummu maasy suggests Dimple to help her father in kitchen..As she should be responsible. .And tells that have to learn cookies…..Pummy maasi tells that thankgod they have joined cooking workshop…As pummy maasi gets call ahe goes…Mounika tells that Gunjan have asked her for date…Thats why she said about cooking pummi maasi..Simple and Dimple refuses…Mounika pleases and says that first time a guy asked for date…Simple tells ok..tells she have to go to teach kabir…Dimple tells she have to go to practise hockey…Dimple tells they will go together…Mounika tells she have to be ready…Pummy massi asks why she have to ready…Mounika tells as it is her white will get dirty in cookin classes…Pummy maasi says should have changed from…Mounika says no she wanted to ready with Dimple…pummy massy agrees and goes..later Mounika gets ready Mounika wears yellow dress…tells Dimple that Gunjan will get jealous seeing hot girl like her..and also temperature will increase..Dimple agrees…
As lara and Dimple practiaes…Lara tells that this hockey is very intresting the Aisha”s manicure and padicure…dimple moves gets hurt and falls…Ayaan comes and holds her.. Ayaan and dimple looks at each other…..Dimple about to move…Ayaan says wait and tells to stop…Ayaan sees Dimple”s foot tells that has minor sprain..not fracture..Ayaan tells why she played hockey as girl”s are good in kitchen rather than sports and goes…Dimple calls him “Bloody jerk”…Gunjan says Mounika that she should not believe that like cool boy asked for date..
Simple comes and asks kabir how was his jamming session…kabir tells it was good….kabir offers coffee to Simple…Simple tries to take but it falls on Kabir”s tshirt…kabir tooks out his shirt..and tells Simple to give from his bag….Simple stares kabir….Simple gives tshirt but it falls…Simple and kabir tries to pick up..Both looks at each other…..Suddenly Aisha comes sees gets angry
Precap::Ayaan says Dimple not to take risk in pain…Dimple tells to stop showing fake concern…
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