Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-2

Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-2

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The episode starts in their classroom…Manik,Laksh and other boys are talking about Theri’s release while Sanskar tries to talk about her…They are not allowing him to say anything… Then Sanskar is frustrated and stops talking…After they finish the talk Sanskar starts to talk…

Sanskar:Machaan inniku paathavadhaan namma college laya semmala???(The girl which we saw now is the best in our college isn’t it??)

Laksh:Illana othupiyaa???Othukamaatala aaparam edhuku kekura??(If I say no will you accept it??Then y are u asking this question dude??)

Manik to Laksh:Vidu machaan edho pesanamnu pesaraan…Paavam nammale pesitu irundha apparam avan enna pannuvaan??(Let him talk dude..Pity boy…He has no chance to talk so he is trying to talk…Let him…)

Sanskar:Enna machi group uh kalaikureengala??Illa naan theriyaama dhaan kekuren yenda ippadi poraama pudichi alayareenga???(Trying to kidding me??Let me ask something.. Why are you getting so jealous dudes??)

Manik:Hehe!!Machi comedy of the year daa ketuko..Nammaluku poramaiyaam…Edho andha ponnu ivankitta vandhu love solli kalyanam panni kozhandha pethukutta maadhiri pesaraan..Dei Unnake solradhuku vekkama illa??(Comedy of the year dude…He is talking in a manner that she came to him,proposed him and they got married and got children.. Sanskar don’t you feel shame to talk like this…in a joyous manner…)

Sanskar: Illa da enaku vekkama illa….(I don’t feel ashamed…For what I have to???)

Laksh:Vidu Machi… Avanuku enniku vekkam irundhuruku???(Leave it Manik…He don’t know the .meaning for shamefulness..)

Sanskar to Laksh:Apdiya machaan??Enaku vekkam illaya??Ragini uh correct panna yaara avanaya kootitu pova??Anniku avan kooda poi seruppaala adi vangnadhu marandhuducha???Nee vangala unnakaga pesa poi adho avaru vangnaarula marandhuducha machi??Adutha naal night en veetuku vandhu avala correct
panna idea kettadhu yaar maa???Naana??(Oh Laksh…I don’t have same shameness right???When you went to flirt Ragini you got beatings from slippers right??Not you that guy who went forward to talk to her on behalf of you got right???Then,You came to my home and said to me that Please give me any ideas to impress Ragini,right???in a kidding manner…

Sanskar to Manik:Apparam thalaivare Naalaiku ava kitta propose panna vaadanu kooptala??Yennalalaam vara mudiyaadhu???Nee idho avara kootitu poitu vaa…Avaru indha dharava unakkaga adi vaanguvaaru…Seri uh Machi???
(Then Manik you asked me to come along with you to propose her right??I won’t come at all…You go along with Laksh and this time he will get beatings for you…in a kidding manner…)

Laksh to Manik:Yaarukuda propose???Dei Manik naaye sollave illa…(For whom you are gonna propose??You even didn’t tell it to me??)

Sanskar: Eppadi machi solluvaan?? Unkooda ponna dha sodhapidume…(How will he say that to you??If he goes along with you proposal will surely become a failure… Kids him)

Laksh to Manik:Unakaaga laam pesa vandhan paaru enna naane seruppaala adichikanom…(I shouldn’t have come forward to support you…I should itself beat me with slippers…)

Manik removes shoes from his leg and gives it to Laksh and says:Machi sorry daa…Shoe dhaan da iruku…Naalaiku venunma seruppu eduthutu varen seriyaa???Ippa indha shoe aala neeye unna adichiko… (Sorry dude…Only shoe us there… Tomorrow I would bring slippers..Now common beat yourself with shoes…)

Laksh stares angrily at Manik while Sanskar laughs…

Then the whole class gets silent after seeing a girl entering into their class… She is dressed in a black coloured saree with a black hearing in her ear and a black coloured chain in her neck…She enters into the class with a books in her one hand and adjusting her hair with her other hand…Everybody gets astonished to see that modern beauty…

She lays the books on the table and hugs Ragini who is the student of that class…They both starts to talk with each other in HINDI

Ragini: Swara missed you very badly…

Swara:Me too Ragini..Love u sooooo much…

At that mean time Laksh says to Sanskar:Machaan nee kaalaila sight adichadhu oru professor yaa ???(Did you talked to a professor this morning dude???

Sanskar doesn’t listens to Laksh…He straight away heads towards Swara and he starts to talk something: Paatha fourth year ponnu maadhiriye therila… Aana enga class la join panrukka??Semma young uh oru chudi la irundha paakum podhu…Ippa saree la vandhuruka…Students Saree laam katta koodadhu…(When I saw you in the morning I thought you were a junior to me…But you have joined our class… By the way,Saree is not allowed for students to wear…)

Swara stares at him and asks Ragini that what he is saying while Ragini says to Swara that he asked that which subject you are gonna handle..

Swara to Sanskar:Actually I’m an MPhil in English…I have joined here to teach about developing communicative skills and how to prepare yourselves for campus interviews…

Sanskar to Ragini: Naan onnu ketta ava onnu solra..Nee edhuku ava kitta naan sonnadhu sollama vera yedhayo maathi solra???(Why didn’t you translate her what I told)…

Ragini:Dei Sanskar…Ava professor daaa….


Sanskar shockingly stares at Ragini as the screen freezes…

So how was the episode guys…Please share your views by commenting…And again thank you so much for commenting on my first epi…

And another thing guys…I want a pair for Manik…So please suggest me an apt pair for him…Keep reading…

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Anbudan(With love)

Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-2


Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-2

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