Tu Mera Humsafar (Part 02)

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Tu Mera Humsafar

Part 02

In SwaSan’s Room

It was Afternoon n Swara was on Her Bed thinking abt the Recent Incident wich Chngd Her Life Completely n wich Made Her to Marry Her Lover’s Bro . Tears where Falling Frm Her Eyes Continously.


After Reading the Letter Swara was Heart Broken n Felt Like Floor was Taken away Beneath Her Legs.She Fell On the Floor n Cried Her Heart Out n Was Totally Blank.Jst Then Listening To Swara’s Voice Shomi,Shekhar n Entire Family Members Came n Was Shocked Seeing Swara like this.They Went Near Her n Asked Her The Matter bt all they got is A Silence frm Her.

Shomi : Shona what happened ?? why are you crying…everything is fine na ?? ( Looked Worriedly at Swara )

Shekhar : Say something Swara..what has happened..everyone is getting tensed, say something…

Swara was Still Silent bt This Tym She Gave a Letter to Shekhar wich Made Him Fume wid Anger n He Called MF.

Shekhar : Hello Durgaprasad Ji…Hw Dare u Ppl Play such a Ridiculous Prank on My Daughter..u cnt even imagine Hw much Pain she is Suffering nw. ( Fuming Wid Anger )

DP : ( Confused ) What are you saying Shekhar Ji..I am not getting anything..What has happened to Swara..we were about to leave with Baraat..

Shekhar : Wah DP Ji..aapka Beta jiski Shaadi hone wali hai woh Ghar pe hua toh aap usku lekar aaoge na..Jab Dulha hi Ghar pe nhi hai toh Kiski Baarat lekar aayege aaplog ??

DP : What are you saying ?? Laksh is in his room. .getting ready..

Shekhar : Nhi DP Ji..Ur Fav Son has Left Fr USA leaving a So Called Letter fr My Daughter..Ur Son has Cheated My Daughter..

DP : ( Full Confused ) Ek Min Shekhar Ji. I guess ur Mistaken Laksh is in His Room Getting Ready fr the Marriage..bt still if u have a Doubt. .i will Personally Go n Chk fr Laksh in His Room..

Shekhar : Haa Sure DP Ji..Surely u cn go can chk.i will b waiting fr ur Call.

DP : Ji Theek Hai..

After Hanging the Phone DP Immediately Ran towards Laksh’s Room n Knocked the Door bt No Response.

DP : Laksh !! Laksh !! Darwaza kholo..

No Response so He Knocked Continously bt Still No Response so He fr the Last Tym Called Laksh’s Name in Full Anger bt still also No Reply.

DP : ( Anger ) LAKSH !! LAKSH !! Maine kaha Darwaza kholo warna tum hume jaante ho na..Darwaza kholo …

This tym DP was Out Control so He Banged Hardly bt to hie Shock As He Banged the Door,Door Opened Automatically n DP Went Inside n Saw a Letter on Bed n was Shocked.


Main Jaraha hu US apna Career banane…main jaanta hu ki aaj meri Shaadi hai aur aise kaise jaasakta hu bt Papa jis sapne ka itne din se wait karraha tha woh din Finally has Arrived Papa..I Got an Amzing Opportunity of a Job frm World’s Top Most Reputed Company Situated in US..u also knw ki this is da Best Opportunity wich almost Entire Wold Dream of..So Papa m Sorry I Cnt Marry nw..i wanna Make My Career First then Later i will Think of Marriage. .Plzz Forgive me Papa…

UR Ladla

DP after Reading this Letter was Heart Broken n Remembered n Understood Y Shekhar was Blaming n was Angry on Him n His Son..DP fr the First Tym was Totally Heart Broken.The Man who was Pillar n Strength of Maheshwari Family was Totally Broken fr the First Tym by His Own Soon..As Sanskaar was Passing by Laksh’s Room he saw His Bade Pap in Laksh’s Room n was Shocked to.See DP in such a Condition..He Immediately Rushed inside da Room n Asked DP wats the Matter..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Bade Pap..wat Happened Bade Papa..Y r u crying…Plzz tell me n where is Laksh Bade Papa ?

DP was still Quite n was Embarrassed thinking wat to Tell Swara n Her Family.He was fr the First tym was Embarrassed in Front of others.

Sanskaar : ( Got More Tensed ) Bade Papa..Plzz Fr God Sake Speak Something Bade Papa..Plzzz tell me i will surely Help u bt fr that u shud tell me da Prblm na..plzz tell wats the Matter.

DP : Beta everything is Over…My Reputation,Family Name everything is gone wid Laksh.

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Gone ? Wat r u telling Bade Papa ?? Laksh kaha gaya ??he myt b here only somewhere wid his Frnds…u dnt worry i will Swarch fr Him n tell him u r calling.

As Sanskaar was abt to go DP Helds Sanskaar’s Hands n Handed Him da Letter written by Laksh.He too was Shocked…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Bade Papa ?yeh kya hai ?? Hw cn he even do this ?? He has No Idea hw much both the Familles will Suffer coz of His One Stupid Step…n Moreover hw Swara will Suffer more ..

DP : ( Looks at Sanskaar wid Helpful Hope ) Sanskaar i have taken a Decision in order to Save Family Reputation…will u Help me in dat Decision ?

Sanskaar : ( Feels Good as First tym DP asked him Something ) Haa Sure Bade Papa….i will Help n do anything fr u Bade Papa..boliye kya karna hoga ??

DP wipes His Tears n Instructed Sanskaar to Call AP RP n Sujata n tell them to Get Ready to go to Gadodia Mansion.

DP : Sanskaar Go n tell everyone v r leaving fr Gadodia Mansion ryt Nw n tell them dat dnt let any Guests knw abt this.

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) OK Bade Papa.

In Baadi They all were in a Backsides of Baadi so that No One Cud See them wats going on.

There in Baadi Shekar was Fuming in Anger n Swara was Sitting like a Lifeless Body wid only Tears Falling frm Her Eyes n Shomi Consoling Her.

Shomi : Roh mat Shona..sab theek hojayega…

Jst then they saw DP n Family came there wid Sad Faces.

Shekhar : Aaye Aaye DP Ji…hw r u going to repent fr ur Son’s Mistake ?? Look at My Daughter wat ur Son has done to her ?? She is sitting like a Lifeless Body.hw u will u brng my Old Shona bak ?? ( Fuming wid Anger )

DP : ( Speechless n Eyes Down n Folds His Hands ) M Sorry Shekhar Ji..i knw ki its No Use of asking fr Forgiveness coz My Son has done his Worst Mistake ever n fr this he will Regret One Day..

Shekhar : Haa woh toh hai..he will Regret one day bt dats later..bt nw hw will u save my Daughter’s Dignity n Family Reputation ?? U all r frm Boys Side so u wont suffer much bt we r Frm Girl’s Side ppl will blame my Daughter only fr all wat happened …

DP : I have taken a Decision Shekhar Ji where both our Family’s Reputation will b saved..if u dnt mind will u accept my Decision…trust me it’s best fr our both Family ryt nw n fr Swara too its good.

Shekhar : Ohh I Cc u thot of a Decision too…accha tell me wat Decision u took …let me see wats ur Decision. .

DP : Swara will get Married today only n on same Mahurat tym…as Decided..

Everyone was Shocked Hearing DP’s Decision n Confused too..

Shekhar :wat ?? Bt hw ?? Wen Dulha hi nhi hai hw will.This Marriage happened ??

DP : Dulha is here only ( He calls Sanskaar Near Him ) Sanskaar will Marry Swara today instead of Laksh…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Stepped Bak ) No Bade Papa…hw is this Possible? ? I cnt Marry all of a sudden…i dnt wanna marry nw..

DP : Listen Sanskaar..till nw i never trusted u nor Treated u as Our Family Member coz u went agnst My Decision n Took ur Career as ur Choice n Strtd ur Own Business dat Hurted my Ego alot n supported Laksh no Matter hw many Mistakes he has Done.bt Nw Sanskaar I have come to knw who is My Son n who is My Real Pride..Plzz Sanskaar dnt say No..fr the Every First tym m asking u something Plzz dnt say No…i Plead U..

Swara : ( Shocked too ) No i wont Marry anyone else…if i cnt Marry Laksh den i wont Marry anyone else too…

Both Swara n Sanskaar were Looking at eachother wid no expression bt wid Only Tears in there Eyes.

Shekhar : ( thot fr Sometym ) Haa U r ryt DP Ji…to save our Reputation this is da only Way…( Turns to Swara ) Shona listen Sanskaar is a very good person n a perfect match fr u Beta…

Swara : ( Shocked ) Per Baba..i dnt Love Him n i dnt knw him Much..so cn i Marry him..

Dadi : ( Wants Swara to go frm da House asap as she is Old Thinking Women ) Dekh chori…u have to Marry today only..atleast think abt ur Parents na…hw will they face Ppl everyday n their Taunts..so listen to me its better u marry to Sanksaar warna aisa na ho Chori ki u have to sit in Home frever n become a Burden on us.

Shekhar : Stop It Maa…If Swara doesnt Want to Marry i won’t Force Her..its her Decision. .My Daughter is nt a burden fr me…i will take her Responsibility till m alive.

Dadi : Shekhar its easy to say bt in Reality its nt easy …hw long Will Daughter stay in Her Parents House.Ppl will taunt her only fr nt getting Married.they will blame Swara only y Boy Left her on da Day of Marriage.

Shekhar : Enough Maa…u plzz Go.i dnt care abt Ppl…i care only fr my Daughter n no one else..M here fr Daughter. .Her Father Shekhar Gadodia is still Alive.. ( Angry )

Dadi : Theek Hai I will Leave..bt remember my Words..

Saying this Dadi Leaves frm there…

DP : I guess v shud leave Sanskaar n Swara alone fr Discussing abt this Matter.

Shekhar : Ya u r ryt.. ( Turns to Shomi ) Chalo Shomi…

Shomi Nodded n Went frm there..DP n Family too Leaves frm there Leaving SwaSan Alone.Both Swara n Sanskaar were Left Speechless n were in Confusion wat to do n wat nt.They were Thinking abt the Recent Words told by Dadi n DP respectively.There was a Complete Silence wen Finally Sanskaar Broke the Silence.

Sanskaar : ( Fumbles ) Sswaraa …listen i knw its a weird Situation fr u bt Swara fr Family’s Sake we need to Marry eachother..bt dnt worry i will nt force u fr any Wife Ryt v r doing this jst fr Family n I Promise u wen i find things Under Control i will Unite U wid Laksh..n dats a Promise..bt fr nw we need to get Married…if u think da same…Decision is urs Swara..

As Sanskaar was abt to Leave Swara called Him n told Her Decision ..

Swara : ( Fumbles ) Ssanskaaaar..M Ready fr the Marriage…

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat ?? Pakka Na Swara ?? Think once agn..

Swara : ( Bold Strong ) Haa Sanskaar Pakka…I Trust u..

Sanskaar : Ok Den Chalo…

SwaSan went out to The Family n Announced their Decision.

SwaSan : V r Ready fr the Marriage…

Everyone in da Family were Happy fr SwaSan’s Decision.

Flash Back Ends


Jst then Sanskaar Came frm Office n Saw Swara Crying wid Her Eyes Closed.He went Near Swara to Divert Her Mind.

Sanskaar : Arrey Swara…u r Here…m searching fr u in Kitchen ..

Swara: ( Wipes her Tears Hearing Sanskaar’s Voice ) Haa Woh Actually my head was paining..so that’s y m in Room..

Sanskaar : Ohh ..accha Listen i got an Amzing News fr u wich will Vanish ur Pain..

Swara : Wat ?? Wats da News…,?

Sanskaar : I told u na i have a Meeting today in Office…ryt ??

Swara : Haa toh ..aage bolo..

Sanskaar : Haa..wait..woh Meeting Successful hogayi..n m going abroad to Strt this Project..n guess wat where m Going ??

Swara : Ohh woow…Congratulations Sanskaar…m really Happy fr u…n yes u only tell whereyou r going ??

Sanskaar : U Wont believe it ..m Going USA fr the Project..n nt only Me U r also coming along wid me…

Hearing this Swara was Blank.She was nt Havinyg Idea hw to React Happy or Bad,dnt knw…Where as Sanskaar was Happy coz he cud full Fill His Promise Done to Swara..

Sanskaar : See Swara isnt it a gr8 News. ..wid this i cn fullfill My Promise Done to u n i Cn complete my Project n Contract too..

Swara : And Wen r we Leaving fr USA ??

Sanskaar : Well it’s nt Soo Early nw…we will b leaving fr USA after 2 to 3 Months…

Swara : Ohhh… ( Relieved )

Swara was Relieved coz Somehwhere Her Feelings fr Laksh was Slowly Slowly Fading Away after wat He Did wid Her..She was nt having Feelings fr Sanskaar bt Yes She had a Frndly like Feelings fr Him.

Swara : Sanskaar..Listen…i knw v r Frnds b4 Marriage too..bt the way Our Lives Chngd wid dat v have some Uncomfortableness wid in us…so i was thinking ki lets forget wat Happened wid us n lets bcom Normal wale Frnds agn…

Sanskaar : Hmm Yes..sure..y nt…

Both Shakes Hands n Became Frnds agn..Sujata who was Listening to their Convo became Happy coz frm strting She wanted Swara as Her Daughter In Law..

Sujata : ( In Mind ) Bhagwan inn dono ki Dosti ko Ek Accha aur Sacche Rishte main badal dena…in dono ka yeh Safar ek Dosti se badkar ek Pati aur Patni wale Rishte main Badal dena…bade dino baad i saw my Son Happy…Plzz dnt Snatch His Hapoiness frm Him…

Saying this She Left frm there…While Leaving frm there she saw AP coming there n Her Mood went Strange seeing AP.Coz Sujata alwyz had a Thot agnst DP n AP as They never Treated Sanskaar as The Family Member of Maheshwari House jst fr Going agnst DP fr a Small Thing..AP Saw Sujata n tried to Talk to her bt No Use.

AP : Sujata Listen..I wanna Talk to u..plz Listen.

Sujata : bt Jiji i dnt wanna talk to u..n u knw the reason y m nt talking to u..U n Bhaisa Never Treated My Son as Ur Son..Bhaisa alwyz treated My Son as Outsider jst coz he perused His Own Career by His Choice n did nt Join Our Family Business n Alwyz Praised Laksh Ur Own Son No Matter hw many Mistakes he does..anywyz Jiji..i have wrk so i have to go…

AP : Bt Sujata Listen…

Sujata Left widout Listening to AP n all these was Noticed by Swara n was confused.

Swara : ( Confused ) Y Maa is alwyz agnst Badi Maa..y Badi Maa looks Sad all the tym n Y Maa talks soo Rudely wid her ?? I have to talk to Sanskaar abt this n Try to Clear MU b/w Maa n Badi Maa..

Saying this She went to Sanskaar’s Room Oops nt Sanskaar’s bt Her Room too :p.

Swara : ( Enters the Room n was shocked Seeing da Room ) Ohh God Sanskaar. .. wat r u doing ?? Y did u Messed up the Room ??

The Room was fully Scattered wid Wet Towel on Bed wid His Pant on Bed Shirt n Suit on Couch.His Belongings all were Sprd on Bed . In short The Whole Room was in a Mess…

Sanskaar : Woh M Sorry..Actually usually this tym after Office i go Out wid Frnds to Have some Fresh Air so i dnt get tym to Arrange the Things Properly..bt u dnt worry Swara Ramu Kaka will Arrange it…u dnt need to Worry…

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar u r srsly more dan a Kid…Atleast Kids keep their Room Neat bt look at u Sanskaar…Srsly ( Laughs ) Sanskaar…ok dnt worry i will Clean the Room..No need to Disturb Ramu kaka..he is alrd Bzy wid Kitchen n House wrk..so i will Clean da Room..u go..

Sanskaar : No its Ok Swara…y r u taking this Trouble ??

Swara: i told na..i will do means i will do…u go u r getting Late..

Sanskaar : Ok Swara…thnks bt i m still saying dnt worry Ramu Kaka will do these…

Swara : ( Angry ) Sanskaar..I told na…i will do..u go nw..

Sanskaar : Ohhkk Baba…u do… ( Smiles )

Swara: Hmm Dats like a Good Boy… ( Smiles Too ).ok nw u go..otherwise u will b late.

Sanskaar : ohh Haa ok..Bye..u take care haa.

Swara : Bye n Yes will take care..dnt worry.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar Left fr His Outing wid His Frnds Leaving Swara in Full Tension n Confusion.

Swara : ( Full Confused frm where to Clean ) Ohh God …abb shuru kaha se karu…the Room is in Full Mess…Ok Swara Maheshwari lets strt frm Bed…

She Tied Her Dupatta around Her Waist n went Near Bed n strtd Cleaning the Bed . Picked Up the Wet Towel n kept fr Drying den she Picked Up His Shirt Pant n Suit n Kept them in Dirty Clothes to b Washed and She Kept His Belongings on the Side Table den she Remembers Suddenly something.

Swara : Ohh God…Sanskaar apna Wallet Hanky Watch sab bhulgaya…Hey Bhagwaan yeh Ladka bhi na…i wonder Hw Ramu Kaka manages his Routine..ufff…anywyz.let me Tell Ramu Kaka to go n give him..Raaamuu Kaka…zara yaha aaiyena..

Ramu Kaka : Haa Betiyaan..kuch kaam hai.

Swara : Haa Kaka..aap zara yeh Sanskaar k Cheeze usse deaayige…main de aati bt i dnt kne where he is…aap ko pata hoga na ki where he went..

Ramu Kaka : Haa Betiyaan..i knw…this is Almost a Routine of Sanskaar Baba…he alwyz forgets his Things like this.

Swara : ohhkk ..Ramu Kaka…bt frm tomorrow he won’t Forget coz m here na nw…anywyz u go n give it to him ..

Ramu Kaka : Ok Betiyaan..

Ramu Kaka took Sanskar Belongings n Left to Give Him..

Swara : Ok Mr Maheshwari seems like u need a Strict Trainer to Control u n ur Routine.. hehehhehe.. ( Laughs )

Saying this She strtd Cleaning the RemainingMessy things in Room n went to A Small Nap after Cleaning as she was Tired..While Sleeping She Thot of Recent Moments Happened today like Sanskaar’s Childishness, Hw He Behaves Like a Kid inspite of being a 24Yr Old Man.She Smiles while Thinking abt Sanskaar n Goes to Sleep.

Oh.. Neend Na Mujhko Aaye
Dil Mera Ghabraaye
Chupke Chupke Koi Aake
Soya Pyaar Jagaaye
Oh.. Neend Na Mujhko Aaye
Dil Mera Ghabraaye
Chupke Chupke Koi Aake
Soyaa Pyaar Jagaaye
Oh.. Neend Na Mujhko Aaye
Soyaa Huaa Sansaar Hai
Soyaa Huaa Sansaar
Main Jaagoo Yahaa
Tu Jaage Wahaa
Ek Dil Mein Dard Dabaaye.


Precap : SwaSan Lyt Moments


So Hope Guyz u Liked the 2nd Part of Tu Mera Humsafar. Sorry if its nt Up to the Mark..Bt Will Improve More n More as This FF Proceeds Further..Do Leave ur Comments in the Comment Box Below :).

Tu Mera Humsafar (Part 02)


Tu Mera Humsafar (Part 02)


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