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Ragini teases Sanskaar, Ragini and Sumi talk about Swasan loving each other
Swara ( after they had driven for a little while in Sanskaar’s convertible) : Sanskaar! Tell me na, What you and Ragini were talking about…
Sanskaar (cheekily while driving) : Why should I tell? Do you have to know everything? You are already a Miss Know It All…. So if you don’t know one thing, I will be very happy….
Swara : Ugghhhh! Why are you always so annoying? Can’t you be nice once at least? And don’t put the debt thing in my face, I know you are a very nice human being to others… But you are so irritating to me. You did that to see Ma and Ragini happy and for that I am so grateful but you are an annoying little idiot!
Sanskaar (softly, in a low voice) : I paid all the debts to see a smile on your face, Swara! Only your face, No one else’s.
Swara froze in the middle of her ranting to look at Sanskaar’s gaze upon her , that was both warm and at the same time so intense that she felt like she was melting…

Swara ( after what seemed like eternity, in the same pitch as Sanskaar) : Why? Why do you care so much for my smile? What am I to you?
Sanskaar (Thinking) : Why did I do this for her? Why do I feel such pleasure looking at the contentment and happiness on her face? What reply do I give her? What do I call this spark between us that never seems to diminsh?
Swara prodded and touched his arm softly.
Swara : Sanskaar, Javaab do na?

Sanskaar (stopping the car in the side) : What answer should I give Swara?
Swara : Why did you pay my debt only to see a smile on my face? What am I to you?
Sanskaar ( putting an arm around her, so that his face can’t be seen by her) : You are my fiancee! You are my best friend and soon you will be my wife. I can do anything for you so that you smile. I cannot let even a single tear drop mar your beautiful face. I cannot bear that Swara! It is my duty and my pleasure to make sure that all your dreams are fulfilled.
Swara stared at him speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

Swara (thinking) : In each word of yours, I can hear the word love. In each touch of yours, I sense that blissful feeling of love, and everytime you touch me, I can see the love oozing from your eyes… So why are you so determined that you don’t love me and it is only a spark between us. Why are you so secretive about your true emotions Sanskaar? Bas, Ek baar…Sirf ek baar, You let me inside your heart and I’ll share your burden. Please Sanskaar…
She suddenly gave him a peck on the cheek, shocking him and making him blush.
Swara (in mock surprise) : Sanskaar Maheshwari? Blushing? Oh My God!!! I have to take a picture of this and post it on instagram…Come on Sanskaar! Smile pinky!
She winked at him while Sanskaar scowled. She clicked a picture but didn’t post it.
Swara : See, Mr Maheshwari! I am a very nice person. I didn’t post the picture.
Sanskaar (rolling his eyes) : Tum bhi na, Swara! But I will get my revenge today. You called me pinky na? Just you wait… Now will you get down? We have reached the temple. We’ll go there quickly, Then we have to go to the places I planned as well.

Swara : I’m coming…I’m coming… Hold your horses.
They got down from the car and went inside the temple.
Inside, Swara handed over the invitation to the pandit ji along with some other puja items like coconut and all. As the Pandit was a person who already knew her, He smiled and greeted her like his own daughter. Sanskaar was surprised to see this connection but kept mum about it. The pandit ji broke the coconut and saw that there was a single jasmine flower in it.
Pandit Ji : Beti! This is really auspicious. A flower in a coconut ensures that the husband loves his wife to eternity and a blackness in the coconut ensures that you will have misfortunes always. You are really lucky to get such an amazing husband. Swara! For this immense fortune of yours, Why don’t you yourself sing the Aarti today and you and your young man can perform it…
Swara looked at Sanskaar who nodded. She smiled and took the plate from the Pandit. Sanskaar joined her and they began performing the Aarti while Swara sang….
Me aarti teri gau,o keshav kunj bihari

Me aarti teri gau,o keshav kunj bihari
Me nit nit sheesh navau, oh Mohan Krishan murari
Main nit nit sheesh navau, oh Mohan Krishan murari
Hai teri chabi anokhi , aisi na duji dekhi-2
Tujh sa naa Sundar koi, Oh mor Mukutdhari (2)
Main aarti teri ……….
Jo aaye sharan Tihari, Vipdaa mit jaaye saari
Ham sab par kripa rakhna, O jagat ke Palanhaari (2)
Main arati teri gaau ………..
Mein neet neet sish namaau, Oh Mohan Krishna Murari

Sanskaar gazed at her in surprise. This was the first time he had heard Swara sing. Hell, He hadn’t even known she had such a cuckoo like voice, So sweet and soft, Yet so rich that it made you so entranced in her singing.
They finished the Aarti and gave the invitation to the Pandit Ji who went inside to keep the invitation at the Lord’s feet. Swara and Sanskaar folded their hands and prayed, Swara closing her eyes. Sanskaar stared at her throughout the time she prayed.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Everyday she manages to surprise me. Everyday I learn a new thing about her. And What a voice she has, Oh bl**dy hell! I don’t even know the first thing about music, Yet I can understand every emotion and every word poured out. What is this? Is this only for Swara’s voice or is it for everyone?
Swara finally opened her eyes and folded her hands one last time. They received blessings from the Pandit Ji who assured them that they would be together for seven lifetimes and would love each other forever. Sanskaar listened to this with some surprise as he thought that the Pandit Ji was speaking nonsense. Swara didn’t love him. And neither did he. But Swara said nothing. She just smiled and accepted the blessings cheerfully.

As they went around the temple, He asked her.
Sanskaar (with some trepidation ) : Swara! Why did you accept the Pandit Ji’s sayings? Why did you not correct him and tell him that this marriage is a marriage without love?
Swara (smiled at him) : Sanskaar! What should I tell the Pandit Ji? That you don’t love me? That this is a atypical marriage? What would we gain by that? And who said that this is a loveless marriage?
Sanskaar turned to look at Swara with surprise.
Sanskaar : Swa…
Swara (putting a finger on his lips shushing him) : Let me finish, Mr Maheshwari! This isn’t a loveless marriage at all. I am going to gain the love of your entire family. Badi Ma, Mom, Adarsh, Laksh and Uttara! And you already have Ma’s and Ragini’s love. So tell me, How is this a loveless marriage? And whatever we have between us may not be love. But there is friendship. And where friendship is present, Love too is there. A different sort of love perhaps, But it is still there.
Sanskaar was speechless. He had no answer at all to give her. She had effectively answered all his existing questions, but posed several new ones. This friendship could turn into love? What was love? What did it mean?
He stood musing about it as Swara moved on forward, going around the temple. He followed her, thinking about her words and their past memories.

Ni Mein Devaan Duvavaan
Ni main Shagan Manavaan
Ni Mein Devaan Duvavaan
Bhaavein Kamli Naam Dharavaan-2
Par Iko Hi Rattan Lagaanva.
Tuuuu…… Meri Jaan Hai
Tuuu…. Mera Armaan Hai
Tuuuu…… Meri Jaan Hai
Tuuu…. Mera Armaan Hai
Ni main Shagan Manavaan
Ni Main Devaan Duvavaan

Rabba Mere Pyaar Ko Nazar Lag Jaave Na-2
Mangiyaan Duvavaan Lakhaan Dukh Hun Sataave Na
Tainun Dil Da Haal Sunavaan
Ni Mein Lakh Lakh Shukar Manavaan
Ni Mein Kamli Naam Dharavaan
Par Iko Hi Rattan Lagavaan
Tuuu…. Meri Jaan Hai
Tu… Mera Armaan Hai
Tuuuuuu…. Meri Jaan Hai Tu Mera Armaan Hai

Ni main Shagan Manavaan
Ni Main Devaan Duvavaan
Ni main Shagan Manavaan
Ni Main Devaan Duvavaan
Bhaaven Kamli Naam Dharavaan
Par Iko Hi Ratan Lagavaan
Tuuuuu…. Meri Jaan Hai
Tu… Mera Armaan Hai
Tuuuuuu…. Meri Jaan Hai
Tuu… Mera Armaan Hai

They came out of the temple and started off, Sanskaar again at the wheel.
Swara : Sanskaar!
She received no response. Sanskaar was still thinking about his feelings and was confused.
Swara (louder) : Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (startled) : Huh…. What?
Swara : Where are we going now?
Sanskaar (firmly putting his thoughts behind, determined to enjoy his date with Swara) : Offo Swara! Miss Know-it-all! Quietly sit down and enjoy the ride na? Do you have to know everything? It is a surprise, Bas…
Swara : Ok…Chill! I won’t ask you again. And by the way, Stop calling me Know-it-all…
Sanskaar : Nahi! You are a know-it-all, Miss Gadodia!

Swara : Sanskaar Maheshwari! You had better stop that otherwise…
Sanskaar (smirking evilly) : Otherwise? What will you do, Miss Know-it-all?
Swara : Aargh! Otherwise I’ll call you Mr Pinky! Do you want that? Pinky sounds worse, Much worse than Know-it-all…What do you say, Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskaar (raised an eyebrow) : You’re going to call me Mr Pinky? Really?
Swara ( beginning to feel a bit suspicious) : Ha..an!
He stopped the car in the side of the highway and pulled the convertible cover to shield them.
Swara (now more suspicious) : Sanskaar? What are you doing? Why are you putting the top? What….
Sanskaar (placing a finger on her lips, In a low voice) : Miss Know-it-all! How many question? You called me Mr Pinky na? Now we will see who is the actual Pinky.
He moved forward, closer to her.
Swara ( feeling the pangs of desire, but still feeling that should be the sane one) : Sanskaar! What are you doing? This is a car…

Sanskaar placed his mouth on hers and all Swara’s sense and sensibility went flying out the window. At that moment, she didn’t care about anything, except for the fact that she was being cherished and loved in a manner that no one else, No one other than her Sanskaar could.
They finally released each other, as they needed air to breathe. The air in the car had suddenly grown a thousandfold. Swara gazed into the mirror and saw her hair, all mussed up, Her dupatta and salwar all wrinkled and her lips, all puckered up.
In short, She looked like a woman who had been soundly kissed. She blushed crimson thinking of their kiss.

Sanskaar (seeing the blush, smirked evilly) : Hah! Now who’s the Pinky? Wow, Swara! I have never seen such a bright shade of pink before? Or is it red?
Swara glared at him.
Swara : You beast! You kissed me just to prove a point? Did the kiss mean nothing to you? Was it simply to convince me that I should not tease you?
Sanskaar (suddenly serious, grasped Swara’s hands and pulled her towards him) : Don’t ever say that! Swara, Each kiss and each hug with you means something…. It’s the spark… And I will never insult a woman like that just to prove a point. You know that. You also know how much this intimacy means to me. Please don’t say things like that.
Swara (sighed as she heard the word spark again) : I know Sanskaar! I was just… Just mad that I got outwitted. I know you could never do such a thing just to prove a point. Sorry!
She held her ears and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. He burst out laughing.
Sanskaar : Swara! You are seriously going to be fun to live with. No one irritates me as much as you do and no one makes me laugh and smile as much as you do…

Swara (smiled) : Accha? That’s nice. Now shall we leave? I want to see my surprise…
Sanskaar nodded and started the car again, opening the top of the convertible.
Swara (shocked and a bit angry) : Sanskaar! What is this? What if I slip and fall? I can’t believe this was your idea of a date…
Sanskaar (placatingly) : Come on Swara! It will be fun… I thought you were a sport.. Please chalo….
Swara gazed around the place. ROCKY RAPELLING AND ZIP-LINING CAMP. The man wanted them to play adventure sports for a date.
Swara : Oh God, Sanskaar! I’ll come. Not because you told that I’m not a sport, But because I want to try something new. But let me tell you, If I die today, My ghost will haunt you forever. I won’t leave you.
Sanskaar ( Suddenly angry) : Don’t ever talk about you dying in front of me Swara! I cannot bear it.
Swara ( pleased with his reaction, but doesn’t show it) : Ok Baba! Now come, We will go. I’m not going to come rapelling. I’ll only come for zip-lining! I’m more interested in that.
Sanskaar : Ok! Then we will do that first…

They went near the zip-lining entrance and paid for their ticket. They went up 28 floors in silence, just apprehensively anticipating the thing they were about to do.
Swara ( suddenly shocked) : Sanskaar! I’m wearing a salwar! How can I go? Shit!! You should have told me na? I have a spare set in the car. Wait…I ‘ll change and then we’ll go.
Sanskaar : No need Swara! You’ll need that dress for later. This is fine. Come on.
Swara nodded and went first. The attendant tied her to the belt and instructed her on how to hold the harness and how to land.
She looked at Sanskaar with terror, But his calm confidence and assuring look comforted and calmed her. She smiled at him and was sent off.
Swara closed her eyes at first, But soon opened them. She could see the clouds looming closer. She saw many buildings and could see kids playing inside, Couples enjoying a romantic movie among other things. She felt light, and happy. She felt like she could conquer the world. All because she had tried one stupid little thing. She smiled triumphantly.
Swara (thinking) : If I can do this, Then surely I can conquer Sanskaar’s heart. Surely I can.
All too soon, She reached the end and had to get down. Sanskaar was about 2 minutes behind her in another line. He got down and went immediately to her.
Before Sanskaar could ask anything, Swara gave him such a huge bear hug, not caring that there were many people to view them.

Swara : Thank you… Thank you… Thank you so much Sanskaar! For bringing me here, For showing me that I can do anything if I attempt to. Thank you so much!
Sanskaar( His heart about to burst with happiness and pride) : Oh my God Swara! If I had known that the way to conquer your heart was to take you to a adventure sport… I would have done it ages ago! Itna samay nahi leta!
Swara : Pagal! You can’t even accept a compliment without making us quarrel again. But I am too happy now to argue. Jao, Go for your rapelling. I’ll wait here.
Sanskaar nodded and went.
Swara : Mr Maheshwari! You already conquered my heart. It does not belong to me now. It belongs to you. I have accepted this. But when will you accept it? How will I find out why you’re so against this? Swara Gadodia! You have to do something. You have to find out what it is.
Sanskaar came back 20 minutes later very pleased.
Swara : What are you so pleased about?
Sanskaar : That instructor said that I was the best out of all of them. Hah! I am the best…
Swara ( rolling her eyes) : I have Narcissus here with me. And I’m marrying him. God! Bachao mujhe…

Sanskaar : Hey, Swara! You can’t say like that and all. You are lucky to have me. Remember, The Pandit Ji also said that…..
He winked at her, but inwardly the thoughts that he had kept bottled up since the temple floated through his mind again.
Swara (interrupting his thought process) : Sanskaar! While you were giving your so called best performance, I founf out something and I want to go there. Can we go? Or is there something else you’d like to do?
Sanskaar : We’ll go wherever you want to go. But we have to leave by 6 as there is one last place I want to take you.
Swara : Ok! It is 2:30 now. We will easily leave by 6, Don’t worry.. And this time, I will drive…
Sanskaar ( half preoccupied with the thoughts running in his head) : Ok!
She took the keys and they set off silently. Swara concentrating on the GPS and Sanskaar thinking about his feelings.
Sanskaar looked at Swara! He could put it off no longer.. He had to ask her…
Sanskaar : Swara!
Swara : Yeah?
Sanskaar : Swara, What is love?
Swara slammed the brakes so hard that they almost flew out of the car…
Swara : WHAT?
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