swaragini would it better for me (Episode 16)

hi guys thanks for ur comment. am so srry for late update to be frank i can share my family problems with u guys i said na ragini’s character was my character in my chilhood am writing my story so let me let u hw i changed . when i was studying in 12 i met a boy name rithvik . in my school no one will talk to me because of my charcter i will not talk to anyone but it changed and i started talking to everyone . and i started loving him but ny luck he also loved me and proposed me . the problem is my 1 st sister is married and am the next one after me my another sister . i said this to my brother he did not say anything still now am waiting for his reply but whatever comes i should face it but i think i will get positive replys only his family is ready for the marriage . i have another reason also for not updating my cousin’s child came to my house for his holidays so i had spend my time fully with the child again one srry for telling my problems to disturb u i don’t have friends so bear me plz

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lets begin
srry guys to hurt u i did not know any pairs still now . so lets enjoy their bonding but i don’t know what to do

the scene starts with ragdhurvsanlakswa and krithi
all are enjoying talking and smiling
sanskar:krithi when u came baby i missed u

swara:she came yesturday night
sanskar:baby en koda pesamattiya(baby u will not talk to me)
ragini hears the word baby and her smile vanishes
krithi:ne na nightu varunpodhu enna kandukavaliya(when came at night u where not bother about me )
sanskar:i was sleeping baby
saying this sanskar was draging krithi to the corner
krithi:leave me baby
sanskar:don’t dare to call me like that
krithi:just now u where calling me
sanskar:i clearly said to u that i will not loveu . y did u come here
krithi:unna pakadhan(to see u)
sanskar was in so anger
krithi:ne innum antha incident pathiya feel pannra(u r still feel for that incident)
sanskar:oh i loved u so much to the core but what u did u where behind my money do u know i loved a girl

krithi:enna marakka ne innum enna enna karanam sollaporra . it not fair .(to forget me what reasons and all u r telling . its not fair)
sanskar:be serious. am telling the truth
krithi:appo ne love pannura ponnu yaru solu pakalam r u afraid to tell.(then tell me who is the girl ur loving. r u afraid to tell)

sanskar:who is affraid to tell to u am not let me tell u the girl name is ragini gadodia
krithi:hey that girl wat is the thing she having which am not having
sanskar:see i saw her in the parking lot for the first time with lakswadhurv we had a fight she did not reply us i liked her silence.and i saw her with her piku next time i saw a kind hearted girl in it i liked her kindness. next i saw her when she was fighting with goons to save swara ..swara who made prank but she was not bother about it she said the meaning of humanity her words made laksh to rellaise humanity not only humanity affection , blood relationship is not neccessary and it keeps on going . when i came to know about her flashback i liked her bonding with raghul do u know i love her i love her to the core
krithi:i will not leave it sankar i lov u plz marry me

sanskar:i will give u 5 minutes time time get out
krithi went
krithi:(in mind) i will not leave u sanskarsu
on the other hand ragini she’s dhurv taking to ap and she thinks about sumi . ragini was trying to call sumi
sumi takes the phone
sumi:hello who is this who’s number is it
ragini:sumi hw can u forget that ur ragini is in the trip it is swara my friend’s number u know that sumi. i called u to speck
hear this sumi gets teary eyes
sumi:wat happed ragini anything serious

ragini:am srry maa i should have take care of u when raghul died. but i did not do it has a daughter srry mom
sumi wipes her tears:ragini u said maa so u should eat capsicum ok
sumi:do u remenber the bet right
ragini:s sumi i will
sumi cuts the call
sumi:kisanji thank u my ragini’s is bit bad

precap:sankar love confession(to whom??? guess plz)

srry once again for telling my problems srry guys
abhi surly sanskar will help in taking revenge

swaragini would it better for me (Episode 16)


swaragini would it better for me (Episode 16)


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