Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 6)

Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 6)

This is 6 the part of the story
At shimla:
He reached the hotel at 7 pm crew members also with him, after wishing good night they all leaving to their respective room.He opened the room sat on the bed, checked his mobile swara’s missed call and msgs found.He is about to call her showing battery charge low and get switched off.He searched for the charger, but he forget to take it from home.then he thought to call her on morning and moved towards the washroom get freshened up.

He lean over the bed his left hand is placed under his head..he think about the whole conversation between him Swara happened in these 2 days. and he still remember that dreadful night that she said someone thrown eggs on their window and they got stucked..before i could say anything heared someone screams on phone.. And phone get disconnected and found unreachable. Am afraid I can sense something is going to happen bad.I rushed towards the hotel reception, also called and informed near by police station. I can locate her by other mobile phone which is kept on the cab. I requested the receptionist to arrange a vehicle, but he is helpless as its 12.30am.Then I got a bike from the hotel staff.I ride it on full speed and reached the place and found a taxi near the road.driver is fell down on the road ,near the door with a pool of blood and is unconscious, again I called the police they r on the way..tell them about the situation .I shouted her name here and there like a mad..but didn’t find her on that forest area.after sometime my leg bumped into something, flashed light on there.

.turned my head with shock that i was unable to look back her twice. It was the most horrible and worst situation I had ever faced in my life.I felt like someone hited my on head that it froze and didn’t work, I become numb, from toe to head spread shivering,I fell down on my knees as though I were dead and cried out loudly.suddenly he came to his sense, his inner soul is talking to him , sanskar u need to be confident ,can’t breakdown u have to rescue her.He removed his t-shirt put it on her and shake her head by calling her name, but she is not responding.Then he heared the police van noise.He ran towards them.
Police: “Are u sanskar, did u found that girl?”. I was almost in cry, but composed myself.
Sanskar: “sir she is there..can u arrange some clothes or sheets to cover her..she is ..” He can’t complete the sentence breakdown hold a tree for support.
Police:”oh no.. is she r*ped?”

He nod his head and closed his eyes with pain. Police about to go there he called them in a pleading voice
“Sir she is in such a condition that..”.
SI turned to him and stop others and put his hands on sanskar’s shoulder
“I am also father of 2 daughter, I can understand. Now a days we r dealing several cases like this”.
He removed his shirt and give him
“Plz cover her with this”. 2 other constables also give their shirt.He look at them with teary eyes.
Sanskar covered her with shirts.He found her dupatta hanging on the tree, he also wrapped that on her.Meanwhile ambulance arrived, Swara and driver taken to the hospital.
At hospital, he is seated on a chair by covering his face with his palms. It has been 8 hr Swara still in ICU and unconscious. Someone touched his shoulder, it was Laksh “Bhai”.He hugged him .Both cried

“How this happened to her bhai and how is she ?”. Tears are rolling down from his eyes, he didn’t answered ,he was like a lifeless body.
A nurse came out from the side and yells “Who is swara’s bystanders..?”
Laksh ran towards her.
“What happened sister”
Nurse:”You have to bring this medicine”.
Laksh:” I will bring this sister,how is her condition till now?.can I see her?”.
Nurse:”No she is in ICU, didn’t gain her consciousness, it may be due to sedative “.
Laksh :”can I talk to doctor and who is he?”.
Nurse:”yes, he is in the cabin. Go straight from here turn right, first one is Dr.Raman Naik cabin.”
Laksh:”Raman naik, oky thank u sister “. He rushed towards pharmacy and handover the medicine to the nurse.Then move towards the doctor’s cabin.He knocked the door, entered the room.seeing him doctor stood from his chair, both looked at each other surprisingly.
Laksh:”Raman you “.
Raman:”Yes Laksh , I joined here before 2 month, by d way why u here? any health issue”.
Laksh:”Raman how is Swara, she is my fiancée “.
Raman:”ohh I thought he..”.
Laksh:” sanskar is my elder brother and also her best friend”.
Raman:”Now she came out from critical condition, but still in unconscious may be due to shock she can’t recover from this condition.she has some seviere wounds on her body.There is a chance of infection, so we don’t allow anyone to see her.”

Laksh hold his head with pain.Raman pated his shoulder ” don’t worry she will be fine in one week “.

He came out. Sat beside on sanskar.He is still in that condition,”Bhai i informed this to her family, I decided to call shekhar uncle only , told him to dont tell anything to sumi aunty and ragini”.At that time Police arrived there. Inspector asked sanskar”Mr. Maheshwari how is she? Is regain her conscious .We have to take her statements as she is a victim of gang r*pe”.
“Sir she is still unconscious ,am her fiance,Laksh maheshwari “.
Laksh”sir could u plz tell me how this happened?”.He explained everything. Laksh discussed something with police and they gone.
Evening shekhar reached there.He shout and broken down there.Laksh informed him that she got some minor accident, he only know about this after reaching there.Its hard to manage him , but somehow laksh consoled him.
One day passed they r allowed to see her.Laksh and shekhar goes to the ICU.But she is still unconscious.
Nurse informed that she murmured dadi’s and sometime sanskar name.she ask bring them, may be their presence may affect her condition.

Shekhar: “Her dadi is no more, she passed away when Swara was 10 year old. I will call Sanskar”.
He is still in that state,Someone brought him a shirt. And he didn’t changed that till this time.His face could reveal his restlessness.
Sanskar slowly opened the door and find her lying on the bed like a motionless statue.Its like his most beautiful rose in the garden crushed and crunched and placed on the bed.He seated besides her and touched her hand, grab her hand in b/w his palms and he lowered his head , placed head on bed. at that time there is no single bit of tear left from his eyes .
After sometime I heard she is murmuring dadi’s name and I raised my head she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.
“Shona..” I whispered.

Hi guys hope u like this epi..bit emotional.. Plz do comments.. My theme is like that everytime it become senti..thank u so much for the extreme love and support. I didn’t expect this much, am not a good writer. Its happened accidently.Thank u my silent readers..

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Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 6)


Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 6)

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