Together we are everything :twinj (episode 6)

Together we are everything :twinj (episode 6)

Everyone asked me why they couldn’t recognize because I have said everyone were shocked to see her before anyone could ask her mahi introduced her and to mention twinkle has straight brown hair , eyes are black , and she only wear churidhar (after marriage) but, naina has wavey black hair , a black and brownish eyes , and she only wears modern dress. So let’s start

Scene 1
A tear dropped down from n/t (naina / twinkle) , leela asks n/t what happened
L: what happened putar , why are you crying
N: actually aunty I … I don’t …. Have mom , I only have a dad , that’s why my dad treats me like a princess
L: its ok putar , mahi is my daughter same way you are my daughter too
N: then can I call you maa
L: sure putar ( she remembers twinkle , she gets emotional and goes from there saying she need to meet someone urgently )

Chinki comes there and tells to everyone that her marriage is fixed and her engagement will happen within a week

Naina gets excited and tells
N: wow , Indian wedding
M: but …..
Usha : what happened putar
N: actually aunty a wedding is gonna happen and I don’t have a single Indian dress, I wish I can go for shopping but I don’t know this place :(

(Usha thinks naina is very rich and beautiful , don’t know where is that twinkle I can’t spoil my kunj’s life , I need to get naina and kunj married )

Usha : its ok putar kunj will take you out
Kunj: maa me
Usha : yes , kunj
Everyone forces him and they both go ,

Scene 2
They reaches a shop ,
N: will you help me pick dress
K: me ??????
N: yes , I only know u here then were are you ??? It’s pointless talking to you!!!!
K: hello excuse me madam , I didn’t come as my wish i mom told me so I came with you , or do you thing I am mad to come with you ,
N: hello excuse me I just asked you a help and u !!!
K: ya , first help then , I know I am handsome but …..
N: ?????
They get inside the shop , the sale women starts to show her some lehanga’s ,
N: take the green one , nonono red one

After 3 hours she finished her shopping , she sees kunj talking in phone, she goes to him
N: excuse me Mr.Sarna , I am hungry
K: so what should I do
N: take me somewhere to eat , I am starving
K: ok

Scene 3
Naina and kunj were having food , and naina was talking while eating and kunj sees her lovingly and thinks is she mad or she acting to be mad ???? So well do you want anything else kunj asked her ,
N: no yaar , I am stuffed, thank you :)
K: Ok then , let me go and wash my hands , u finish your juice

That time some boys comes to naina and starts to misbehave with her , one boy comes and tries to kiss her , suddenly he fells a hand in his shoulder , it was non other than our hero kunj , he beats them in filimy style , naina gets scared and hugs him , be consoles her and takes her home , everyone was shocked to see her in tears , mahi hugs her and tells everyone what happened , mahi takes her to room

Precap : its chinki’s engagement and naina and kunj dances on Punjabi wedding song ( from hasee toh phasse)

Together we are everything :twinj (episode 6)


Together we are everything :twinj (episode 6)

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