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The Episode starts with Swadheenta calling Mishra. Mishra says I will just come. She waits for him. He brings the papers and gives her. She thanks him and goes. He smiles. The reporter tells about Ahuja vs farmers case and we have to see who wins the case today. Swadheenta is on the way. The reporter says A K Singhvi is fighting case for Ahuja constructions, so does this mean he will win. Ahuja talks on phone and asks Simmi not to worry, he will see all this.

Ahuja compliments Singhvi that he is looking beautiful without moustache. Singhvi thanks him and smiles. Swadheenta’s scooty breaks down. Singhvi sees the time and Ahuja signs him smiling. Ahuja sees the farmers tensed. Swadheenta tries to start her scooty.

The judge comes in the court and asks them to sit. He asks where is other party lawyer. Singhvi says its her first case, I hope she does not backout. Adarsh is on the way and passes by Swadheenta. She sees him and calls him out. She asks him to stop, and he stops the car. She sits in the car. He asks what are you doing here, court hearing would have started. She says please drop me to court. He says you would say I m following you. She says I won’t, I messaged sorry, but my scooty. He says relax, I will arrange for it. She asks how do you know about my hearing. He says I told you I have strong relations with lawyers. She asks him to hurry. He says I promise we will reach on time.

Singhvi sees watch and Ahuja smiles. The farmers wait for Swadheenta. Adarsh drops her and wishes her all the best. She thanks him and rushes inside court. He says I will see you fighting your first case. He gets a call from Jaideep and says dad called me now, actually I had some work, fine…. He wishes Swadheenta and leaves from the court.

Singhvi says lawyer is wasting our time, I request you dismiss this case. Judge asks Prakash where is his lawyer. Prakash says she will come. Swadheenta comes there and nervously falls. She picks the documents while people laugh. Judge asks her not to waste more time, sit. She says sorry. Judge says you should be. He asks Singhvi to start hearing.

Singhvi says Naveen Ahuja bought the land, and shows documents. Swadheenta thinks if Ahuja’s documents are right, then these documents… I did not even study them. Judge checks documents and says these documents are legal, no lawyer was taking this case, then a young girl, fresher came who feels this case has something in it. he says she picked case against A K Singhvi, this is way to get fame. Swadheenta objects. Judge asks what is her objection. She says Mr. Singhvi…. Your honor…. I…. she gets tensed and people laugh. Judge asks her to sit.

Singhvi says I pity on such lawyers, they can fight any fake case for their profit, so that their law shop continues. He says you can cheat yourself and clients, not this justice statue and court. He shouts on her. She cries and drinks water.

Singhvi says sorry your honor, how can any person fall so much for greed, I want to show the proof. He asks Swadheenta to stand up. He asks did you went in Ahuja;s party with drunk farmers…. Yes or no…… everyone discuss… Judge says silence please….. Singhvi says Swadheenta threatened Ahuja. Swadheenta signs no. Singhvi asks did you spoil his party or not. He goes and sits. Judge says we have checked all required documents and heard Singhvi, Swadheenta tell me what you want to say to defend your case.

Swadheenta says yes. Judge asks her not to waste time, and say fast. She recalls Suhasini and Asad’s words.

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Dehleez 20th March 2016 –


Dehleez 20th March 2016 –


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