swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 2)

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Mrning as swara looks up 2 c who he is and she c dat he has coverd his face wit a mickey mouse mask! she trys pulling it but he catches her hand & tels dat she shld wait & whispers in her ears dat it was d most beautiful nyt in his lyf! he gets up to take a shower,turns back to swara & tels her dat if she doesnt change back into her clothes bfr his return den he would do d work he did last nyt and gets in for a bath! here swara is stunned 2 hear his words & looks dat she has worn his white shirt! so she changes into her clothes dat tym his fone rings,d caller id shows sanskar calling!

d guys pov: swara d 1st girl i liked,she works in my office but my bros pa…its been 6mnth since i startd cing her!i got to knw dat it was her bday sterday frm rags so i came here to give her gift bt cing her i lost my control and startd kissing her 1st she tried to go bt den she reciprocatd it,dis made me more week & i made her mine!she asked me who i was & my reply made her blush!omg i luv her

swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 2)


swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 2)


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