thaahan- Secret love (Episode 1)

thaahan- Secret love (Episode 1)

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Here the episode 1 of ‘SECRET LOVE’ Begins…

ON THE ROAD: A girl is walking in hurry on the street. She has long silky hairs and wearing high heels. (Yes she is our cute thapki). Suddenly she collide with a handsome, good looking boy wearing narrow jeans with blue upper. (Yes you are right, he is bihaan).
THAPKI:- Ouch!! Are you blind, don’t you have eyes. Can’t you see I am in hurry.” She said in her stammer. Bihaan gives her a strange look because of her stammering but he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t like to make fun of other’s weakness. Thapki snapped.
Thapki:- oo hello mister I am talking to you!
BIHAAN:- I have eyes and i should ask the same question to you. I was walking S for straight on the S for street you pushed me from back. And yes I don’t have eyes on my back.” Thapki laughed.
THAPKI:- which type of language is this.. S for Straight S for Street.. Hahahaha…
BIHAAN:- This is my style. Don’t laugh okay.. otherwise I’ll show you who i am!”
THAPKI:- (in anger) I just hate people like you. illiterate!
BIHAAN:- How dare you to call me illiterate?

THAPKI:- Okay just leave. I am in hurry I have to go.” And she starts walking to go other side of the road. A car is moving towards thapki in speed. Bihaan see the car and he shouts “Listen” thapki listened his voice but she ignores him because she know the car is coming towards her. Bihaan again Shout “Oo madammm” and he jump to save thapki but suddenly car turns on other lane and bihaan falls on the street. Thapki laughed at him and said “what a fool you are. I knew that car is coming towards me and i saw that car was giving indicator of left side so obviously this means car will turn there” and she moves from there.
BIHAAN:-Gajab.. I fall down on street to save her and she is laughing at Bihaan pandy..such a selfish Girl. But she’ll have to pay for this later..”
DADI:-Without bihaan. There is a strange silence in the house.
BALVINDAR:- Yes you are right..I am also feeling alone without him.
PREETI:- yes Dadi ma. Bihaan devar ji is awesome he always make us laugh on his jokes.
DADI:- hmmm.. I am missing him very badly.
BALVINDAR:- me too but he will come soon after 3 months.

Here thapki arrive and move towards her class and again she collide with a person
THAPKI:- “Oh I am sorry that was my mistake” and she is shocked to see the person because he is bihaan
BIHAAN:- I think you have a disease to collide with others…
THAPKI:-You!!! And i am not in mood to fight with you right now. I am already late for today’s class.” They both move in class together and they begins to fight.
BIHAAN:- I’ll go first.
THAPKI:- NO! I’ll go.. Ladies first.
TEACHER:- No one of you is allowed to come in class… see the time you both are 15 mins late..Now out of the class” thapi became sad they both starts moving towards canteen.
THAPKI:- this all happens just because of you.
BIHAAN:- you know what! You are a chuk chuk Gari.

THAPKI:- what do you mean?
BIHAAN:- I mean you speak like a chuk chuk gari.
THAPKI:- You are making fun of my stammer..Right!
BIHAAN:- not at all. I didn’t mean that..I called you chuk chuki gari because you always do B for bak bak and B for baqwaas.” Come let’s sit on this table..
THAPKI:- I am just sitting with you because I don’t have any friend here and no one is here in this canteen today.”
BIHAAN:- I also don’t like to talk to you. And I also don’t have any friend as I am new here. Introduce your self..
THAPKI:- sit quietly. I don’t like to introduce my self with strangers.
BIHAAN:- Gajab. Such a rude girl you are.!

A boy wearing sunglasses moving towards Thapki. She see him. she stand up and begins to move from there suddenly her leg slips and she was about to fall but bihaan holds her and they have an eye lock. Boy comes near them and he hold bihaan’s collar and said:- “How dare you to touch her”…°°

PRECAP:- Bihan is fighting with boy and thapki points gun on bihaan.

I’d know that this episode was bit boring but next episodes will be better than this. And thankyou once again for supporting me..and Suggest me for my Fan fiction
What you guys think.. who is this boy? And why thapki points gun on Bihaan???

thaahan- Secret love (Episode 1)


thaahan- Secret love (Episode 1)

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