The first and last Love…episode-1

Hi guys thank you for encouraging me and supporting me…I’m here to write episode #1 , Hope you guys like it!

Location :- In the present day of Mumbai. ,a handsome and super hot man in black suit is getting ready for his office and suddenly he heard a voice ; ranveer bhayya come down for breakfast. Everyone is waiting for you..

Ranveer :- Haan Parul.. COme let’s go down!

▶▶They both comes down to dining table to have breakfast

Amba :- I had done your favourite dishes, plz have more!

Ranveer :- maa.. Enough , the weather looks cloudy, I have to leave before rain comes, bcoz I have to attend a meeting at my office..

◀◀Ranveer comes out of the house and ask the driver to start the car and leaves to office!

While on the way there is a Heavy Thunder and it starts to Rain!..

◀◀Ranveer gets a call from his PA Rishi!

Rishi :- Sir, where r you the meeting is about to start!

Ranveer:- I’m on the way Rishi, I’ll be there within 10 mins..and cuts the cal

He felt different and looks at outside…(he was blocked in a traffic)

A girl with Red kurtha standing in the shed , catches rain drops and wipes it on her face and hands gently! Ranveer stares at her lovingly, but ishani did not noticed him!

◀◀ At the office..Ranveer attend the meeting successfully!!
and get back to work .. He thinks about Ishani and smiles!

Suddenly, there is a knock at Rv’s cabin!! It’s Rithika

Ranveer :- what a pleasant surprise, how r u Rithika??

Rithika :- I’m so happy Ranveer , my marriage is fixed after three days. I came here to give my first marriage card!

Ranveer:- wow , finally my best friend is getting married..

Rithika :- (Blushingly ?) yeah Ranveer , you should attend all my function! and today is Mehandi function!

Rañveer :- Sure, I’ll take part in all ur unction ?

Rithika:- Ok.bye RV! I have to go for shopping…

Ranveer Grins n says bye!

Precap :- Ishveer meets face to face ❤

The first and last Love…episode-1


The first and last Love…episode-1


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