One Month Agreement – Episode 22

One Month Agreement

After reading d twist I thought people will bash me..hehe.. But thnk u all for ur support..

Recap- doc says dat swara is not suffering from blood cancer.. And sanskar is angry on swara..

*17th day of agreement*
In d morning swara wakes up..
Sanskar is sleeping on bed peacefully.. .
Swara thinks..
How can he sleep peacefully?
Why is he not believing on me?

She recalls something..
Sanskar wanna start his own business .
Sanakar-“swara I wanna start my own company..”
Swara-“dats good sanskar”
Sanskar points towards d kite flying in d sky..
And says- “swara look at dat kite.. It is flying in d sky without any fear becoz it knws dat thread is attached to it will save him.. Kite has belief on dat thread.. In d same way u trust on me in every decision.. And d thread does d another work dat it establishes connection between earth n sky.. In d same manner, if I reached to d peak of my career den its ur duty to remind me abt my connection wid society.. Will u do dis? ”
Swara nods in yes..
Sanskar-“I dnt knw how m I going to manage money .. I will take loan”(sanskar is rich .. But he wanna start his own business wid his own money. )
Swara goes into her room.. And comes wid piggy bank..
And gives it to sanky..
Swara- “take dis”
Sanskar- “whts dis swara?”
Swara-“it’s saving..”
Sanskar-“but its ur saving swara.. How can I take dis? “.
Swara-” we decided na we won’t differentiate d things as mine n urs.. We will refer all things as ours.. So its our saving.. And I believe on u nd ur abilities”
Sanskar smiles .. And gives peck on her cheek..
*flashback ends*
Swara thinks dat day I believed on him..
But now he is not believing on me..

She wakes up..
And becomes ready..
While combing her hair..
She remembers d incident..
Swara is combing her hair..
Suddenly swara asks sanskar..who was staring at her..
Swara- “sanskar i heard from some patients dat during d treatment of blood cancer patient losses its hair.. So I will become bald na? And all people will tease me ”
And makes sad face..
Sanskar-” who told u dis? No swara u will look like ‘Kashmir ki kali’ ”
And he covers her head wid scarf.. And shows her face into d mirror..
Swara(smiles)-“wow sanskar I m really looking beautiful”
Sanskar-“I told u”
She smiles..
*flashback ends*
Swara thinks dat,’If I was really suffering from blood cancer den he will not angry wid me..
He hv showed his concern for me..
He thoughts dat I m lying wid him’
And she becomes sad..
Here sanskar wakes up.. And becomes ready for office..
He makes breakfast.. He gives one plate to swara.. After looking at his angry expressions swara eats all d breakfast without any complaint.. And that to slowly she eats breakfast..
Here after breakfast swara thinks to call raglak..
She wanna take help from dem so she is searching for her mobile..
Sanskar -“wht r u searching for? ”
Swara(angrily) -“its none of ur business”
Sanskar(smiles evilly) -“if u r searching for ur mobile den its wid me.. And its ur punishment dat u can’t use ur phn n laptop ”
Sanskar -“yeah and u r not allowed to go anywhere without my permission ”
Swara-“u can’t put restrictions on me”
Sanskar (smiles evilly)- “yeah I can.. So u r home arrest now”
Swara thinks dat ,’now how m I going to search d person who did dis wid me? Who created dis misunderstanding? God plz help me’
Swara looks helplessly at sanskar..
But sanskar gives her angry look and goes from der..
While going to office he locks house.. Leaving swara alone in home..
Here raglak r thinking abt d person..
Ragini- “I think kavita is creating misunderstanding between swasan”
L-“I dnt think so”
R-“laksh I dnt think dat anyone else wanna separate swasan.. Except kavita.. Coz only she has motive to separate dem”
L-“yeah u r right.. But I dnt think dat she can arrange all dis things alone”
R-“but if we will spy on her den we will get info of all persons”
L-“ok done.. U r too intelligent ha”.
R-“yeah coz I m Mrs laksh na”
Laksh becomes happy after listening dis sentence from her..
Raglak decided to meet swara now..
dey wanna meet her in d absence of sanky..
So laksh calls swara..but her phn is switched off..
So he calls sanskar..
L-“hello sanskar”
S-“hello lucky”
L-“whr r u dude?”
S(asks doubtfully)-“y?”
L-“nothing yar.. Just wanna meet u.. Coz its long time na ”
Ragini hits laksh coz laksh didn’t lied properly..
S-“wht ? ”
L-“actually wanna meet u for business purpose yar.. ”
S-“ok.. M in office now.. Meet me before 6 pm..ok?”
Laksh tells ragini to meet swara.. Meanwhile he will meet sanskar.. And he will keep him busy in meeting..
Both gives hifi to each other n leaves..
Laksh goes to sanky’s office.. And ragini goes to swara’s home..
Ragini comes..and founds dat it was locked..
Swara listens d noise of car..
And rushes towards d window of kitchen..
She saw dat ragini is der..
She calls her..
But her voice is not reaching upto ragini..
So she makes sounds wid d help of utensils..
Ragini is going towards car..
Ragini listens dat voice ..
She thinks dat if no one is at home den from whr dis noise r coming..
So she makes round around home.. And founds swara at d window of kitchen..
Ragini is shocked ..
Ragini- “swara u r in home.. Den y der is lock to house”
Swara(shouts)- ” sanskar is not allowing me to go anywhere ”
Ragini -“wht? And whr is ur phn?”
Swara-“my phn is wid sanskar”
Swara-“leave dat we will talk abt dis later .. But will u do one favour on me? I think it’s last chance to prove dat I m not guilty”
Ragini -“yeah tell me”
Swara goes inside d room.. And writes something on it.. And throws it outside d room..
Ragini catches dat paper..
It’s address of hospital( fake one) and name of doc ..
Swara shouts again..-“ragini plz go to dat address and check dat hospital and tell me if u found any suspicious thing der.. And plz come back before 6 pm (coz its time whn sanskar will come back to home)
Ragini -“no need of dat”
Ragini-“we will be in contact through dis.”
And shows her phn to swara.. (Our ragini is too intelligent ha)
She removes one sim card from phn (2 sim card phn ha)
And throws it towards swara..
Swara catches it somehow ..
Ragini-“I will buy another phn”
Swara smiles -“thanks ragini”
Ragini-“in frndshp no sry no thanks.. And ”
Swara nods ok..
Ragini waves her bye..
Ragini goes to shop and buys phn ..

Den ragini msgs laksh..(she didn’t call him coz he is wid sanskar na).
And calls swara..
Swara lifts d call..
Ragini -” Hi swara.. Save dis number..and dnt lift any other no.. Actually d number I gave u is my private number so no one will disturb u except laksh ? ” ( I think people dant save der own no. In phn)
Swara -“ok ragini thanks.. And after going to hospital call me”
And cuts d call..
Here swara tries to search d hospital on net.. ( dnt forget dat she searched d gynecologist on net)
But oops! Results are like no match found.. Did u write it correctly ?.
Swara tried again n again.. But d same response..

Here ragini reaches to d address given by swara .. But she founds dat der is no hospital wid such name..
She calls swara ..
Swara (in excitement )- “did u find anything der?”
Ragini-“no.. Der is not such hospital”
Ragini -” w8 we will talk on video call and plz show me d building through it”
Swara-“dats nice idea”
Ragini shows her d buildings ..
Swara stops ragini n says dats d building ..
Ragini says ok m going inside dat building..
Ragini founds d board outside..’room for rent’
Ragini didn’t found nothing..
She calls swara again..
Ragini-“Swara here is nothing.. No any sign of hospital”.
Swara-“is der any dustbin?”
Ragini founds d injections in dustbin..
She tells swara abt dis..
Swara-“ragini I told u na der was hospital”
Ragini-“I believe on u swara”
And suddenly d owner of building comes..
Owner-“wht r u doing here?”
R(confused )- ” yeah (stumbles) I m searching d room for rent.. ”
Owner-” ok come here.. I will show u d rooms ”
R-“thnks” and follows him..
R-“I think d one who is living here was doctor”
Owner(in angry voice)-” dats none of ur business.. And u r single na?”.
R-“no I m married”
Owner-” we dnt give room to married couple.”
Owner-” will u plz leave now? ”
R-“ok ” and leaves..
Swara who was listening dis convo says to ragini..
Swara-“ragini we dnt hv any clue now”
Ragini-“yeah swara”
Swara-” I think we will get clue in my phn only.. Coz while searching d address of nearby gynaecologist , I saved d number n add on it only.. But my phn is wid sanskar na”
Ragini tells her dat she will tell laksh to take d phn from sanskar..
Here owner calls someone..
Owner-” one girl came here to ask abt u ”
Unknown -” dnt tell her anything.. If she will came to knw abt anything den u r gone”
Owner-“ok I will take care of dis thing”
Unk-“dats good for u”
And cuts d call..
Here ragini msgs laksh..
‘Swara’s phn is wid sanskar .. Plz try to take dat phn.. Bye u’
Here laksh goes to sanky..
“Sanky my phn is switched off.. Will u plz give me ur phn..? I wanna call ragini”
Sanskar gives his mobile to laksh..
Laksh talks to himself dat so swara’s phn will be in right pocket of jeans..wht to do?
He goes towards sanskar..
Only two of dem r in cabin..
And behaves as he is seeing ragini in him..
Laksh-“ragini I missed u a lot”and hugs sanskar tightly..
Sanskar is tensed wid his behavior..
Laksh slides his hand into sanskar’s pocket slowly.. But founds nothing..
Here sanskar is trying to escape from his grip..
After checking his both pockets..
Laksh behaves like he came into senses..
And puts is head in palms..
And blurts out, “ragini ..ragini.. Ragini.. Wht r u doing wid me? ”
He looks at sanskar and says “sry bro.. I think I hv to meet ragini before I see her in another person” and goes from der..

Sanky is relieved.. He takes swara’s phn from locker.. And goes to home..
Swara listens d noise of car and hides d mobile( which was given by ragini) and acts as she is sleeping
Sanskar wakes her ..
And tells her angrily to serve d food..
Both eats silently..
Here Ragini tells laksh abt all incidents …
laksh is scolding ragini..
Laksh-” dnt u dare to go alone at such places ok? ”
Ragini smiles looking at his concern and says ok..

Here sanskar tells her to clean d all rooms tomorrow as punishment.. If swara fails in cleaning d all rooms den he will give her another punishment..
Swara nods only..
Swara sleeps on couch.. And sanskar sleeps on bed.. Facing opposite to swara…

Precap- swara finds hidden camera kept by sanky in room..
And she is angry on him coz he is keeping record of her each activity..

do comment guyz..
And guess abt d next episode..
Wht will swara do?
And who was dat unknwn person..

One Month Agreement – Episode 22


One Month Agreement – Episode 22


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