Swasan: Fix You (Episode 14)

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~~We’ll work this out~~

Swara’s pov ~~

“Where is my bag?! My phone? Oh god, my books…shit. I’m late!” I exclaimed, running around frantically, almost stuffing all my belongings into that little backpack. Meanwhile, Sanskar laid back calmly.
“Get up. Its 10 pm. Dad is going to eat me alive.” I muttered, and pulled him up.
“Okay, okay. Are you sure you’ve taken everything?” He asked.
“Yes, ab chalo!” I said dragging him out.
I was going to be dead. I just hoped that dad would come home late. I had promised him that I’ll not be meeting Sanskar, anymore. But now that promise was broken, I didnt know how to face him. All of me was guilty, because I was going to have to lie him till Sanskar returned.
Sanskar stopped outside my house, and the first thing I did, was to look at the parking area.
He’s not home..
Dad’s car was nowhere to be seen. I sighed with relief realizing that dad had not yet come home.
“It’s not a goodbye, right?” Sanskar asked, once we were outside the car.
“It’s not.”I assured, pecking his cheeks. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. I swear, at that moment, I felt like crying. I was on cloud nine, that I had found finally someone who loved me for who I was. Who was here for me…but, it was really hard to stay away from him.
“I feel like crying, can I cry?” I asked, burying myself in his chest.
He chuckled. “No.” He replied. “No more crying. I’ll be away only for sometime. Then I’m gonna get back, and work this out. I promise.”
I nodded. I trusted him more than myself now. Somewhere, I had a hope that in the end, it was all going to be okay. Dad was not gonna hate me or Sanskar for this. . .
“I know we’ll work it out. I’m just worried about dad, you know.” I said.
“Its going to be okay. I love you, and your happiness is everything to me. I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to convince him.” He said. “Oh and, its not even that easy to ignore my charm.” He added. I laughed at how witty he was even during emotional times.
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever! Now go before dad comes home!” I exclaimed, pushing him into the car. But being the stubborn person he is, he just stayed there.
“Itni bhi Kya jaldee hai, chashmish? Wait for sometime, na.” He said, pulling me closer to him. I laughed and tried to push him back, but his grip around me was so strong. His chest was hard as rock, so were his arms. But his heart was soft, pure. His eyes showed how much he cared for me.
God save me now… I’m helplessly in love with this man…
He said something really cheesy in my ear and then planted a kiss on my nose. “Sanskar, stop it please…” I tried to say but I knew I was liking it. I laughed still trying to push him away gently.
“Arrey, koi dekh lega, ab jao!” I said, keeping my voice as low as possible. He pursed his lips, and looked at me with somewhat depressed look.
“I’ll miss you.” He said, in a barely audible tone.
“Me too, bubba.” I said, resting my forehead against his. He flashed a weak smile and landed his lips on mine. My heart dropped down into my stomach, as he pressed me against him. I was again feeling those fireworks, that electricity around myself. I tugged at his hair, not wanting to let go. This was really hard, really hard for us. Specially now, that we have admitted our feelings to each other.
“Come with me, Swara.” He suddenly said, parting away. Both is us panting, out of breath. It took me a minute to process what he had just said. Come with me?
“What, where?” I asked, confusion written all over my face.
“With me to Delhi, and then wherever I go. You said, you wanted to be with me. That’s exactly what I want. So come with me to Delhi, meet my family, stay with us for a while.” He said. It was completely unexpected. Like a total surprise! I didn’t know what to say!
“Sanskar, I… I want to. But it’s my dad…” I said, regretting all of it. If it wasn’t my dad controlling me, I definitely would have ran away with Sanskar. His hopeful face turned into a frown.
“Right.” He said.
“I’m sorry Sanky.” I said. He quickly shook his head covered all his disappointment with a smile.
“It’s okay. We decided to wait so we should do wait now. I don’t want to do anything that will hurt you or your family.” He said. I smiled, as his gaze suddenly shifted to my left. His expression was unreadable, as he looked at something behind me, or should I say someone behind me.
I turned around and my heart just stopped beating for a second. Totally unexpected, my dad stood in front of us. He looked angry, but more than that he looked hurt and betrayed.
“Dad…” I blurted out after seeing him like that, unexpectedly. Well, it was unexpected for him too.

I was going to be dead soon…

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Swasan: Fix You (Episode 14)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 14)


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