Because I love you (a real story vs fate) episode 1

Because I love you (a real story vs fate) episode 1

Hey friends im back with my second part of my story but I didn’t get enough coment &about pairs after thinking so much i decide it to be swasan it is not like I’m a swasan fan but for me both couples are good as it’s my real life story i didn’t gave very much interested in the couples you may imagine with your fav couples.

So much introduction na let’s start the story.

Yes the girl is swara &the boy is sanskar &his roommate name is rocky. Yes friends in one of their prize given ceremony both see each other for the first time. Then swara started to like him. But her best frnds riya &anjli from her previous school told her to concentrate on her studies for now. After that she will think about him as it’s her dreams to became a doctor. She also agreed with them. After that she does not see him for many days.

On the other side sanskar has see her but dnt knw anything about her. But as i told you fate does not accept it . After teachers day celebration in rockys phone he found some group photos &there he found her again. So he asked about her to rocky &rocky told him that she is none other than their topper swara. But rocky &swara are just hate each other (not knw about rocky )but swara hates him because he always plays with other girls emotion so she does not like him.

Again after some days swara decided to go to self study at afternoon time because she &her roommate used to sleep for a long time &always get scolded from their parents. So both started to go there. On her first day she went alone. When she about to enter the class forfor her studies she collide with someone &he was sanskar. Both look at each other but can not say anything to each other. Swara then enter to the class &started her studies. Again she feeling something for him but till now she didn’t knw his name also so she decide to ask him his name. But when signing the attendance sheet paper she found his name &about him. She feeling like jumping in the same room but looking at other students she control herself. But she didn’t knw that sanskar also knw her name.

After that day she was very much excited but doesn’t tell about it to her best friends which was her fault. After 2 to 3 day one day when she is on her way to her class someone called her name from behind. When she turn she was very much shocked becoz it’s none other than sanskar whom she didn’t expected to knw her name. So she stand there waiting for him to come. When he came near her he said hlo to her which is may be her dreams. So after sometime he told that he wants to say sorry to her because of that day(remember he colide with her) . And she also says the same to him. After that both started to talking about their studies for some time. And at that day when she returns from her class she saw sanskar with rocky. At first she didn’t knw that both are roommates. Afterwards they used to meet him on her way to class daily . So one day she ask him about rocky then he tells her that they both are roommate. But swara didn’t expect this as she hate rocky for his flirting nature she also thinks the same about sanskar. After some days one day when she returns from her doubt clearing classes she again meet sanskar. In these days she avoids him. So that day he ask her about it so she simply distract him by saying that she is very serious about studies as these days her marks were not good (actually she lied to him ). But she didn’t knw that sanskar used to ask rocky about her each day about her performance & everything.

Precap -swara tells him about her thinking &a new girl enter in their life (may be sankars girlfriend )??? And rocky told something to swara which shocked her.

Friends i didn’t get enough coment so plz coment frnds i really need it.

Because I love you (a real story vs fate) episode 1


Because I love you (a real story vs fate) episode 1

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