SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 11

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 11

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swara’s POV:

It’s been three weeks since I get here but it feels like ages… maybe it’s really been ages, I just lost the track of time. Sitting on floor I was staring into space, thinking something. But what? I don’t know.

My mind, my thoughts, my emotions, my senses everything is clouded. My tears also dried after crying days. I don’t feel anything now, except the emotion of loss and guilt. All the things happened that day was because of me. …It was all because of me.

“shona?” I turned my head to the source of voice and found Ragini running over to me. Bending down she pulled me over to sit on bed.

“Your crying again shona!” She cupped my face.

“I am?” I asked and she nodded wiping my tears with her thumbs.

“I didn’t realize.” I murmur, as Ragini hugged me tight.

“shona you’re going to kill yourself….. Stop this please….. I beg you.”

“Ragini, do you know where is Bhai? Can you take me to him?” I asked after a long silence.

“I don’t know where he is, but I can assure you he is fine.”

“You’re telling me truth na?”

“Why would I lie to you?”

“I don’t know…… I don’t know anything…. I am sorry Ragini I don’t know anything ….. I don’t know what to do….. I don’t know what to say …… I don’t know what to feel…… I don’t know anything Ragini.” I start shaking my head violently and my tears start making my face wet.

“Ssshhh!…… you will know ….. I will tell you, whatever you like to know okay?” She asked me patting my back.

Both of us kept quiet for several minutes.

“Why did he do that? ……Why did he kill Rahul?” I manage to asked when my sobs died down a bit.

“You’re talking about Sanskar?”

I nodded, I hate calling his name.

“You didn’t know yet?” My body stiffened remembering the day when he came to see me before leaving.

“I know …. But I am not sure if it’s really true.” I mumble.

“It’s true shona…. he liked you… more like love you. Remember the first time I called you? Sanskar ask Lakshya to allow me. That day Lakshya told me about it…he said that sanskar loves…I was shocked. I wanted to tell you but never get the chance. I also didn’t know you were getting married to Rahul until the day of marriage.”

She mumbles the last part.

“If he- if he really l-loved me. He wouldn’t kill my husband.”

“I know I shouldn’t have saying this but shona… it will be better if you open your eyes now.” She sound hesitant, also didn’t make eye contact.

“Ragini, say it clearly. What’s in your mind?”

“Sanskar has a reason to bring you here…. ever thought about it.”

I gave her a questioning look.

“He wanted you before and he wants you now….. he didn’t bring you here to console to you. He killed Rahul and held captive your brother….. why?”



No way….

I look at her in horror.

“He wants to marry you after his return ….. he already told everyone…. Rahul will not come back…. no matter how much you hate it but he is past. But you still have present and also future, get over with it shona. There are other things to worry about. Sooner or later you will confront Sanskar, what will you do then?”

“I will never marry him.” I shuddered.

“And let your brother d-” she didn’t finished her sentence and I am glad she didn’t. Abruptly she gets up and leaves the room.

I know what he is capable to do…. he have power and don’t have a heart. There are definitely no limits for him. But I will not marry a killer …. I will not marry him…. never.
‘And let your brother d-‘

Ragini’s voice echoes in my mind.

Oh god!

I squeeze my eyes and clenched my dress tightly. I feel pathetic … i hate it…. I hate myself for being weak.

Ragini’s POV:

I was sitting on the bed thinking about swara…laskhya was in the bathoorm taking shower…I guess…i was deep in thought when suddennly her came out of the washroom…h-he was…shirtless just a towl around his waist….i soon as I saw him I don’t know happened but I screamed and stood from my place immediately closing my eyes…

‘‘aaaaaaaaaaaa…..’’it was a loud one..too loud

‘‘what happened why are screaming….he asked being concerned and coming towards me

‘‘w-where is your clothes…w-where something….i said in sivery voice and as soon as isaid this he burst out laughing like I am an idiot…

‘‘ha ha haha…raginiare you serious…is it the firt time you are seeing me like this….i am you husband and if am not wrong you have seen me before also…’’ he said the last bit with a little smirk on his face….and the next moment he was standing infront of me….

‘‘open your eyes ragini…’’ he said as he encircled his arm around my waist….oh god..

‘‘no first wear something….he said and I could feel his breath fanning my face…

‘‘no I wont….open you eyes’’…he said again…he was close…too close…unknowingly I opened my eye….just to see his face right infront of mine….we stood there looking at each other for several seconds….

He slowly leaned toward me….and the next moment I was shocked as he placed his lips on mine….sucking it gently as if trying not to hurt me…but that didn’t last for long…the kiss turned into a passionnate one…he was still sucking my lips and got harder and harder…..and then the next second we were on the bed…him being on top of me…still kinssing me…didn’t even leave me for a second….his hands exploring all over my body…god I regret shouting for seeing him shirtlesss….

He broke the kiss just to breath and started the kiss again….after a few minutes he burried his head in my neck and started kissing it passionately…..

Lakshya’s POV:

God after a long time I am touching her again….her touch is just amazing…I don’t know what happens to me when I am near her…I just lose control over my self….i started kissing both side of her neck…and it seems like shes enjoying my touch…I am not being hard on her this time…

While kissing her neck I bite her and she moaned…I like it…it makes more crazy….i bite her again and this time she moaned a little louder….my hands were exploring her body..and I didn’t like the barrier between us…her clothes…so I tried finding the zip of her clothe…and finally I undressed her…I started kissing her everywhere……she was still moaning..it was getting louder as I tried to enter into her….finally I did…I entered into her and started making out harder and harder and she was moaning pleasure the whole night…god her moaning is making me crazier…I started kissing her lips again then her neck and shoulder and the rest of her body….after an hour or two I don’t know when and how I fel into a peaceful sleep…I again slept on top of her…



My eyes shot open in middle of night. Like someone called me from distance. A masculine voice, very familiar and warm. I quickly looked around but found nothing. Try to focus on any sound but hear nothing….. There is nothing …. Except pin drop silence.

I got up and walk towards the window. Opening it I leaned against its frame. I am glad that this window has no fence or I might die from suffocation….. I really might die.

But I shouldn’t feel glad about it. Right? It would be better if I really die….. it will save my family from suffering, bhai could go home and start normal life again. Get marry, have kids. Papa and Ma will also not feel alone. Everything will fit perfectly in picture….. if I die.

If I die….

I glance at the ground, no one is here. My room is on third floor …..

I sat on window frame and put my both legs outside.

I wonder what will happen if I accidentally fall from here?

Slowly I lose my grip on window frame and closing my eyes, I hugged myself with both arms.

O god! Can you hear me???

Please take my pain away …..

I sat there for several minutes in same position, looking at moon and waiting for don’t know what.

Suddenly I heard a voice again from behind, carefully I look back but found nothing.

Slowly I move myself to get back inside the room but my shirt got stuck with something on other side. I tried to untangle it but failed, there wasn’t enough light to see it clearly. I tried to turn and look at it but before I could do anything my foot slipped and I lost my grip from frame.

Something flash in front of my eyes, I screamed and felt a shock wave of extreme pain before everything went blank.


Pain ….. I feel pain!


Ma….it hurts…

I waited long for Ma but she didn’t come. I feel tears forming in my closed eyes.


Then I felt a hand on my head and I instantly relaxed, letting sleep take over again.

Don’t know after how long I wake up. I heard strange beeping sound. Slowly I open my eyes and found myself in……. hospital?

The room was lightly lit, making me aware of my surroundings. The beeping sound of monitor, white bed and lots of drips confirming that I am indeed in hospital.

I slowly move my head and saw someone sitting on a sofa at corner.

I narrow my eyes to get clear look.

A man…

“Bhai?” I call him out.

“He is not here.” The voice I heard was emotionless and it is not my brother’s voice. But it sounds familiar.

“Who are you?” I asked. He rose from his place and walk towards my bed.

“Me.” My breath hitched when I saw Sanskar coming closer to me.

I looked around to find someone else in room but there was no one. I am alone with a killer and unable to move. He stood beside my bed in silence, arms folding on his chest. I can feel he is looking at me but I can’t see his face due to dim lights. Feeling uncomfortable under his gaze I move my hand to cover myself with bed sheet.

Suddenly he holds my moving hand and sit beside me on bed. I gasped on his boldness and tried to move away but ending up hissing in pain. He bent down and put his other hand on my other side.

“Move away.” My voice barely audible.

“No.” He stated.


“No.” I gritted my teeth and turned my face to other side.

“I thought you were bolder than this.” He said after a while and my head snapped towards him.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you jump?”

“I fell.”

“Fell? In the middle of the night?” I didn’t answer him. I had none.

“Were you trying to kill yourself or trying to run away from me?” He asked leaning closer to my face and I sank my head in pillow.

“I left you hopping that you will be a good girl and will not do anything stupid, but you proved me wrong and made me come running here. So, what should I do from now on? Tie you on bed?” His voice held anger.

“I told you I fell.” I said keeping my eyes on his cloths. I don’t want to look at him.

“Fine. I believe you.” He moved back and I released the breath I kept holding.

“You will discharge from here in three days…. till then and after then. I will PERSONALLY make sure you won’t fall again.” He said and got up.

Go to hell…..


Precap: sanskar kisses swara…..

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SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 11


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 11

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