Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 50

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Anushka sees Twinkle crying and says sorry Twinkle I can’t tell u the truth about why I left I m really very sorry.Twinkle says wait…Twinkle asks her why she left her when she was small and why she gave her money just to prove that u weren’t guilty.
Kunj speaks and says enough how many more blames u wl put on Anushka Aunty.
Twinkle-how many I want,u just stay away.
Kunj-I always stood by ur side and today u r telling me to stay away go suite it urself I wl stay away from u.
Twinkle-stay away don’t even come near me do whatever u want.
While they were fighting Anushka falls down and Kunj calls the doctor and keeps her on the bed he talks to the doctor and signs the formalities,the doctor comes and tells Twinj that they have to take care of her since she has Leukemia and her chances of serving r very less in the first place.Twinkle is shocked and Kunj holds his head that the doctor told everything.Twinkle murmurs and puts her hand on her mouth and says how I treated her.She cries and looks at her mom from out and cries more deeply.Kunj puts his hand on her shoulder he turns her and cups her face and says nothing wl happen trust me and she hugs him tightly.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle starts caring for Anushka and she regains conscious,Twinkle makes her get up and says Maa u r fine.Anushka mind that word from Twinkle’s mouth Maa repeats in her mind and says pls say that again Twinkle says Maa.Anushka and Twinkle hug each other.Kunj smiles seeing them.Maa meri Maa plays.
Anushka-I am sorry Twinkle I left and gave money to Leela but I had no other option.
Twinkle-It’s okay Maa but pls tell me why u gave money and left me.
Anushka-FB is shown that Anushka gets the reports when Twinkle is small and it is written that she has to live alone otherwise her small daughter wl get it so she takes Twinkle to the orphanage and gives money for her higher studies.FB ends.
Twinkle hugs her and cries.Kunj says Aunty u take care I m sleeping on the floor,Twinkle says Kunj but he leaves.
Twinkle-Maa I wl come back in just a minute.
Anushka-Yes Twinkle.
Twinkle-Kunj wait u can sleep with me.
Kunj-I don’t want to intefere in ur business u don’t want me too,so I won’t.
Twinkle-Kunj I was angry that time pls forgive me I know what I did was wrong but pls I was angry thinking my mom betrayed me.
Kunj-So even I am angry now so leave me.
Kunj makes his bedding on the floor and lies down,Twinkle comes the side of him and says sorry.He turns the other side.Twinkle is sad.

Anushka wakes up and sees Twinj sleeping together and smiles and says whatever the situation is,somewhere deep down in their hearts they love each other.Kunj wakes up and sees Twinkle on his chest he gently lifts her head and keeps it on the pillow.Sajna Ve plays.
Anushka tells Twinkle that Kunj is her best life partner and that he can keep her smiling and laughing forever.Twinkle says but Maa Chinki…I don’t know what happened between them.I even told him I love him but he rejected me in front of everyone.Anushka says that was a misunderstanding no tell him,Twinkle says I don’t love him now.Love stays forever it can’t change even if u want to change it.Twinkle thinks.

Precap-Twinkle becomes hungry,Chef Sarna to the rescue!

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Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 50


Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 50


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