Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 2)

Ok , guys I am back and your question will be 3 updates in a day so my answer is that I will be busy next week and have to study for the exams and will be free on Wednesday coz its an off. Guys I am a bit disappointed because of less comments and who commented thanks!! Let’s have a short recap.
Recap:Zoya enters Khan Villa’s , Asya quarrel, and Zoya places knife near Asad’s neck…

Episode 2:
The scene begins at Khan Villa’s , Zoya holding knife near Asad’s neck.All are tensed.

Asad:Look Ammi , your BECHAARI LADKI ( poor girl)is actually a murderer.

Suddenly , Najma notices blood drops on floor.

Najma:Bhaijaan , BLOOD!!

All shocked!!
Asad notices that Zoya has slit her wrist.

Asad:Ammi , Zoya!!!!

Dils and Najma are shocked.Asad holds Zoya before she fells in an unconcious state.
Asad:Najma , Call the doctor!!!!
Najma:Yes Bhaijaan.

Asad holds Zoya in his arms and take her to her room , leaving a trail of blood. He places Zoya on bed , sits beside her and holds her hands and cries.

Asad:Why Zoya , why did you did this?

The doctor arrives.

A while later……
Asad:Doctor , is she alright?
Doctor:I can not say anythig there is big blood loss , but have faith in God! I shall leave.
Asad:Yeah, sure.
Najma:I don’t understand one thing , why did she did this.
Asad:This is not the time to think about it , we should pray for her.
Asad:You take ammi to her room.
Najma:Yes , bhaijaan

She leaves with Dils , Asad eyes Zoya.

Scene 2:Sheikh mansion
Nuzhat , Nikhat and Humeira are walking by the pool.
Nuzhat(teasingly):We heard that the groom family is coming to see you.
Humeira:And he is very handsome , rich , dashing.
Nuzhat:If he refuses Nikhat baji , so I will give it a chance.
Nikhat:Shut up , besharam
Nuzhat:So who is running to marry your to be hubby.

Nikhat bushes.

Humeira:Someone is blushing.
Nuzhat:You know what his mother is very ewww kind of personality who will bear her.

Nikhat gets tensed.

Scene 3:Khan Villa’s
Asad to himself :I do not know why but in a single day I am attached to her. Zoya please open your eyes once , for me

His tears drop on her hand , she opens her eyes ,he gets happy and smiles.

Zoya in a weak voice:Allah miya , whats wrong with u Mr.Khan , you are smiling.

He hides his smile.

Zoya:I came to know that you are emotionally challenged.
Asad:It is not like that……you know what I can send you to jail 1st you attempted to murder me then…..
Zoya:Suicide is also a crime
Asad:Yeah but why did you did this

The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap:Zoya blurts the truth to Asad……

What do u think what was the reason why Zoya the powerful girl did this , keep on thinking and do comment!!!!

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 2)


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 2)


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