Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 5)

This is the 5th part of the story…

“Shona beta wake up, how long will u sleep like this ” dadi ..”I murmered.
When I opened my eyes, I can see the green curtain and used glucose bottle.
I turned my head Sanskar is sitting near to me.He whispered ” shona”.
Someone tapped her shoulder she came out from her thoughts, and suddenly hugged him.”Sanskar”.she is continuously shivering and sweating, can’t breath properly.” Don’t leave me, they will again ” she cluched his shirt due to fear.
Sanskar:”am here na, no one will harm u shona”.He pated her head.
Swara:”no they r here….don’t leave me sanky..plzz..”.
Sanskar: ” no shona no one is here see”.

But she tightened her grip over him till she got some relief.They r standing like that for sometime.
“Ahem ahem romance at garden nice”.A voice is came from thier side .They parted and turned back,uttara is standing there, her back is shown.
“You both continue going..bhai if u got time in b/w plz water those plants”.by raising her hand without looking back she walked away from there.They felt embarrassed.He took the hoes and winks at her to join with him.

Swara is on phone with her mom
Sumi:” How u beta, I know what’s going on u after this incident,these all happened in sudden ..without ur knowledge, I don’t wish u to stick on this marriage for our family reputation.
Swara: “Mom if I took a decision, u all will support me na”.
Sumi: ” ha shona do u have any doubts,if ur family is not gonna support u ,then who will do? Me ur pappa, ragini, we all r with u beta and What about Laksh he is oky na, really worried about him”.
She thinks everyone is feel bad about Laksh and Sanskar what his fault.
Swara:”where is ragini?”.
Ragini: “she has some project or assignment on her semester. so went to piya’s home.I warned her that don’t call u, u know about her nature na short tempered and immature girl.
Swara:” ha mom I know “. Then sanskar entered the room wid a file.
Swara:” oky mom I will call u later “.
She disconnected the call.
Swara:”sanskar I wanna talk to u”.
Sanskar: “I know what u want to talk, we already discussed about it yesterday and don’t say again and again the same dialogue yaar ,thatam going to sacrifice, adjustment, my life will spoil bz of u etc etc…
Swara:”am only worried about her.”
He looks at her questionably

Swara:” your girl who deserves u”.
Sanskar: “you don’t need to worry about her she is safe in ma hand and i just want to bring all the happiness in her life again.I will full fill all that vows taken wid her and she is my wife.”
She looked at him with wet eyes, like she is pleading him to go away from her life.He continued.
Sanskar: “and today onwards I will sleep on bed. Hope u dont have any pblm for this.I will make these pillow walls b/w us.”
Saying this he sat on the Bed and started arranging pillows.
Swara:”ur room , ur bed, I don’t have any pblm.”
Sanskar: “No our room our bed”.
Swara: “Sanskar …”
Sanskar: “ha Swara..I know my name is Sanskar and its very sweet to hear from ur voice”.
Swara:” Sanskar u can’t force me to stick on this relationship.This marriage was ur decision not mine and did u ask me before taking such a step.” She said it in a firm voice, now her eyes become sharp.
He lowered his head think for a while, get up from bed moved towards window stand there . Looking at outside he said in deep voice.” You can go Swara”.
She didn’t expect this” what u said?”. He turned back.
Sanskar: “what you heared is right , now u r free from this relationship, u can go swara”.
She widened her eyes.
Sanskar: ” am sorry Swara, really sorry I didn’t ask u any thing .I did all this on my wish, I didn’t care about ur feelings, and I realize my mistake. Plz forgive me.”
She didn’t say anything.
Sanskar: “its happened, am sorry. At that time..I..hmm .” He fisted his hand and hit on the wall.
A deep silence came in between them.she broke that
Swara: ” Tomorrow we will consult a advocate for our divorce procedure. “.
Sanskar: “Not required”.

Sanskar: “our marriage is not legally registered, Actually I fill the registration form and only ur sign is required ” saying this he take a file from almari put it on table. ” now there is no use of it. So no need to register divorce case. U can go tomorrow home “.
Saying this he sit besides her and smiled.Put his hand on her shoulder.
Sanskar:”so no tension about divorce and all,Now sleep, happy “. she didn’t replied.she looks on him.He goes to the couch with his pillow.
“You r going to sleep there”.
Sanskar:”ha u have any pblm”.saying this he closed his eyes.she slowly get down from the bed and wrapped a blanket over him.

Its morning 7 am she awaken by his voice.when she opened her eyes, he is dressed up like going to somewhere.she get up and sat on the bed.
“Swara I have an urgent work for one week ,have to go shimla for a shoot.yesterday I couldn’t get a chance to tell u about this, now you r going back to home. I am sorry I can’t able to come with u.Mom and dad..I don’t have enough to time to give an explanation to them”
Swara:” don’t worry Sanskar I will manage, u go”.
Sanskar: “oky take care, when I came back u would’ nt be here, but our friendship will be remain same na.”

Swara:” How dare to tell me like dat, ..u r my friend and always be”
He smiled pated her cheek ” oky bye”.
“Happy journey Sanskar tc”.she looks at him lovingly, came to door step for accompanying him.when she looks back to the room feel some emptiness her life become empty.

HI guy’s.. late update..what to do am bcy wid my work schedule, have to go early and reached home at late night..sorry friends..Thank u so much for ur support.. Rabi, dhara,navi, shan, priya, kittu, nive,meghs,sus,Anita, vamwolfan,maya,renu, angel,Misti, arati,dharani, divya,aanya,keira,Juan,shagun, harani,Panchi, pranami,honey, jaya..for ur comments and all my silent readers.. Thank u..

I know I stopped that incident in b/w ..but I want to show something in Sanskar POV.plz keep supporting me..

Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 5)


Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 5)


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