manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 8

manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 8

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As all four broke their hug riya’s phone buzzed..she went inside…prerana comes to them..they startled to see her with trio…prerna introduced herself n invited all of them for her birthday celebration for tomorrow…Rajiv said yes we’ll definitely fact he started regarding her as he was raised by only his father…he didn’t know much about mother ‘s care…that’s why whenever he saw a motherly figure he was automatically affected by them…prerana also reciprocated his feelings…

saurav requested her to talk with him alone…they both went away…neil n raj busy with their glance changing game…arjun stared at radhika lovingly…so as Sam..nesam told radhika to come for sure otherwise prerana will b upset …Arjun said we’ll b waiting for u in such a intense tone that everyone stare at him…after sometime prerana come back with saurav…raj run towards her n said u r so lovely n caring…can i address u as preranamaa…she nodded affectionately n asked his favourite dishes that she would feed him tomorrow…he was on cloud nine returned back to reality by Neil’s scream as mom…neil said lets go..we have to prepare a he can’t tolerate his mom bieng so caring for raj…before going prerana patted raj’s shoulder n again invite radhika…they all went away..

Meanwhile Riya came out n asked all of them to ready for evening fashion week programs..piyali had a great interest in Madison fashion show n their dresses…so she took Sam with her…as show ended Riya came with the show stopper welcomed with a huge round of applaud..n said I declared that auction for those dresses will start after 1 hr…but I want to change something..I want to gift this show stopper dress to someone very special to me,close to my heart as this dress is my best ever creation..n announced radhika ‘s name…n said the money which we will get from this auction will goes to some charitable trust..piyali was so shocked to see radhika ‘s connection with Riya..moreover she liked that dress ? very much…but she thought what did this girl do that she had everything now…but she was not able to see the burning rages flowing inside her daughter by seeing Riya n rads friendship…

Riya told saurav to go back to hotel with radhika as works are pending…n she can manage with Rajiv..saurav came out with radz n said sweetie how u liked that dress…u should wear it for tomorrow party…i want to see u in that dress…radhika smiled n said as u can I say no to u…saurav again said darling are u happy with us …radhika replied of course..u all are my life now n I love ❤ u all…then they hugged each other which was witnessed by Arjun from some distance…he was there to meet piyali but what he saw he feels his head spinning round n round…

Next day morning..all were busy with their work…they did gift ? packing for prerana in evening but at the mean time some work poped up for Riya so she could not came…other 3 went to Neil’s home…prerana silently shaded tears in her room by seeing a photo…neil came there n started scolding her…it was very contradictory to him but he cudn’t control himself when he saw his mother was crying remembering his father who left them in childhood..he consoled her n took her outside…

Radhika reached with her frnds..everybody were waiting for them impatiently…prerana welcomed them…they wished prerana happy birthday ? day..n gave her was a beautiful designer saree with matching jewelleries,sandal ? n clutch…all were numb…suddenly somebody came from behind n catch radhika tightly n told chasini how can u forget me…i didn’t expect this from u…she turned n saw teji…she said sorry n hugged him…sam Arjun n Neil stunned..they thought when rads had a cold attitude toward every employee of bs then how could she be so friendly with teji…something is there…they behaved liked besties….

Prerana came n ask radhika to help her in cooking…teji told radhika I missed ur hand made aloo poori n halwa…saurav asked about teji’s wellbeing which made another shock to trio…Rajiv saw neils widen eyes n told him not to glare that much otherwise ur eyes were poped out like Neelgiri gai….he stressed the last word which made Neil further irritated…but every one laughed…sam said Mr. Raj u r too humorous..he thanked her n winked…neil thought why this jerk got so many attention????

They cut cake ? after cooking…saurav told to let him go as he had something urgent meeting to attend…prerana asked radhika to serve food to others…she obeyed…neil said chasini I missed ur food…i missed u so much…moreover radhika got shock by seeing Arjun eating halwa very happily…he said to radhika if I had ur sweet dish that day then my life would b fulfilled with sweetness till now…but I did a mistake …teji n Sam busy in eating n admiring…by seeing radhika quite Neil said don’t u have anything to say us chasini???I can’t blv this…arjun said we want to hear u,want u to b same radhika who always fought with me…sam said u always put me first b4 everyone..i don’t know how I could not figure out anything…radhika saw they were digging past…she turned to move away but prerana stop her n said just listen them once…beta u told everyone should get a chance to clarify let them plz

Radhika knew if she’ll stand what will happen…but she couldn’t say no to prerana…all of them trying to make her talk by remembering their happiest moments…they were instigating her to spoke her heart ♥ out…pleading her to count on them…this the ending of her calmness…she could not tolerate anything more…said loudly what do u want to I felt immense pain ….how I felt humiliated…how I struggled to get into this position…or how my friends didn’t blved me…what portion of my life do u wanna know…she was crying by now…Rajiv couldn’t tolerate more but controlled himself remembering saurav ‘s advice..

Radhika continued…sam u told me that u r my bestie..but slapped me,humiliated me in public n the allegation was I tried to steal ur fiancée…wow…n u believed saral bonnie over me…i did everything for u but I got a good return…in a mocking voice

Then she came to Neil n said I thought u would b understanding but I forgot u just think me as ur friend coz m benefitted for Sam…if that day I were in Sam’s place n she was in mine…had u prefer to stood like that…no…

N now Mr great Arjun Mehra whom I considered as bhagawan might be nobody knew abt what ur sister was capable of doing but u knew it….but u prefer to stayed silent then why can’t u tolerate me being silent. Now…

U all were selfish…..she cried harashly sitting on floor….everybody had tears in eyes….nobody dared to go near her…teji n prerana went to her n put their hands on her shoulder in a consoling manner…teji said said radhika to forget everything n start a new beginning as it was all good to her…prerana patted on her affectionately n told her to stop crying ? ? n said I know beta u r right…but past is past…n they got their punishment by staying away from u…abt Neil u know he stopped talking with Sam after u gone n searched for u in whole India..n Sam nobody with her at that time n she was completely broken n always remembered u…n about Arjun..beta tell me one thing if anybody b its me u believed me so much but if I blabber anything bad abt ur parent would you believed me without any evidence….radhika looked at her with shocked expressions…she again told Arjun invaded the world in search of u… nandini got her punishment…u should move on my dear…at last she was able to convince her some bit…but her tears didn’t stop…saurav came back n witnessed everything from corner…he n Rajiv came forward n said itz ok…now stop crying…n make her stand…

Radhika looked everyone…they were standing with a concern eye on her…she finally said…aunty thank u so much for relieve my pain…n I’ll try to b lyk before..but it’ll take some time…u know heart is like glass…if it broke u can mend it…but a scratch left….with her last sentence the trio went forward her n hugged her with a crying n said…u did enough n now we will Shower so much luv on u that u ll again believe us lyk before…for the first tym radhika reciprocate their feelings with a positive nod…

Saurav n Rajiv told they should get going…it’s getting late n Riya would wait for them…they went away..prerana looked on their exit…she said I never saw such a pure sacred bonding n a good charming child n a person with so much love in heart n that beautiful girl from inside n outside…radhika is very lucky to have them…neil screamed mom do u want to adopt that child with an angry face…prerana said yes I am….Arjun wanted to ask what she saw in saurav that made aunty to give such a statement…but controlled himself likewise Sam….today they got everything what they want but still they r jealous on others coz of their goodness..

**********FB START **************
When saurav took prerana with him…they discussed abt radhika in his room…saurav said I knew aunty ur birthday is just a medium to bring all close…but thank u…we also wanted that…she should vent out all her pain emotions…then only she ll b happy n we also…if after that she would forget us then its ok…but all we need is her hearty happiness..riya nodded with a agree manner..n told aunty business deal was a lie..if we said her the real truth she would never b agree to come here..that’s why this drama…n promotion of good is nothing difficult for saurav…she is my doll..plz let her out all her emotions by hook or crook as its needed now…they begged prerana to do this…prerana was stunned to see their care n love ❤ for radhika…n said yes…tomorrow will b last day of all torment….
************FB ENDS*************

So the new beginning started…every relationship will glorify which will make a new bonding…not between four but between 7 and they will b brighten like rainbow…time will heal everything slowly….but surely

For the first time I know what will I write next…coz I left half from this chappy….so a precap
Precap:- ardhika on lonavala trip……history repeats….but in reverse manner

… stay tuned

that is all folk guys…let me know how is it…do comment…as they are precious to me…n all the people who commented on my last chappy I replied all of u…just check it…

manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 8


manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 8

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