Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 5)

I’m sooo sorry guys I know it’s getting confusing …sooo I’ll complete of past today…..

@ maheshwari mansion…

Sanskaar : laksh….( he wakes up due to d same nightmare)nd remembers his last days spent with Laksh….


Everyone got ready for shopping nd they purchased everything that was needed….
Sanskaar: laksh I think u need to inform daadi about your marriage… She has d ryt to know….
Laksh : no sanskaar I can never forgive or forget her deeds itz becoz of her my childhood was in dark …nd now I lost d hope to live if not for swara nd my promise I would have died…..
Sanskaar: laksh there is something about your relation ship that u r hiding from me….
Laksh : I’ll tell u everything when d tym is right now challo swara myt be waiting…..
Sanskaar: OK as u wish but always remember that I’m there for you….
Laksh: I know bhai now challo…
They leave towards car where swara was waiting for them….
Laksh receives a call …
Person: hello, sir aarav isn’t well he’s crying for his mom….
Laksh : I’m coming there right away plzz take care of him
Person: yes sir plzz come asap….
Laksh : okay..he cuts d call nd drops swasan at his mansion nd tells them that he would be back soon nd leaves to his other home….
It started raining heavily……he wanted to console his son nd soo he drove fast… As d roads were slippery d car lost its balance nd he hit a tree with great force leading to his death….
After some tym d same person who called laksh called swara saying that aarav isn’t feeling well because of continuous crying nd also hezz home sick….hearing this swara said that she’ll be there soon nd she left home without informing sanskaar….
Sanskaar saw her leaving nd thought to follow her when his phone rang…it was an unknown number…he picked up the call only to froze…..some unknown person had called him to inform him about Laksh’ s accident…..
Sanskaar in a hurry reached d city hospital where Laksh was counting his last breath
Doctor permits him to meet laksh …
Sanskaar: laksh plzz wake up don’t play a prank like this plzzz plzz wake up.,
Laksh :( slowly opens his eyes…) Sanskaar plzz take care of cutie…nd also tell naani that I have forgiven her for everything… nd u too take care ..Ahh Ahhh
Sanskaar: laksh nothing is going to happen… have trust on god….
Laksh: sanky promise me that u’ll take swaragini company to great heights…
Sanskaar: I promise Laksh…
Laksh holds sanky’s hand nd leaves his last breath….
Sanskaar does his final rites nd tries calling swara but her phone was switched off… From then he tried searching for her…. nd at last he found her after two years… In Kolkata….

Guys here I end d past in sanskaar ‘s POV nd there will also b swara’s POV of past later…..
Sooo guys, plzz comment nd encourage me as per your suggestions I’ve completed past of swasanlak….plzz silent readers kindly comment nd critics are welcome……

Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 5)


Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 5)


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