thaahan- Secret love (Intro)

thaahan- Secret love (Intro)

Hi to everyone! I was a silent reader but now I am gonna write FanFiction on TPK. And I also like your FanFictions. You guys are awesome. I am fond of writing stories and poetries. So, please support me for my first FF. I’d know that you all support and appreciate others effort especially new comers’.


INTRODUCTION:-My FF name is ”SECRET LOVE” Main leads are THAPKI and BIHAAN as always they both are in another city only for three months and they are there for doing the course of journalism.
THAPKI:- Her mother had died on the day when she was born so she Never celebrates her birthday and her father also died when she was only 8 years old. And the reason behind her father’s death is Secret. It will reveal after some episodes. She is alone and she only has one friend named Riya but now she lives in another city. Thapki is cute, loving, and strong.
BIHAAN:- He is also loving and kind hearted person and he hates when someone make fun of other’s weakness.

BIHAAN’S DADI:- Loving and caring and head of the family.
BIHAAN’S FATHER (BALVINDAR):-Loves all of his family members equally.
BIHAAN’S BROTHER (DHRUV):- Supports bihaan and family.
And preeti, suman, and their husbands(BIHAAN’S BTOTHERS)

VASUNDRA:-I’d know that you guys are fed up with evilness of VASU but in my ff there is no evilness of her but she only hates bihaan and she is very caring for her son Dhruv..
SHARMA:- (This is new character in this FF). He is the villan and he do illegal works. he is searching for thapki for 14 years.
SAHIL:- (New character) He loves thapki but thapki has no love and no respect in her heart for him because He is a characterless person who never respect elders and a very rich man. He is a spoil child of his parents.

These are my characters and I will add more in between the episodes if there will be need of them.

Please guys support me and also suggest me.. i’ll write this FF on the basis of your comments

It’s my humble request to all of you plzzz do comment.

Precap of episode 1:- A girl with long silky hairs, with high heels walking on the road and suddenly she collide with a boy, wearing narrow jeans with blue upper.

You will read episode 1 of FF “SECRET LOVE” soon…
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thaahan- Secret love (Intro)


thaahan- Secret love (Intro)

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